University of Nevada-Las Vegas Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


It's a decent institution, but feels uninspired and dull


I think it is a diverse school that has a variety of opportunities in all areas.


UNLV is a great commuter school.


UNLV campus is located right in the heart of the Las Vegas. It's only about 20-25 minutes walk to the strips and right next to the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport. There are many stores, restaurants, and malls closeby. It is definitely a very convenient campus to study. If there is one thing I would change, I would love to see UNLV becomes a smoke FREE campus. Actually, some of the public area like student union and other buildings have banned smoking already. The school size is just the right size, not too big yet not too small. I spend most of my time over at the 'Lied Library', student union building, and the College of Education building. It is like a college town. The school's administration is fine. Most of the school administrative are helpful and friendly. There is school pride. The famous Rebels Basketball team plays well in NCAA I in almost every season. There are a lot of student parking over at the stadium. However, the student parking closeby the classroom buildings are always full.


My overall opinoin of UNLV is that it is a great school to both learn and live at. The professors and students are helpful and care about your learning experience, and the opportunities available within the city are endless, especially for students of the hotel college. Living on campus is made very comfortable by the big rooms, friendly RA's, and activities planned to help you get to know your neighbors. UNLV is a great place to start if you're just leaving home for the first time and are still getting used to living on your own.


Over all I like this school. The class sizes are good and it's easy enough to get into the classes I want, though my major isn't the most popular being that's it's history. I get classes tought by the professor themselves and not grad students. The fact that it was in las Vegas was a drawing factor but that is not a big deal. There is not much of campus life and parties with my colleagues are unimportant to me but I'm sure they exist. It's strange going to university in a entertainment and tourist hub. There is a lot of school pride but if you don't want to be involved its not like you are an outcast. There is a majority of the students that live off campus so campus life isn't focused around the dorms etc. you can make you experience the typically college one if you would like or just for academic.


The cost of attending UNLV is really quite reasonable and the quality of the education can be top notch depending on your major and the effort you put into it. Most students are mildly unfriendly to anyone they do not already know. Many would prefer that you do not talk to them. This is partly due to UNLV being a commuter campus. If I am not in class I spend most of my time in the student union on the second floor reading or in a computer lab browsing the internet. There are a lot of fantastic organizations on campus who are continually involved in the community. There are many great extra-curricular programs that you can get involved in: Executive Mentor Program, Student Ambassadors, CSUN, Contender Challenge, etc. The general education core at UNLV has the tendency to bee a box-checking experience. The campus bookstore is generally a complete rip-off and I wait until after the first day of classes to buy only the necessary books online. All the faculty at the Lee Business School are absolutely fantastic.


Honestly, I enjoy UNLV. It is a big university but not so big as to feel overwhelmed. I love the architecture, especially the new buildings. The library, student union and the gym are all amazing. I wish there were more trees but then again this is a desert college and you get what you get. I would definitely knock some buildings down bc some are just down right ugly and getting a little long in the tooth. I really enjoy being on campus but I wish it made me want to stay more. I spend most of my time on campus in class obviously but when not there it is usually in the student union just hanging with friends. UNLV has some pretty neat places around campus to just hang out which I really enjoy, especially during the fall and winter when it is not so hot outside. As for college town, there is none. The area right around UNLV is not the best and if given the choice I would not live there or around there. It is about a mile from the vegas strip which is pretty cool and gives some nice views some times. The budget problems that are facing this school suck. Many programs have been cut and supposedly more are to be cut. Tuition has been raised a few times and might rise again.


My overall opinion is that the school is a good a school but there are definitely some issues. First there are not enough teachers per student. Being in classes of 300 makes it tough to get enough teacher student interaction. Also the other main problem is not enough sections of classes. For those of us who work it's hard to schedule classes at times that are convient.


UNLV is a great college in various aspects. On the academic side, you have a number of colleges that are constantly increasing in the national rankings. Also, we have a great Honors College program which allows students to go above and beyond regular college requirements. In terms of campus involvment, there are over 200 recognized clubs and organizations on campus. The athletic programs here at UNLV are also notable. From basketball to soccer, students are always ready for a great game! All in all, for a school that just hit its 50th anniversary, UNLV has already taken great strides in going well beyond expectations.


UNLV is only 50 years old, which is actually really nice as our students get to be apart of building the universities history. The size is just right. I think we have around 30,000 students which makes it a rather large school, but you still get to know a ton of people on campus. When I tell people I go to UNLV, most of them ask “How’s that going?” or “What’s that like?”


