University of Nevada-Las Vegas Top Questions

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Integrity. No matter how you are, you will fit in a certain group.


While UNLV is a commuter school and most people do just get up, go to work, go to school, rinse and repeat, UNLV provides excellent accomodations that make it easy to want to spend time on campus, even if it isn't wear you live. Lied Library is large, spacious, and well kept, and the Student Recreation and Wellness Center (or the gym) also exceeds standards, and unlike other schools, the membership is included in your tuition, making it free at all times.


It is a commuting school and it has the best Hotel Administration program in the nation.




The unique thing about my school is that it has a great kinesiology department. I was originally going to go to Pepperdine, but decided on UNLV because of this major. The kinesiology department has a great staff that are the top of their field. They also have published lots research. Finally, the classes from the kinesiology department are very hands on. I enjoy this learning style.


University of Nevada- Las Vegas is unique in their way to make every students a successful. UNLV provides every helps for students to be a successful in financial and even in education. The Rebel spirits that the university show is encridible. When I first time get to the campus, I can feel the rebel spirit that the senior graduation have with each other. The rebel spirit make me wants to be more active in extra curricular and in the rebel government club.


My school is unique because its campus is much smaller compared to other schools. This is great because the walk in between the dorm rooms, cafeteria and classrooms is quick. Also, my school is located 5 minutes from the Las Vegas strip, which provides numerous entertainment options. And since my school is located near some of the best hotels, it has a College of Hotel Administration which has graduates such as Guy Fieri of the Food Network. Lastly, for students seeking a more challenging curriculum, my school offers an Honors College, which includes smaller classes and special housing.


i like unlv. there is nothing wrong with the school especially since it is in a state that seems to not care about education at all. unlv for me is a place that i both have to go to but when i am there, like to be at, i feel welcome just walking around campus and working out in the gym.


The most unique thing is the diversity. It makes students more comfortable and it really shows the welcoming factor for all ethnicities.


University of Nevada, Las Vegas is in a highly concentrated metropolitan area. We have the most diverse offering of majors and students just a like. Being in the heart of a tourist city that hosts almost 40 million people we as students are introduced to people from all over the nation. This helps our campus become accepting and inviting to many different ideas and possibilities. We are honored to have different states and countries call UNLV home while they continue their education on our campus.


It's unique in the fact that it sit's just off the Las Vegas Strip which has everything anyone wants to do so very different sroundings than any other University I have seen.


I am currently attending the University of Miami, I will not be attening the University of Las vegas until the Fall semester 2010.


The location for one thing. There's other University that can say they are located in sin city. The diversity in student background, age and race.


It has an extremely good hospitality curriculum which also has a relatively high rate in students getting job in this field once they graduate. It is known that UNLV 's hospitality education is one of the absolute best, possibly in the world, as students from around the globe come here to take part in Hospitality especially.


The most unique thing about our school is the activities that are held. There are so many great causes that UNLV offers such as the other day there was a blood drive and the students actualy helped market the drive. The school is a very fun and active place to be. If i could i would never leave the campus it has everything anyone needs.


This school is close to home. It allows me to be familiar with my environment while embarking on a new experience. This school is also heavily focused on business majors, which is the major that I chose. It gives me the best opportunity at the cheapest price. The school is very accomodating to all types of students who attend. They try to offer the students the best type of education for the money paid.


The most unique aspect of UNLV compared to the other schools that I considered is that UNLV is not just a school where everything is on campus, but also the fact that there are fun things to do outside of the school such as Las Vegas shows, tourist attractions students can visit, and also great restaurants. Attending UNLV offers not only a great education, but also a great environment students can enjoy to take their minds off school from time to time.


UNLV is very technologically advanced which offers more opportunities to advance my knowledge with technology. Most of the technology that I have learned about at UNLV has carried over into my personal life and job, which has produced positive results.


My school allowed my to live at home while earning my degree. Due to my in-state status and the scholarship I earned, the cost was great. I appreciated that several extracurricular activities were available, but I could still focus on my studies instead of living the typical college life.


