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What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


I'm not sure. I don't pay much attention


I honestly do not know the stereotype of students at my school.


Most of the students I've encountered in the past are friendly, easygoing, fun and of course some geeks too. I may not be completely accurate. At least, I've shared about the people that I've associated with.


Honestly, there is no specific stereotype of students at UNLV. I was truly shocked at the diversity on campus. There is a wide variety of students that are involved in multiple activities like sports, Greek life, honor societies, etc, and are still dedicated to school, work, and other things. They don't fall into one specific stereotype.


Some people stereotyped at UNLV are the Greek Life students and the athletes. For those involved in Greek life, the stereoptypes dictate that they are slutty, party a lot, and aren't as intelligent as other students. While I've found this to be true of some Greek members, most have been quite the opposite. In the Fraternities especially, the students are very academically oriented and on top of that are just nice people. For the athletes, the stereotype is that they keep to themselves and are self-obsessed. As with the Greek life students, very rarely have I found this to be true. For the most part, the entire student community at UNLV is very open, friendly, and willing to help whenever and wherever needed.


I think most of the people at UNLV are frat kids. There are a lot of Greek life events on campus an they seems to dominate the student union on a daily basis. There are other groups of course but not all students fall under the fraternity and sorority blanket.


Since we are a commuter school, we get a very diverse group of students that attend here. That said, there is no stereotype that distinctly identifies a UNLV student. There are, however, some common characteristics that most students at UNLV have: -Clique/Ethnicity driven: Most students can be seen with the same group of friends almost all the time. Though some mixing may occur between different groups, most people stick to their "core" group. As examples, sorority and fraternity groups pretty much stick together, Asian groups are usually seen with other Asians, and so forth. -"Mind your own business" attitude: For the most part, students just get to school, do what they need to do, and then leave. There isn't really a hospitable feeling or attitude with students, so don't expect someone to greet you when you grab some coffee or hold the door open for you.


UNLV's students have a reputation of being the type that go to the Las Vegas Strip's clubs and party whenever they get the chance. There certainly are a lot of students for whom this is true. However, there are plenty who eschew that type of behavior entirely.


Whenever any person thinks of UNLV, usually the immediately proceeding thoughts involve parties, drinking, and an overall remedial student body. To be perfectly honest, this is correct to a certain degree. My thoughts were similar before joining the UNLV Student body, however, now in my last year, Ive witnessed quite the opposite to the stereotype. There are many students, like myself, working vigorously to attain generally difficult degrees, in my case its Applied Physics.


UNLV has stereotypes but I suppose that is true of all universities. It is not really a Greek school but there is definitely a frat and sorority presence there which does get kind of annoying some of the times. Other than that group, all of the other groups are pretty enjoyable/unnoticeable. The student athletes are pretty nice but definitely noticeable because of the sweats they wear and their abnormal height. Geeks you will definitely find but mainly if you are in or around the engineering building but that's a good thing.


To honestly answer I don't think there is really a stereotype. We have a little bit of everything. Jocks, preps, frat guys and sorority girls , as well as older students going back to school.