University of Nevada-Las Vegas Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Extremely diverse from all over the country and world


It is a little secluded.


My classmates are highly inteligent and articulate. They are very helpful and pleasant to be around.


Friendly for the most part. It is "Vegas Baby", so people like to party. Stay away from that and you'll do ok.


My classmates represent numerous people groups and ethnicities including African American, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Polynesian, Australian, English, South African, Peruvian, Latin American, and Native American; everyone is welcoming and willing to share a bit of their culture to help enlighten and include others into a new way of life.


My classmates are all trying to do their best.


UNLV students are accepting, no matter what your past is, where you come from, what you believe all students are welcomed with open arms into the UNLV family.


My classmates are very diverse in age and race.


My classmates are inviting and focused.


My classmates are vastly diverse.


There are many different groups on-campus, geared toward all types of students. Personally, I stay clear of the religious students that participate in the free-speech area because they contradict my beliefs, but the groups are available for those who want to join. I really don't think there are any students that would feel out of place here. Students range from all kinds of international backgrounds, all ages, etc. Most of the students are from Vegas or California, but there are still many students from all over the world. Greek life is very prevalent on campus, so seeing people in letters is very common. Otherwise, the environment of the students is just really laid-back and chill.


There are all types of students who attend UNLV. They come from all types of socioeconomic backgrounds. There are a lot different styles of people those who dress up everyday for class or just roll out of bed and stumble in as well as the very few that weird ears and fluffy tails and that whole thing. I don't think anyone would not fit in at UNLV except if you were extremely intolerant of different individuals.


I attend school with people from all over the United States and around the world, which creates a student body of different ethnicities, values, and behavioral norms.


It is one of the most diverse campuses in the nation. Every student can find their place here.


My classmates are diverse and very easy to get along with.


There are a bunch of different kinds of students at unlv. people from all different backgrounds attend but seeing as how this is a university, most of the kids have some kind of money. those who don't get along just fine with those that do. since it is not an ivy league school there is no big gap of wealth between the students. all of the students get along just fine with only a few snide remarks thrown at the frats every now and again. i honestly don't think any student would feel out of place at this school. most students are casual and just wear whatever to class but you get your business student wearing suits every once in a while. nobody really cares but a lot of people dress to impress. students seem to be pretty politically active and aware but then again who knows, they might just be talking out of their butts. i hear a lot of the students talk about how much they will earn one day but it is mostly from kids in a field where they are poised to make a lot of money or from kids who come from a pretty wealthy background.


I would have to say that there is really no word in the human language that could possibly describe all of my classmates because I have many diverse, and different types of people within each class.


Students at the this campus are unique and diverse, and they help each other as much as they can.


Very nice grop of classmates willing to help others with class work and making others fell welcome in social settings


Very nice and outgoing.


The classmates generally keep to themselves, unless they are friends.


They are very opinionated and liberal.


They're all very diiferenet, diverse, and intelligent. They each have their own reasons for coming to this school where its to be closer to home or economic reasons. During class, they offer their opinions towards a great discussion where everyone benefits.


Good people with interesting ideas.


They are driven and smart.


If I had to describe my classmates in one word, it would have to be: determined. Many of my classmates are ambitious and goal orientated individuals who are determined to get ahead by focusing on school. They want to be able to have a future in this country by educating themselves, so as to have a better chance of a future.


I would describe my classmates at the University of Nevada Las Vegas as very proud; the students here are proud of their accomplishments and look forward to excelling in the rest of their education.


They are communters that are serious, for the most part, about their education and want a successful future, but they have a life outside of school.


UNLV is a campus filled with diverse students from all different backgrounds. While some of my peers come from the East Coast or even the Eastern World, the majority of my classmates are Nevada locals. Because Las Vegas itself is a fast-growing and innovative city, most people have migrated here further increasing the diversity across the board at UNLV. I really enjoy meeting new people and learning about different cultures and attending UNLV gives me the opportunity to do just that while obtaining my education.


In the classes that I have taken in the past year, I have been around many classmates. If I were to describe the general population of my classmates, I would say that they were studious, quite, and attentive. The classes that I am taking are lecture halls which mostly all of the stuents take their classes seriously by taking notes, paying attention and are eager to learn.


Everyone keeps to their old friends or people they already know, but there are always some friendly people embeded in each class.


They are all helpful and friendly.


They are great people


Very friendly and helpful. Everyone in the Art Department knows eachother and the faculty in the department knows everyone also so it's easy to talk to them all.


My classmates are interactive, good listeners, punctual, and I feel as if they will help anyone out who asks for it.


My classmates are often fun, opinionated, and not afraid to speak up in class discussions, and I like to hear what they have to say because its usually engaging and interesting.


This is a commuter school, so everyone just stays to themselves.


UNLV's student body is composed of people from all backgrounds and is a very diverse campus. We have not only locals, but students from all 50 states and over 80 countries! UNLV's student body is also very active, not only in club/organization issues, but in issues that affect the university as well. For example, we have had two budget cut rallies which had a great turnout, thanks to the participation of the students.


The student body is pretty open. There are over 200 clubs and groups on campus to get involved with. We as students just need to make the choice to get involved. There is usually always something to do on campus. One of my favorite things to do on campus is go to the basketball games. Everyone is excited to be there, and it really shows. Plus, our team is really good!!


My classmates are diversified and have their own unique personalities and talents that they contribute to the university.


Work hard and Play harder.


Fun and helpful. Very diverse which makes learning more fun.


my classmates are very opinonated and determined.


Typical college students who like to go to the casinos. A little naive and sheltered, but thats typical for college students. Liberal.


some cool, some annoying, some smelly, overall same stuff as every school


An equal mix of party goers who came to this town to drink their lives away while daddy pays for their car and school and non-traditional students who are commuter students who couldn't care less about their campus or community and come to get their degree and get out.


My classmates goal-oriented and like to have study groups or buddy to be able to understand what is being taught.


Depends on the class - typical student body of a diverse college campus.


My classmates are outspoken, intelligent and true individuals who care for their future and the future of their peers. There is a honest sense of family and comraderie in the classroom and outside the classroom, sharing their ideas and personalities with the each other and within the classrooms.