UNLV looked to be great university full of oppurtunities. There are so many different majors to choose from, the campus is so diverse. The educational enviroment is positive and everyone wants to learn.


UNLV is in the middle of a busy, busy city-- Las Vegas. I like that we are not a "college campus" with college stuff all around in that one area. It feels more like an adult world where you go to school, go to work, and live. There are so many different aged students that it's more mature than a party campus.


Diversity in studies (i.e. Science, Music, Hotel Hospitality, etc.)


Many people would believe that the reason I chose UNLV would be a fault, not a positive. I chose UNLV because it is a comuter school. I had considered attending schools like NAU, and San Diego State, both where I could live on or off campus. Unlike these two schools, UNLV has limited on campus housing, and more students living in the city. This enticed me to go to UNLV more than the others because I could live with my parents, who also live in Las Vegas. I could stay in the city I love.


This is school is unique because it's closer to my house and the students are easy to talk too.


I would have to say the University of Nevada, Las Vegas offers a wide array of specific majors that other schools do not offer. I was looking to study Engineering in an entertainment aspect similar to theme park attraction design. The University of Las Vegas, Nevada was the only university to offer this specific degree out of all the other schools in which I considered. Also, the UNLV campus is extremely diverse, giving me the opportunity to meet people from places all over the world. These include: Hawaii, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, and even Australia.


Of course it's at home, I get to keep my job and friends. But the location is unique to anywhere else. It's near the Strip here in Las Vegas, the most bustling part of our town. Also there are so many places to eat and go. If you have money or good friends you'll never get bored. Also what I have yet to see anywhere else is our 5 story library, the fifth floor has an amazing view, and it is also the engineering floor, my college.


I believe the enivornment at my school is unique and the people as well. My school is very diverse. There are a lot of different people from different places. I believe that compared to other schools, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, have people from more places than others. The enviroment is clean and I feel like I could study there. It does not make me feel like it is another cloudy day because it is bright inside.


The University of Nevda Las Vegas contained the Honors College, which was a huge factor in why I wanted to attend this school opposed to others. I could have chosen several schools out of state, but many of them only offered a regular program, where as UNLV offers something more with its smaller class sizes, more challenging classes, and intellectual discussions that take place in the Honors Program.


UNLV has a very diverse student body which is something that i like over other schools that i looked at, not to mention it is affordable. There is always someone willing to help you with a problem which i thought was really special.


The Las Vegas Strip is in my backyard and makes for a great training ground.


I chose to go to UNLV because it was out of state but still close to my family. That is the only reason I chose UNLV. There are plenty of other schools I would have chosen over UNLV, but now that I am here, I do appreciate the relatively low cost of attendance. I feel as though I am receiving a great education for less money than many other schools.


While UNLV is not your "traditional" college campus, it does a great job in providing many opportunities to students: academic opportunites, social opportunities, and opportunities for growth and experience.


I honestly really love UNLV!!


It is close to home.




Best hospitality program


The city, the people , the weather and the campus was just everything that i ever wanted in a college.


There is a lot of diversity at my school. I love that I can meet so many different kinds of people, all ethnic backgrounds, religions, sexual orientations, etc...and everyone is very accepting of one another. There aren't really any expectations to be friends with "certain types of people". You can make many friends from many backgrounds.


It provides an environment that seems almost detached from the rest of this concrete city. I almost get the feeling that I'm back east where there are trees and grass when I'm wandering around the interior of the campus.


It's in the great city of Las Vegas


Very, very interesting experience going here. The variety of people I have met here I never could have predicted. My roommate sleeps all day and is from Hawaii, my co-workers are dive-bar frequenting art students, and my boyfriend is a tree-hugging fraternity brother.. I would definitely recommend giving this school a chance and not judging it just by its name. It is cheap and the opportunities are endless!


Vegas is a fun town to be in. The only thing I'd warn about is the materialistic stuff that goes on. Sometimes you feel like you need to compete, but then you realize that it doesn't matter at all.


UNLV is a freaking awesome school, it's located in the center of everything and the student union is the best thing ever built on campus, besides the library...






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