University of Nevada-Reno Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school is incredibly creative and spontaneous.


A great place to make something of yourself.


UNR is a good school that for some reason lacks true school spirit.


The campus is beautiful and makes you feel right at home no matter how near or far you are from home.


The University of Nevada, Reno is a great school to get a degree, there is a lot of quality professors here and the learning facilities are in excellent condition, allowing students to get the most out of their educational experience here at the university.


The University of Nevada lives up to its slogan: "One Community, One Pack."


My school drives to allow the best education students can achieve.


My school is filled with many motivated professors, fun, outgoing, easy to talk to people, and has many activities and events that anyone can join or attend to.


The University of Nevada Reno is desirable and beneficial for all career goals.


I am a hard working, passionate individual who loves to learn and try new things.


The University of Nevada, Reno (also referred to as University of Nevada, UNR, or simply Nevada), is a teaching and research university established in 1874 and located in Reno, Nevada, USA. It is the land grant institution for the state of Nevada. The campus is home to the large-scale structures laboratory in the College of Engineering, which has put Nevada researchers at the forefront nationally in a wide range of seismological and large-scale structures testing and modeling.


My school is a place where people go to grow, to learn, and to meet new people that they would have never met before.


UNR is a medium-sized school with all the benefits (i.e. programs, facilities, faculty, research, etc.) of a major institution. UNR's intensive coursework brings students together, making them enthusiastic about what they're learning and where they're headed in life.


The University of Nevada, Reno is the oldest university in the state of Nevada, and yet is one of the most advanced, admirable, and even inspiring university that can produce some of the best years of college in a young students life, with its beauty of the campus, and its technology in the individual colleges.


My school is not only athletically talented but there are many hard working students here that are constantly being challenged with their knowledge as well as the school successfully progresses to keep expanding our minds for our benefit.


Sierra College is an institution that prepares one like me to be the best possible transfer student to the University of Nevada at Reno, and represent proudly where i came from.


The University of Nevada-Reno is not only a school, but a home for all individuals who love knowledge, students and professors alike; the university is a home for a wide range of diverse knowledge seekers who aspire to better the world, as well as themselves, with their respective degrees.


The University of Nevada, Reno is a satisfactory school with spirited, diverse students and staff that has something different to offer to everyone along with a generally gratifying experience.


My school is one pack, one community, one family that keeps the engine running and all of our wolves in line.


My dependable home, the place that eased my stress.


involved, spirtited, active, and fun.


It is challenging, rewarding, fustrating and fun.


UNR is a tight-knit, college community with lots of clubs, organizations and events that are both academically and socially focused.


The University of Nevada is an academic institution founded in over a century of heritage, having been seated in the City of Reno since before the turn of the 20th Century; as such, it is a gem for the intellectual mind of the rural Nevadan, adorned by views of the colorful cityscape and the Sierra Nevada Mountains.


This school is very friendly including the students and staff.


The University of Nevada-Reno is a very beautiful built school. This school's layout and environment is so beautiful and is easy to navigate through. The campus is grassy with beautiful big trees for shading. Inside the buildings host classes of many different subjects, and the classroom sizing is perfect for each class you take.


My school is an amazing place to strive to be a better person and to better your lives.


Nevada is a tight-knit wolf pack that supports each other 100 percent, from the diversity of clubs it offers to the professors that teach our classrooms.


A beautifully architectured school where students are heavily encouraged to particapte and succeed.


Nice campus and lots of activities.


Beautiful campus with a great student body.


The University of Nevada offers everything an undergraduate could wish for, including challenging courses, excellent professors, and professional career fairs.


Nevada is sports, fraternities, classes all mixed together.


Always reaching for the greatness in all things be it students, teachers, classes, buildings, or sports.


My school is a melting pot of various ethnicities, cultures, beliefs, and strives to provide every person with an opportunity for higher education while allowing the individual to grow in any way substantially.


The University of Nevada, Reno has diverse programs, athletics, colleges, activities, clubs, and social events!


The campus is very pretty, and the classes are great.


The University of Nevada, Reno encourages students to relate subject matter to their personal experiences; thereby providing a unique approach to learning that has allowed us to learn material from our own perspectives and from those of others.


It is Nevada!


The University of Nevada Reno is in my opinion the best school in the state of Nevada, as soon as I started here I felt as home due to the gorgeous campus, friendly people, and all of the resources and help I could possibly need.


There is an atmosphere of community to the entire campus where every one helps every else.


Exciting and welcoming.


UNR has a beautiful campus. The "old" school is still alive and breathing while the new world has moved in. The state of the art buildings have much to offer and at the same time any student will feel comfortable in any place on campus.


My school is spirited and lively but not the friendliest people attend this school.


The University of Nevada, Reno is a small, public school with some strong departments, some weak departments, and dwindling financial resources.


This school is a progressive institution that allows students to work at their own pace and in their own interest to better themselves and their future.


My school is academically challenging, which is a grat thing; it also encourages social diversity and has more than enough school spirit.


The campus is beautiful, the professors are helpful; make it worth your while and do your work.


University of Reno, Nv is a great school to learn, make friends, and great connections: while having great acces to hiking, skiing snowboarding, mountain biking, and many other outdoor activities!


My school is relaxed.