The campus is actually very pretty, if you like the whole desert landscape. There really is no history to the buildings as they are all very modern. However, the stories behind the dedications of the landmarks and various plazas on campus have an interesting background. The campus is just about the right size, however there is barely ever anyone on campus as it is a commuter campus. The only way to get a sense of unity is to join a sorority or fraternity, which I refuse to. When I tell people I go to UNLV they are usually very confused about what I just said until I say I live in Las Vegas and I am studying Hospitality Management. Now that I have changed my major there really is no justification for others as to why I attend this university. I spend most of my time in the library, it is wonderful, as is the Student Wellness and Recreation Center which is brand new and has amazing facilities. I could live there. The area around UNLV is very strange. You feel very safe on campus but right when you walk across the street you have to watch your back. Do not walk alone at night. This is very unsettling for me and for my parents, but then again everything is a learning experience we can't always be so sheltered. All of the students complain about the lack of school pride. I think the food is actually very good and I am doing my part to make sure it is even better. Our recycling program is growing and I am very excited, Vegas deserves it.


One of the best things about UNLV is that the university is always expanding. This is a greater incentive and a greater investment to attend and graduate from UNLV. By the time you graduate from UNLV, 10-20 years down the road, your degree from UNLV is going to worth much more than it is today because of the continuing expansion. I think the size of UNLV is just right at the moment. However, one thing I would like to see is the renovation of the classrooms. They should be more technologically advanced and in better condition. In the states around Nevada, people know where UNLV is, and people normally have a pretty good image about UNLV. I heard from many people that extraordinary attractive girls attend UNLV. I am not sure if that is true, but I suppose it's worthy to check it out. I spend most of my time in classrooms or at the Lied Library. I also like to go to the new Student Rec Center. The Student Union is also a great place to hang out since it is close to the Business Building (BEH). UNLV's administration has been very helpful to me. Whenever I have a question, I am always able to find an answer in a timely manner either on the internet or by phone. There was one time where the Registrar added a late fee to my tuition because of a computer error, and the cashier fixed it right away. I don't think there are a lot of school pride, but I think it's something that is doable. UNLV students are so friendly that if they were to know about events, I am sure they will attend. UNLV is a very active university. Any time of the day, you will find the library with people studying or hanging out. Since we are expanding, students benefit a lot from the new technologies and new buildings. I think we have the coolest library I have ever seen, and I have seen many libraries in the US and in Hong Kong. We also have the coolest student union and rec center available to its staff and students. Also, UNLV students usually have jobs, and this is awesome because you get to meet a lot of people who will become somebody later on. And you are meeting them in college, so you are kind of ahead of the game! I will always remember my first day of college. I didn't know where I was going, and there were these informational booth set up around campus. So, I was able to ask them where my classrooms were, and their smiles just reassured my choice of UNLV. The most heard complaint is parking!!! We don't have enough parking spaces!


I think the student body population and the campus size is great. I can walk from one end of campus to the other in about 20 minutes and it's pretty condensed. THe only complaint is parking, but I can still always get a spot as long as I plan ahead. The buildings are pretty damn new compared to a lot of campuses I've visited, but the school is only 50 years old. The library, student union, and recreational center are all brand new. The rec center is awesome. The dorms are also really nice compared to a lot of schools I've been to. Each room has two people that share a sink and mirror thing. Then between two rooms there's a private bathroom with a shower so you don't have the community bathroom situation which I loved. I lived in a coed by room dorm which I think a lot of them are. Definitely Tonopah or Dayton are the best to live in. Another perk is that you can have a car your freshman year, which you'll really want because there's so much to see! Las Vegas is definitely definitely not a college town. If you think you want a college town experience, I'd say screw that. Once you've been to Vegas and see all the opportunities and variety of jobs and entertainment, you'll wonder why you ever wanted to go to a school where the biggest event of the week was meeting at Dairy Queen. The people are somewhat sketchy, but that's just my opinion. Plus, all your friends want to come visit you! I don't think there's a whole lot of school pride, which sucks because that's something I was really looking forward to when I came here. However, the tailgates at football games are always packed and the basketball team is really good so those games are always fun to come watch. There isn't really anything unusual about UNLV, except that it's in Las Vegas which itself is unusual. I've had really good professors and my class sizes have been like 20-30 people with only 2 lectures of about 100. I think the most frequent student complaints are the parking situation. My personal complaint is that the dining hall's food get old really quick. But the student union has a decent variety of food (taco bell, panda, sub connection, some italian place, jamba juice, starbucks, and some burger place).


