University of Nevada-Las Vegas Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


With the diverse and widespread student population UNLV is an ideal school for anyone to go to. There are clubs for members of LGBT groups, African Americans, Hawaiians, Native Americans, students with diverse interests, and so many more. The UNLV campus is such an amazing place for any student. It really allows for expression and a sense of community. There are even clinics for women's health, mental health, and a police station on campus. The University of Nevada, Las Vegas is a welcoming, safe, and fun university that would be perfect for any student.


A person who has a tendency to party or drink too much. Las Vegas is a great city, but it is filled with temptation and also opportunistic people who would love to take advantage of a young college student.


Someone who isn't willing to put themselves out there, apply themselves, and learn. This school is for students who strive to be something greater than what they were when they enrolled. It's for people who want to see a clear difference, between the freshman they were, and the graduate they become.


I think that UNLV is for everyone.


People with money or people with abosolutley none that can get all the federal aid money.


A person that does not care for there education.


A person who is not serious about their future.


I do not believe my school should limit the kind of person that should attend. Everyone is different and have their own form of reacting to new and different situations, their own pace to learn, and most importantly a different level of motivation to learn. Not having the grades in high school or a high enough of SAT or ACT number should not subjectify an individual; maybe after high school they better themselves and learn to appreciate their education more. Regardless, everyone should be given the chance to learn. No excuses.


Students who aren't serious about college shouldn't go to UNLV. This is a college where the students should be serious about their education or even living the college life and enjoying all that college life has to offer.


Someone who likes an urban campus, fast paced, friendly environment who wants to be involved on campus but also focus on their acedemics.


There is a place for everyone to fit in at this university. There is not a particular type of person that should not attend this school, unless you despise the heat. The diverse student body enables every person to make friends and meet people who share similar interests.


People looking into studying oceanography or mechanics.


Someone who is very religous, and one minded.


It doesn't matter what school you graduate from, it matters on what you do with your degree afterwards.


The type of person that should not attend the University of Nevada- Las Vegas is the type that is not willing to put work into their studies, and also the type of person who does not get into out of class activities and clubs. This person would not be able to use the materials given to him/her that could help shape a better future for themselves.


If a person really wants to college life, the on campus, pride in the community, then I feel they would not like UNLV. UNLV has many kids who live in Vegas and it is dead on the weekend.


The type of person who should not attend this school is someone who is very independent and works better by themself. A lot of group work and networking is done at UNLV and everyone on campus is very talkative and outgoing.


Evveryone should attend this school, but those who wish to become a strong leader and plan on making a lot of money should go to an Ivy League college instead.


partiers shouldn't come to school because they are giving us a bad wrap.


Someone looking for Well Known professors or looking to gain a quality education that isnt related to the fields of dentistry, nursing or law.


I think that anyone who wants to go back to school should be able to attend school, except for criminals.


A person who likes great challenges would not be as happy at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas as they would be at a college outside of clark county.


No one should attend college that is not serious about learning, improving themselves and working hard for a better future.


If you don't like big campuses or are very shy, you may fade into the background at UNLV. If you are hung up on attending a school that is already an educational powerhouse, you probably wouldn't like it here either. It's still growing, and while it has made many strides toward refocusingon education, it's not an Ivy.


Someone who has an addictive personality - gambling, alcohol, etc. there is a lot of temptation in Las Vegas. I have known students who blew through four year's worth of college money in one semester by going to the strip every night gambling and clubbing.


A student who is seeking mediocrity should not attend this school.


Attending the University of Nevada Las Vegas, you definitely have to be dedicated. Theres a lot of work and effort that should be put into going to this school. A person who isnt dedicated or motivated to be in school, shouldnt attend. It takes a lof ot dedication to succeed there.


People who do not like the city life should not attend UNLV. There is alot of diversity at this school, both racially and religiously. Kids who want to be really challenged and earn their grades by hard and challenging work should not attend UNLV.


A student should not attend this school if they are not serious about their education and if they can not talk to people around them. You really need to be able to participate in the community to be able to handle this school.


I would say people who are not motivated and have no drive to better themelves or their education should not attend UNLV. For the most part, my school is filled with positive energy and dedicated students and teachers. If a person wants to attend our school then I would hope they would have some of the characteristics that I have named and if not, they may be better of at a community college where education is still good but does not have the same to offer as UNLV.


everyone who is not willing to put in the time or who isn't focused enough.


The kind of person that should attend this school is one that is outgoing that likes the desert that wants to do either arcitexture or hospitality


Someone who prefers peace and quiet.


On campus you'll find all types of people, the shy, the loud, the laid-back, and those who are always stressed. Its not hard to find a place where you fit in at all. The people who shouldn't come to this school are those who are uninterested in their education and won't try for it, but people like that shouldn't be in college anyway.


Boring people who don't like big cities, and lots of lights.


Someone who is extremly ambitious, focused, and narrow-minded.


One who really wants an education that requires a lot of reading and a lot of writing papers.


A person that is lazy and expects that everything will come to they should not attend this school, because you do have to work hard to earn the grade that you need to receive.


A person who is not willing to learn. The opportunities to fully understand the material is what is paramount. If a student just wants to recieve a GPA in order to find a job, it could be done, but then he or she would miss out on the wealth of knowlegde provided by the staff.


Someone who loves wants to be involved with campus activities and campus life...this school is dead...everyone communtes and leaves.