University of Nevada-Las Vegas Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The University of Nevada, Las Vegas is a beautiful and diverse campus. It allows for every student to have a safe and comfortable college experience with the many clubs and activities they offer. The amount of students applying to UNLV rises every year and as of fall 2014 the university experienced a huge growth in the amount of freshman. With the university's population steadily growing the demand for parking spaces also increases. The parking at UNLV is a horrible situation and you have to come to campus very early just to get to class on time.


The worst thing about our school would be that sometimes its difficult to get a class since each person is given a set date and time so you dont always get the classes you want which in turn may set you back a bit.


The worst thing about my school is that it is located in a city. It is behind the Las Vegas Strip. We see a lot of crime that happens around the school. It is also an open campus so there are many protesters on campus. It can be really loud. When studying outside or even in the library there can be a lot of noise. The campus is also located by the air port so there you here planes going over all the time. It could be a distraction.


The worst thing about my university to me would be the tuition, but honestly isn't that the biggest concern for all college students that don't have their parents paying for them? The second worse thing for me would be the courses that require certain books you can only find on campus. Why in the world do we have to pay a $100 more for a textbook we're only using for 15 weeks? Especially if all we really need are the school-unique access codes so we can do our homework!


The surrounding area is kinda ghetto. People on campus are awesome, but people in Las Vegas the city are not very nice and they drive like absolute lunatics! Very unpleasant off campus.


The worst thing about my school is that the campus is spread out, it doesn't seem much like a normal college campus.


I think the worst thing about my school is that I never felt like there was a lot of school pride. We have events in the beginning of the school year, but that’s about it. The most school pride we have had in a long time was when we won our football game against UNR. For the most part it just felt like people were really only there to get their education and that there wasn't more things that brought people together to celebrate our school.


I would consider the worst thing about my school is that we don't have sorority or fraternity houses like most universities. I feel that it's very untraditional, and unfair to the students at UNLV seeing as how many people decide the join greek life. Being in a sorority myself, I can say that we do so much for the community and put countless hours into our philanthropies, we have only positively benefited our school and the city of Las Vegas. I see no reason why we can't have what hundreds of other colleges have, a greek row.


The school is located in a very metropolitian area where there is a lot of traffic. Getting to school and trying to find parking on campus can take a very long time and can be a hassle.



The worst thing about my school is the library during study week. There is not enough computers for all the students. Also, all of the tables are taken and the study rooms are full. There needs to be more room in the library. One option the campus could do is make sure that there is more than one person per table or more than one person per room. This will allow for more efficient space management.


As I have already stated, I am a newly transfered student to UNLV. I have not found a worst thing, at least yet, but then again I may not find anything so bad that I would consider devise a worst list about UNLV.


I highly do not favor the smoking on the campus, especially right outside buildings. It is great that there are certain areas on campus that allow people to smoke, (though it would be better if there were less areas. Probably one in all corners of campus, then one in the middle) but having the adversity to have someone blow cigarette air in your face right after you step out of a productive class period really keeps one from being focused in the next class.


It's more of a commuter school


For engineering students at Johnson And Wales, there isnt quite much besides the classes. What I mean when you think engineering you see your self after hours working with friends creating and exploring new things. Sadly JWU is too concentrated in ther Culinary Degrees and have forgottern of their engineers. Their School of technology could be way more, but they dont see it that way. If you want a quick view of the profeesion is good, as a long term study (4 years) , go to another University.


The worst thing about my school is the limited funding. The limited funding reduced the amount of money the teachers were given for school supplies and the funding for public transportation to school- for those who did not have vehicles. The limited funding also has reduced the employment of teachers as well as programs/majors in social sciences and art.


The worst thing about my school is that there is no definate online progress report that all professors check into like in highschool. Unless a student emails the teacher or an online program is included with the class's book, it is hard to know what ones progress is until the semester is over. There should be a site such as intouch for college students. It should also be manditory that the professors use it. This way everyone could have a better grade.


Because so many students are not originally from Las Vegas or the Las Vegas area, many still want to venture out of this city and go back to their original state. This makes students that attend school at UNLV have less school unity and school pride because they wish to be elsewhere.


This school does not have much school spirit. The football stadium is across town off campus and not many students attend. We have an awesome basketball team and are quite competitive in that sport. The school is a communter school so at night and on weekends the school is dead. Most students take classes monday- thursday so friday - sunday no one is on camous. The reason for this is very cheap housing in the area. The cost of living on campus is far greater than renting a place of your own.


The parking was not very convenient. Students pay a lot for a parking pass and event goers get preferential parking.


The school is not centered in a college town. The nevada heat is extremely uncomfortable


The worst thing about my school is that the sororities and fraternities do not have Greek houses. It would be nice if my school could provide the Greek life with houses. Right now they either live in a dorm room or live in a house all together far from campus. If the sororities and fraternities were to get houses, it would make the University of Nevada, Las Vegas seem more like a university.


The worst thing about my school is that there is an increasing rate of tuition that students will have to pay. This hurts my financial status and forces me to worry more about money than studies, and this interference could trickle down towards my grades as the focus goes from schoolwork to finances. Therefore making it harder for me to gain the education that I long for.