People usually react negatively when I tell them that I attend UNLV; some are even shocked that Las Vegas actually has a university. A wide-spread misconception is that Las Vegas only consists of "The Strip" and that the city's residents are either casino-workers or professional gamblers, so it is understandable why it isn't taken seriously as an academic institution. Those that are aware of UNLV's existence think that the student body is only being primed to serve the gaming industry (something I reluctantly agree with), so it is very difficult for other students to gain recognition.


Its a good campus, the only thing is you have to be self motivated. It's really easy to fall into the trap of the clubs or just not being involved.


Gambling and bitches is a habit. Good School


it's rare to see a lot of school pride unless a sports team does something spectacular. Students don't seem interested in campus organizations because they're not widely known.


My school is just right. I spend most of my time in the student union.


The thing I would like to change are the older building structures, some of them are soo ridiculously undermaintained that there are leaks in the building, the bathrooms are digusting, and it just isn't to date with things (especially the BEH bathrooms). Well, when i tell people to go to UNLV at least they give me good comments that I go to a University and how I'm continue on with my education. But coming from an Asian ethnic background, some people are just like "why not some where else"? I do spend most of my time in the MSU, there's food and friends.


The best thing about UNLV I guess are the variety of people and the campus. Another thing, this city continues to grow so there are many opportunities for college students whether they're in school or just graduating. This can also benefit many who are concerned about internships, Las Vegas is the place, and UNLV is a good university to help. School pride, there is a lot. Especially after having a basketball team that in the past has made it to the "Sweet 16" in the Mountain West Conference for the NCAA. This year the team didn't make it that far, but UNLV students, staff, faculty were hyped about having a team go so far. A frequent student complaint is that the administration doesn't move in a fast pace. A lot of things that are requested, like transcripts or financial aid conflicts are not handled quickly, you have to wait forever if something you have to do something involving any kind of office. It's hard to get in contact with people. If you want something done, you have to go wherever you need to go yourself. The phone, you can use to handle situations, but you'd have to call a lot... They do get things done, it just takes awhile.


The best thing about UNLV is that your high school friends go there. The one thing I would change is that the school needs more people to get involved. The school is HUGE!! I spend most of my time in Student Union. Some of the administatration is great while the other is terrible. There is not a lot of school pride.


I spend most of my time either at the student union or the library. Personally, i don't think that the food should be so expensive and crappy, but then again it is better to have it then not at all.I


The best thing about UNLV: you can basically wear flip-flops all year long. I wouldn't change a thing about UNLV. UNLV's administration rocks. UNLV's President Ashley even held the door open for me one time.


The great thing about UNLV is that many of the students know what it means to work half or full-time. The UNLV Men's basketball team also brings tons of energy and spirit on campus. I would change the publicity policy on campus. It's so hard to advertise events on campus. The school's size is just right, but it's not a college-town campus. People don't give me an exciting feedback when I tell them I go to UNLV. It's as if it's below me. I spend most of my time inside the Student Union, especially since it is where I also work. I would like the UNLV administration to focus on what the students want more. The recent controversy is probably the tuition increase. The school pride here is very low. You see a lot of students wearing clothes of other universities. Nonetheless, there's a great amount of spirit in the athletic games (esp. Men's Runnin Rebels Basketball. More than 90{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of UNLV students don't live on campus, so it's hard to build a college community. Parking and traffic around school is a regular complaint among students. For student organizations, the monopoly of Sodexho and scheduling makes it extremely difficult to put on events or to even publicize. Food is also a monopoly and the food we are allowed to order are so overprized.


If the school were any bigger, i would hate it. I wish there was a better way to make it through the parking lot instead of around the thomas and Mac center. I spend most of my time in class. There could always be more school pride. people dont get riled up.


The parking at UNLV is terrible. They charge us too much for parking permits, yet they do not provide enough parking spaces that are accessible.


The best thing is probably basketball. People think I settled for UNLV I spend most of my time at the Student Union or the Library The administration is good at covering loose ends I was accused of cheating at the Department of Communications The pride at school seems dwindling but then again Im comparing it to the pride of an Edmonton Oilers fan in Edmonton. Thats real pride.


The best thing about UNLV is the atmosphere, there are so many different people, its really cool. I would change some of the buildings. I believe that the school is just right. Some people react differently when I tell them that I go to UNLV, Some people don't react nicely as if I were to tell them if I went to Yale. I spend most of my time in the student union with my friends. I don't think there is alot of school pride.