University of Nevada-Las Vegas Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would've known the lack of support the school gives to students apon starting here. The staff although friendly are not upto date on certain important facts regarding tuition.


One thing I wish I knew before I got to this school is that it's nothing like High School. Me personally came into this school thinking it would be somewhat similar to the high school atmosphere but it's nothing the same. University of Nevada Las Vegas is more work and more diverse than my high schoo.


Before coming to this school I was unaware that such a large number of students commute. It is really not the full college experience I was hoping for because there are very few students on campus but it is still a good place to get my education.



I wish I would have know the many opportunities that are available at UNLV before I came to school. College is about more then simply attending college. I wish I knew that in order to get the most of your college experience you need to get engaged, active, socialize, and network.


The cost is expensive, especially for out of state students.


Where the best places to park were and the short cuts both in your car and on foot to different parts of the university. Also, that you can take classes for free at the gym.


Where the best places to park were and the short cuts both in your car and on foot to different parts of the university. Also, that you can take classes for free at the gym.


I wish I had known that there were many organizations to join as well as other active activities to take part in. As a freshman in college, I was not aware that there were multiple opportunities to be apart of the college diversity.


I wish I had known how fun it would be. I had no idea that there were so many things to do and activities to get involved in. I thought I would just study, go to class, and go home, but the students and faculty really make an effort to make sure there are opportunities for other students to get involved on campus. They are always reaching out to others. If I had known how friendly everyone would be, I would have planned for more time to become more involved in campus activities.


I wished they had more information about some of the courses that they are offering.


I wish that I knew how big the school really is and how many students are going in the campus because of the parking.


I wish I had known how certain people do not respond to issues in a timely matter.


I wish I knew how expensive college is before I started. I should have applied for more scholarships, it would be helping my family and I now if i did. I applied for so many, but I only recieved two scholarships. My parents are paying for my education out of their pocket and they have taken out a loan. My scholarship money is only helping a little on college costs. Before I came to this school I wish someone would have told me how expensive it is.


I really would have like to know how similar college classes are to high school classes. Much of the material that is covered in college classes are basically a repeat of what we learned in high school, just as a faster pace, and even still the pace is not as bad as people make it seem, it just takes time to get use to. If I would have known this I would have been more willing to take college classes as early as high school in order to avoid repeating things I have already learned.


I wish I knew how competitive the nursing program could be, I was not aware that the process of selecting nursing students could come down to a fraction of a point. I have come so close to being accepted for two semesters in a row, only to be told that I had to reapply. I was counting on this program to start my career however they changed the testing process halfway through my education process and made it easier for some students than others. The testing process has not been fair and that has been disappointing.


I wish I had not been so lazy when beggining college. I wish I signed up for more classes than just the minimum. I also wish that I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life so I did not waste money on classes I didn't need.


Before I came to UNLV, I wish that I knew that everyone on campus make the school much greater than what UNLV is given credit for. UNLV is a great school that has a great and helpful faculty, there are many opportunities such as clubs and orgainizations that students can join, and also that the school is very serious about helping students graduate with their degrees. UNLV is a much greater school than what others say it is to be.


I wished I had known exactly what I was getting into. When attending any university, it's best to know that studying is your best friend. Depending on the certain disipline you are majoring in, it's important to work hard and focus on your education. College is nothing like k-12 education. In college, you have to learn, not just memorize.


I wish i would have known that everything has a fee for something. In the music department you have to purchase a 50 dollor card to use the practice room, get a music locker, and get a piano pay a piano player for voice lessions. This is my first semester because I'm a transfer student, and everything else is good about my school, except for that.


I wish I had known that being in a fraternity was more than just a party life style. Many people tend to stereotype students who join a fraternity but they do more then get into mischief all day. They actually help you with school, encourage you to prosper, and believe in you. Moving to a new state was difficult for me due to the change of population and culture, so rushing a fraternity aided in my change of lifestyle. I believe it's nice to know that there are people you can relate to and call your brothers.


I wish i would have known how difficult attending a unuversity can be. You definitely need to have good study habits to do good. Otherwise it will be difficult for anyone to be prepared for tests who dont know or have good study habits.


The answers to every test I've taken up until this point! ... Just kidding! The only thing I really wish I had known is how much you get back from the work you put into learning. Leaving high school, I was entirely disallusioned with the educational system in las vegas. The teachers were terrible and the classes were nothing but busy work. I coasted through most of highschool and had completely forgot the importance of actual learning. Needless to say, this was a terrible mindset to bring along to college.


I wish I would have had more information about what offices I needed to contact for the task I was trying to complete. For example: I would call registrar for some help on a schedule issue and I would get bounced around to the department in which I was trying to get into, and then the department would transfer me back to the registrar. It seems as if not everyone is on the same page sometimes. Have patients and you will eventually figure out who you really need to talk to.


i wish i knew that there were advisors and how helpful they were


Student life is lacking.


I wish I had known that it was not a traditional university. At the time, that is what I was really looking for. I wanted the old age university with a century of comroderie. My school was more modern and in the developmental stages of traditions. I was great that I had a part in that, but I really wanted the traditional school experience. I also wish that I had known that it was not considered to be a preferred school for and engineering degree.


I wish I would have known that you really can not put studying off to the end like you typically could in high school.


I wish i had known what career path i wanted to take, or even the right way i should take classes or sign up to them.


Before I came to this school, I wish that I would have known how much of a challenge it was going to be to fit in since I am from a different area and I know no body that went to this school. Also, I wish that I would have known that I would have to struggle in my classes because of how the teachers taught. Had I known these things, I wouldn't have attended this school to begin with.


How to approach people easily in order to make friends.


I wish I knew how truly big the campus was so I could've bought me a scooter or moped to get around faster.


That I wasn't going to be able to get aid.


Nothing really. I felt that I got along fine, and had my first taste of what life would be like on my own.


that the college was more about money and making the college look good to others who put money into the school than what the students need


The weather fluxuation. In the summer, it is extremely hot, and in the winter it is cold with blistering winds.




I did my research well so there was nothing I wasn't aware of.


How much the city can be a negative influence if you let it. If you stick to the community on campus it is less likely that you will be distracted by the 24 hour party scene of Las Vegas-the entertainment capital of the world!


That students didn't care about campus, about the world. That students here don't have time to make friends. That Christians and Mormons run the school along with Greeks. That diversity is a foreign concept.




I would've switched to History immediately because there are a dearth of practical courses offered for Criminal Justice.


That I shouldnt have come here with a boyfriend.


A better financial aid pland and better advisors/teachers


not sure


I wish I would have known different techniques on how to study and comprehend material.


How far the parking lot is from classes!