I am not currently at the University of las vegas yet.


everyone is up at most hours of the night and it is hard to study at times. the environement itself does not fully give students the advantage of personal study time.


I would have to say our sports, though they are not the worst they definitely are not considered the greatest.


UNLV is a very large campus and somethimes some of the newer buildings arent on some of the directories making it sort of difficult to get around at first. Other then that I have no complaints about my university.


The school lacks funding. We have had many budget cuts in the past year or so, leaving many classes with limited space. A biology class, for example, had over 200 students looking to enroll, but only 125 spaces were available. This leaves dedicated students fighting for a spot that a less-dedicated student may have.


The worst thing about my school has to be the "carts" that room around campus. Although they do not go very fast, they are pesky when one is trying to get around campus and it happens to be crowded. The drivers of these crazy vehicles are rude and do not pay attention to signs that read " no carts beyond on this point". Of all things to hate the carts would be my largest hatred.


UNLV is infamously known as a "commuter campus." This means that there is a lot of apathy as far as school spirit is concerned. Because the population of students ranges in age and lifestyle, it's hard to get them all excited about sports or other things.


The qualification process for some of the adjunct professors and follow up on how well they interact and teach to the students could be at a much higher quality level.


Parking, parking, parking! Very limited; parking permits are very expensive.


Well, I live far away from my school and I have to take three buses to get there, it takes two hours for me to get there, and it's expensive among other things. I like the campus, the teachers, and the voice program, but the transportation is alittle hard at times.


UNLV is just so darn perfect. The University of Nevada- Las Vegas truly allows students seeking a higher education to fulfill their dreams. With a well staffed campus, UNLV offers courses in over a hundred differents studies and allows the student the option of pursuing what interest him of her. Having grown up in Las Vegas, UNLV has grown in size, effectiveness, and popularity in such a small period of time. Soon some of the "Worlds Most Famous" will be UNLV Alumni. As this school is helping to fulfill my dreams, I soon will be one of them.


I think the worst part is finding a way to get the proper textbooks for class. Sometimes you get stuck with books that you don't want or need. I'm still trying to figure out a system that works for me.


The student body is budget conscious and as a result are strongly agianst raises in tuition. The result it extensive budget cuts that mainly effect the number of avaiable classes. At this point I would wager that it is almost impossible to graduate on time.


The worst thing about my school would have to be its location. It is not in the best of areas, there are many homeless people on the campus and many do not consider it safe after dark. Since I am a young female I try to attend all early classes so I do not have to deal with the problem people that often inhabit the area.


I don't think there's anything bad about UNLV. I left CSULB for UNLV, and after my 1st semester I've thorougly enjoyed it and can't wait to start my 2nd semester! Everything about the school, specifically my college, makes me feel like this is where I should be. I'm in the right city and right college for a career in Events and Meetings Management.


They administration doesn't seem to care about the success of the students. When making complaints regarding a teacher, nothing is ever done regarding the issues.


I can not think of anything bad about UNLV. It is a good learning environment. Living on campus with "Sin City" all around you could turn into a distraction. Growing up in Las Vegas, the distraction is not really there for me.


One of the most challenging things about UNLV is probably that it is located near the middle of downtown Las Vegas. The traffic can sometimes make it difficult to get to and from classes. Most of the students that attend this college are commuter students making traffic very heavy which occasionally causes delays. Trying to find a parking spot near campus can also occassionally be difficult, especially without a parking pass, which costs quite a bit of money.


The worst thing about my school would be the fact that we have to pay for parking. I feel that as tuition is going up and our economy is going down, the university should take that into consideration and ease up on the parking fees. Also, the tend to give out a lot of parking tickets which I think is a little ridiculous. I also feel that the area of my school isn't too nice. UNLV's location makes it hard for me to take night classes in fear of being harmed.


The worst thing is probably that recently it has gotten a bit over crowded, and there isn't enough parking. Other than that i cnt think of another reason.


I do not consider it the worst thing, but one of the disadvantages of the university is that it is huge. Getting around can sometimes be a little exhausting if a class is on one side of the campus and then the next class is on the other side of campus.


The food choices they offer, no alternative for vegans. All surrounding restaurants and shops are all tattoo parlors and hookah lounges.


That there was not real drive for the students to succeed in film.


Due to the fact that Las Vegas is extremely transient and people often move here and then relocate after school, it is difficult to build lasting relationships with students, faculty, and staff. Becuase UNLV is primarily a commuter school it is difficult to make friends and establish a feeling of school and community commaradarie becuase students do not socialize or spend their free time on the campus. The majority of the students only come to campus for class and maintain a social life outside of school, I found this difficult because I was lonley at times.


The worst thing about the school at the moment is the lack of funding for various programs, organizations, and even faculty. Given the difficult economic times, the school has had to make massive budget cuts and some of the students have to bear the brunt of the cuts.


Because of state budget cuts, this school has really gone downhill. It has cut out so many vital classes that students need to succeed and graduate. I fear for the quality of my education. Because of this, I am trying to go to another school.


The apathy of the students and the city.