University of Nevada-Las Vegas Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Expensive housing and dining plans


The lack of finacial help that is avaliable to students who don't recievce federal help.


One of the most frustrating about my school is the difficulty to meet with an academic advisor. I would like my school to have a registration process that is easy and convinient. This would allow me and every student get the best adivse in timely manner.


Parking on campus


The most frustrating part about my school is the distractions. Everyone here are very interactive with school activities and other things. There's a time where that's cool and there's a time where I just want to stay home and study or do my homework.


The most frustrating thing about my school is how many unnecessary fees we have to pay. Classes and dorms are already extremely expensive as they are, but you'll find small hidden fees such as recyling fees and computer lab fees. Any changes that they make to the school, they charge you more for, and you have no say in anything.


Probably the most frustrating thing at UNLV is the financial aid office and the registrar's office. They often give me a run around from more than two different people just to get a simple task done. Their directions are also conflicting most times and it makes it even more confusing.


I am a newly transfered student to UNLV, so giving advice to other students about UNLV is not appropriate for me at this time. I will be starting my first academic year with UNLV on August 27, 2012, with that said, all I can really say to new students is to ask questions. The only question that is a stupid question is the one not asked. As this is college, the majority of the students are paying for their education and asking questions is the only way to get any kind of answer.


The most frustrating thing about UNLV is its large size. It's terribly easy to get swallowed up in a sea of strangers and miss opportunities to make friends and find kindred spirits, especially as a commuting student.


The city in which is is situated is quite a hopeless place to live.


I was pleased with the school most of the time. Though sometimes the seclection of classes were slim, or classes seemed to be overcrowded.


Many people doubt the success rate of college students at my school just because the drop out rate is high. Many people think UNLV is a joke, however I came to get an education and plan on using it to the best of my ability.


The lines for food @ the SU are really long around lunchtime, but other than that there really isn't anything.


The most frustrating part of UNLV would have to be how large it is. It takes some time getting use to how big the campus is compared to your high school. You have to really know how to navigate yourself through it to make it between classes. Another large issue is parking. Parking at UNLV is a crazy experience. With over 20,000 students attentind UNLV, it is no surprise that the parking garages and lots would be full.


I really don't have anything frustrating to say about the school. Everything is their for me and the teachers are their on-line if needed. I also have a tutor on-line if needed and a library to go to. The school also have seminars that I can attend that's in my career field. Over all it's a wonderful school to attend, I would recommend it to anyone that would want to attend school at anytime. As you can see I really don't have anything frustrating to say about the school. Everything is at my fingertips.


professors who don't really care about what they are teching or their students


The most frustrating thing about my school is tuition and parking. Tuition is rising up EVERY semester and parking is just a hassle.


Everything is frustrating about my school. Its was makes It school! Your there to learn, your there because you want to be there, and you want to be successful.


It's REALLY REALLY REALLY Hot during the summer and it is NOT a good idea to take summer classes if you have to walk all the way from the student parking lots to the classrooms.


The student parking is pretty inadequate due to the large number of students that attend. Parking is not all convenient or inexpensive.


I haven't found anything that frustrated me about UNLV thus far. My advisors have been helpful, my classes have been engaging, and there are plenty of times to choose from for classes so that my schedule well for me.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that it's not in Los Angeles, where I'm originally from. Vegas is an amazing city with tons of opportunity, but it's just not home.


The sciences are often overlooked and not much funding is provided. Although it is adequate, more can definitely be done.


some of the professors


The most frustrating thing about the school is the lack of parking on certain days, as there are a lot of concerts, meetings, and events that go on on-campus, and the university reserves some of the best parking for those events rather than for students who pay for a parking permit every year.


Some of the general education courses are useless.


The most frustrating thing about UNLV is the transition from high school standards to college standards. High school really is a joke compared to the bar set for you on the college level. Emphasis from your social life becomes more focused on your education and career. At times it can be frustrating not being able to hang out with your friends as much. The only specific UNLV frustration is traffic on the way to school if you do not live on campus.


paper work processing takes way too long. i turned in a transcript with credits from another college twice, a year and half ago and about 4 months ago, and they are still not in the system that they're taken.


The most frustrating thing academic wise is there are a few really good professors, but there are a lot of really bad ones. Many professors are ethnic, cannot speak english, and have terrible teaching methods. I personally cannot learn in a big classroom enviroment and there are many large classes as well.


The most frustrating part of my school is finding the time to do everything. I am involved in a fraternity, christian fellowship group, work 20 hours a week, and have to do my school work as well. So it is very time consuming.


There's never enough open computers in the library to study on, and most of the people on the computers are just on myspace or checking their email instead of studying.


The fact that it is not a old school so their is not a lot of alumni which means the school needs all the students money to keep going. This makes tuition costs higher for current students.


The most frustrating thing about UNLV is having to walk so far from class to class. The campus is huge and the shuttles do not drop you off close to where you need to be. The parking at UNLV is also terrible.


Prerequisites to get into a class. High standards. I am an average student - C grades. I think I should still be able to fund my education without maintaining a 2.0 or higher GPA. I want to play baseball but because I come from a rural area they don't want to look at me unless they have to fight over me with another school. Even though I have the caliber to play ball.


people that dont want to get involved especially those who are against student organizations.


That there is no school spirit, and no parking


The LACK OF SCHOOL SPIRIT!!! And it being a commuter campus.


Too many people in my classes, and it seems like all the professors have this monotone rude attitude about them. Besides any Art department teachers.


The advisors do not know how to "advise" students. Students must figure everything out for themselves (only the engineers). Also, there are never enough quiet study rooms in the library.


the lack of activities that don't involve going to the strip