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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Greek life


There are a bunch of sororities and fraternities that are quite popular.


Fraternities and sororities are definitely ever-present on campus. They even have their traditional section in the Student Union. There are tons of music events, orchestra, choir, jazz band constantly going on. They have the Barrick Lecture Series with guests like Howard Dean debating Karl Rove. There are pre-release screenings of movies on campus pretty regularly.


there are many things to do in and around campus especially since it is in the heart of vegas. you could always go gamble or drink but if you are too young for that there are plenty of things to do. the campus has movie nights a lot and pool movie nights which are pretty cool. there are always a ton of sports organizations you can join and play in although they are usually full of frats and sorority sisters. oozeball is a really popular tradition/sport played at unlv. i don't really know much about it except that is is really popular and you get really messy. the athletic events are alright popular bc our teams aren't that good except for our basketball team. that is easily the most supported and most attended sports event but when that is not going on, most people don't really care about our sports. if you are not into activities there are plenty of things to do such as see plays or musicals or concerts for free on campus. they also have a lot of lectures and guest speakers that are free to attend. i attended one the other day on the possibility of future inter-planetary travel. it was fascinating. as for dating, it seems like a lot of people date but not for long. it is usually one and done or a few and done. don't see a ton of long relationships here.


I feel that the most popular groups at the school are sororities and fraternities. They definitely draw the most attention and the most students.


I feel that the most popular groups at the school are sororities and fraternities. They definitely draw the most attention and the most students.


I feel that the most popular groups at the school are sororities and fraternities. They definitely draw the most attention and the most students.


I, myself, am involved in numerous clubs and organizations on campus, and it isn't difficult to get involved. All you have to do is go out there and find out what you like! There is even an Involvement Fair for students who are interested to get involved.


Like I said, we have over 200 groups on campus, so there is always something to get involved with. We also have religious groups on campus so that students can get to know others with the same beliefs. Greek Life is on campus and you can see their presence, but it is not overwhelming, so it works out whether you are in Greek life or not. There is always something going on in our theatres and the Performing Arts Center. We get orchestras from around the world, political speakers, ballet companies, comedians, plays, and much more. They also offer student rush tickets before the show.


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UNLV student talking about Midori No Hi event


Student booths at Midori No Hi


The Greek life is very strange here. They are all very separate, however the unity among the individual fraternities varies. I met most of my friends living in the dorms, however met my closer friends through fraternities interestingly enough. I NEVER could have predicted that. If I am awake late on a Tuesday night I am usually hanging out with my roommate or with people down my hall. There is always something going on at all hours in the dorms. Most people leave their doors open and blast music. Last weekend I went rollerskating, star gazing, and to a fraternity party with my boyfriend. There is an endless amount of activities to do around town...IF YOU'RE OVER 21! Other than that it is very limited and awkward to be an 18 year old freshman here.


Popular groups on campus are basically just the fraternities. There's only four sororities and they don't have houses. Each team is popular in their own sense I think but there's jsut so many football players that they make themselves known. I'm a part of the cheerleading team and we meet a lot of people through it. There's also study hall and CHAMPS for athletes and that's also a great way to meet other athletes. The football games are fun to go to but because we lose so much the stands are usually only half full and are almost empty by the end of the game. The basketball games are a lot more exciting and crowded. There are also a lot of guest speakers and art shows and movie nights as long as you look out for the flyers or check the unlv website. I think the dating scene is horrifying. Guys from Vegas seem like total scum to me. I haven't dated anyone all year and many of my friends are the same way. It's the guys from out of town that seem to get the most girls. I met my closest friends from cheerleading and I didn't really stay in touch with my roommate from the dorms. I think sports or groups or greek life are the easiest way to meet people because if you're not from here, it feels like everyone else already knows each other and you're just stuck. I think people party a lot, but again it's a lot of local things that you have to get inside on. Last weekend a friend of mine visited and we went to the strip and had a great time. SHoppings great, and local discounts like for bowling or meals are great too.


Tons, many opportunities, you just have to go out there and get them.


Ganbling, doing drugs, sex


well there's lot's of sororities and fraternities and there's always someone on campus promoting clubs and bars. so there's lots of alcohol to drink.


Athletic events are only popular when they are of football and basketball


The group that I am involved with is Circle K. The reason why i joined it is because it is partnered up with the whole Kiwanis Family. Other than clubs, I meet my friends from high school and through other friends. The partying scene happens every week. I can't really keep track. However, if i don't party, I would go shopping, watch a movie, or go out to a restaurant.


I meet my closest friends in high school. People party all the time, there is always a party. On a Saturday instead going out to drink, people go to the movies or dinner. Off campus I hang out with my friends.


The most important social groups are the sororities and the fraternities because they are the most active and most people on campus either are part of one or they know someone who is. Other groups are just left under the dust because you don't hear anything much about them.


I don't live in the resident halls, but for sure, no one leaves their doors open. The Men's Basketball team is popular due to the fact that they reached the Sweet Sixteen last year and are still doing well. I met my closest friends through the organizations I am in and at work (Student Involvement and Activities). Each year, there's homecoming, family weekend, PREMIER UNLV, etc...There's a Labor of Love (community service) twice a month on Saturday. Rebels After Dark and Free Movie Night are held regularly throughout the semesters. They offer free entertainment to all students.


Off campus i spend time with my boyfriend. I was going to join a sorority but the girls were not my type. and they are too expensive.


I focus on my school work so I'm not very into activities at UNLV.


I honestly have no clue. I work all the time at the airport. I could tell you more of the social life at the airport than UNLV. :(


The most popular organizations are the fraternities and sororities. Athletic events are semi popular, Football and basketball are the most popular, UNLV athletic events are not as popular as USC, University of Michigan,etc.


I really like the new Student Recreation and Welness center. It is just an awesome gym and a great addition to the school. The student union is nice too, but the prices of the food places don't seem really aimed towards poor students.