University of Nevada-Reno Top Questions

Describe how University of Nevada-Reno looks to someone who's never seen it.


A place of learning with a strong sense and pride of community where there are always fun activities to enjoy.


The University of Nevada is one of the best universities in the country not only because of the breathtaking landscape but becuase of the enormous amount undergraduate degree programs that are offered, clubs, volunteer organizations, and research opportunities.


I really do enjoy this school! This school has a very good business program. Of course school can always get stressful but that will be at any college you go to. I definitely recommend this scool, especially because of the social life. People are very welcoming and friendly here. It is very rare when you find someone who isn't willing to help you out if you are lost or confused. Teachers here can be very helpful if you get the right ones. I hope everyone has the same experience I am having while attending this lovely college.


The University of Nevada offers students excellent opportunities for success and learning in school, as well as a strong spirited community and rich social life.


UNR has a beautiful campus.


University of Nevada-Reno is an exceptional school that offers a wide variety of majors while still allotting time for fun and social activities and it has thoroughly welcomed me in as a member of the wolf pack.


Located in the "smallest big city", The University of Reno opens up a new experience for people who transfer from all over the country, to succeed in their educational goals in a diverse community and enjoy the city life that offers many job oppurtunities for all majors.


The University of Nevada-Reno is a striking university, with beautiful scenery and experienced instructors that care for their students.


UNR is large enough to accommodate any educational goal, and small enough to accommodate individual needs.


I have not started school yet.