University of Nevada-Las Vegas Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I love the fact that it is a big campus. The library is huge and there are 2 other small ones located on campus. There are many clubs, sports, and greek life on campus. You would never get bored. There are a few things people can do off campus, but most require a 21 years or older. There are a lot of food places on campus so you would never get bored. We sometimes have free concerts that students are allowed to attend. We also have people come and give out free stuff.


My university has a medical fee integrated into the tuition of all the students who enroll. This makes it so that we don't need to pay for medical exams or check ups at the school clinic. This helps me so much because anything i need a doctor for from birth control perscription to an ear exam is readily avaliable to me and for free! The only thing i need to pay for are any additional tools used in the examination. This cuts my medical expenses to close to nothing, making for a very happy, money-saving student!


Typically, I brag about actually focusing on school and not spending college on the strip, in the strip club, or gambling. I managed to make it through school debt free because of the low cost of living and tuition. Also, the basketball team is fun to brag about.


The University of Las Vegas Nevada is a hub of culture and new ideas. The teachers genuinely enjoy their professions, and the students are vibrant displays of all that humanity has to offer. I tell my friends that they should attend UNLV if they’re looking for a school in the hub of a bustling city, an urban area in the middle building a better, more artistic, influential downtown.


I brag that it is close to the "Strip". The Student Union has a Sushi place. Everything is free on campus, like tutoring, the nurse, and academic services . Love their academic services . They help with everything.


I personally don't "brag" about UNLV aside from the use of the SRWC being factored into the tuition rather than being paid on top of it, but for some that is an unnecessary expense that perhaps they would rather not pay, especially if they never use it as a resource to better their life as a collegiate student, or don't have time to use it.


I usually tell them about how knowledgable the professors are and how easy-going it is going here. There are not a lot of expectations at this school.


When I tell my friends about school I mostly brag about how nice the whether is because they are all stuck in Tahoe in the snow. I aslo tell them how nice all the facilities are including the gym, library and student union.


When talking to my friends I brag about my classes. What UNLV lacks in activities they make up for in academics. All my profesors manage to make those one hour and 15 minute classes interesting. Learning was never something I enjoyed much in high school, but once I got to college I channeled my inner nerd. Studying and going to class is no longer a chore but a privilege.


I brag that my school is just a couple miles from the Las Vegas strip. I also like to brag about how good our Runnin' Rebel basketball team is.


I don't tend to brag about my school to friends; UNLV is well known around the country for basketball, so that's generally where the conversation ends.


I tell them that it is not so difficult. Courses tend to be easy, class schedules are very flexoble to your own schedule, and the people who attend seem very nice.


Our beautiful campus, amazing resources, and the ability to think out of the box without having to be ashamed or embarrassed to do so.


Actually I love to brag that out school has a great Gym open to all the students. With a pool, courts, and trendmills. As well as the various resturants and places to dine in school and close by, which is really just a street walk away. Its so easy and conveinant here!


I love telling my friends about my school. Not only is it located behind the beautiful Las Vegas strip but campus is beautiful to. Everyone is always happy to be a school and makes it an enjoyable plave to be. School spirit at UNLV is wonderful.


The ability and willingness of the students to come together and form study groups. There is a lot of support amongst the students for everyone to succeed in their chosen field of study.


It's fun! There's a lot of things to do here.


Basketball Team.


I like to brag about my professors. They inspir me to continue my college days.


When i brag to my friends about school, I brag about our sports teams and the way sports brings the whole school together. In college, it is impossible to meet every single person who goes to school, but that all changes when are sports teams play a home game. Faculty members, students, UNLV staff, and surrounding neighbors shine in their crimson red and cheer on their rebels. When you walk into any UNLV sports arena, the chants of " rebels, rebels, rebels" makes one feel as if they were in a professional stadium. They pride is evident.


I like to brag about the fact the majority of our professors have previously served in the field in which they are teaching about, and have a great deal of knowledge about what they are teaching. Additionally, all of the professors are willing to help each and every student; wether their questions pertain to the material or questions about their field of study/experience.


That my school has all the resources available for every student no matter their age or circumstances to ensure their success at the college level.


When talking about my school with friends, I tell them about all the opportunities for work and interships that are availiable for my major of Hotel Administration.


When I'm with my friends I like to boast about my lifestyle as an adult. Living on my own in Las Vegas, away from my family and friends shows that I can be independant. I'm one of the few students that graduated from my high school that actually decided to go away for college and leave the island of O'ahu. When I describe my dorm life and how I got to make new friends from different parts of the world they seem to be attentive and admire my ability to live away from home.


The University of Nevada Las Vegas has many things i can brag about. The classes are great and when you try to find information on the UNLV website it is very helpful and straightforward. Before students are about to start classes, there is a program that can help students with registering for classes, helping students feel comfortable on campus by helping them find their way around campus, and etc. If students want to dorm, the dorm rooms are great and friends can be easily made. Dining is also a plus becasue of the meal plan.


I definitely brag about our many different social organizations such as the Black Student Organization which i am a member of, and all the wonderful things that our fraternities and sororieties do to better our community. I also brag about our extensive catalog of classes and the fact that we offer many classes that others don't.


UNLV is a very ethnically diverse school, which may have a lot to do with being located in a very ethnically diverse city, but it makes life very interesting learning about all the different cultures. UNLV also has very good academic programs. The teachers really care about the students and want to help them as much as possible. They encourage participation and outside learning, studying, help, and tutors if needed.


We get to party on the Las Vegas Strip!


I brag about how diverse the campus was. I really liked how it was a true representation of a melting pot and all that is considered to be taboo in most other communities. My school taught me how to remove my bliders and see people as people and cultivate good relationships.


I don't really brag about UNLV. The only thing I really like about is it's close to home and I can use my Millenium scholarship.


It's in vegas.


I am an architecture major and when a design is going well I love to tell people about it. I also LOVE our new recreation center; I go to work out there often. The music hall is great for performances as well.


the sporting and campus events


All of my classes are only on two days: Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday. I have Fridays off, which is something new to me. The friends I graduated with all have classes on Fridays. I also speak about the diversity. The colleges near my high school were mostly consisting of Caucasian and/or African-American students. I get to interact with Samoans, Hawaiians, and many other diverse cultures that I wouldn?t have the opportunity to meet with at other schools.


I brag about the small environment inside what looks to be a large college campus. It looks very busy and hard to focus in, but it's really like a single gem inside a giant treasure chest. The school is quiet, with not many students, and studying is so easy. But if you need a break, you know you can find friends right down the hall!


What I brag about the most about my school, is the fact that I am doing something that my parents have not. Gone to college. the fact that I am able to wake up every day and come to class and recieve and education in order to better myself , deserves all the bragging rights.


My GPA, particularly because the standards here are less demanding and more conducive towards success if you work for it. Last semester I made the Dean's List with a 3.5 GPA in the History Department, which was my first semester as a History Major.


New buildings, good places to eat and the city it's located in.


I was excepted to the masters in educational psychology which ranks in the top 25 programs of its kind. We also have a competitive law school and hotel management degree.


How calm the atmosphere is. Along with the Photography lab which I volunteer to run on Monday nights so people can come in and print which i absolutely love.


it's in vegas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!