University of Nevada-Reno Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are driven, school prided, hard working future leaders.


My classmates are diverse in every way, physical and mental.


My engineering classmates are some of the most organized, hard working, and diligent students I have ever worked with; they devote passion and deep insight into everything they do, inside and outside of school.


So far, everyone that I've met has been really friendly, and the student are here because they want to be, not just to party


My classmates are attentive and active during class, asking questions and participating.


the majority of them are professionals in various fields of business, engineering and non-profit organizations. They have chosen MBA program to either promote or find better jobs


My classmates were very friendly and good to work with.


Attentive students who are open to helping each other succeed.


My classmates are silly, serious, supportive, hard working, and my best friends.


Very attentive,ready to learn and focused. People are in class because they want to be there


Cocky and self-ritious


My classmates are a diverse group of indviduals who make the school feel welcoming and connected.


My classmates are a variety of people. There are those who spend all their free time studying and trying to get the A. While there are those who are in allof the clubs they could fit into their schedule. Some spend more time drinking and partying to show up to class. And some exhibit the behaviors of an average student. Studying when they need to, but also are involved and have some fun every now and then. But one things for sure, the majority of the students are enthusiastic with school spirirt.


My classmates are very driven individuals.


I have not started school yet.


My classmates are hardworking and helpful.


Diverse, accepting, enthusiastic, and loyal students. We love our school and have a lot of pride for our university and our community.


Sponges waiting to be inspired.


My classmates are smart and bright individuals who have a strong desire and focus on achieving their goals. They work hard and study hard in order to grasp the most knowledge that they can.


Classmates here are extremely diverse, there are social groups for every race, culture, sub culture, age range, whatever, and all intermingle pretty successfully.


THe students at UNR are mostly very kind and hard-working. I have met many intelligent classmates, and have made a lot of friends as a transfer student. I have really enjoyed UNR thus far.


They are very friendly.


The students in my particular classes are usually smart konw-it-alls.


My class mates are a mix of personalities, but one thing we have in common , like any college student is we all procrastinate.


Coming into this school you have to remember to have some fun while you are in college. You should get involved in clubs or even Greek life. The important thing is to have a support system and be happy. Now, this is not a student telling you to blow off school all together. Study hard and go to all your classes. You will succeed as long as you work hard and play harder.


Most of my classmates are dedicated and respectful to others.


I’m in the Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Program; as such, most of my classmates are knowledgeable, critical and focused on achieving success in the fields they are perusing, which is congruous with my goals of protecting biodiversity and preserving wildlife - and in order to do this, my classmates and I have to take classes such as Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, Statistics, Ecology and Natural Resources. I believe my classmates in this department are far more knowledgable in comparision to other departments.


Willing to help and take every opportunity to participate in class and try their best, while being well behaved by showing respect to their professors as well as the ideas and opinions of their fellow classmates.


The students in my classes are motivated and career oriented. The students take pride both in the classroom and within the social aspect of the University as well. There are over 200 clubs and organizations created by students that display the passion students have for their respective hobbies, beliefs, and career goals. This abundance of student created clubs displays the motivation of my classmates. My classmates are people who want to get involved on campus, prepare for their futures, and make a difference in the world.


There's a large variety of people who are my classmates, so I will say some are nice, smart, and eager to learn while others end up dropping out of the class.


My classmates are from many different ethnic and racial backrounds, all of the people I have come into contact with on campus were really friendly and helpful.


My classmates are interesting, smart and hard-working. They usually enjoy forming study groups and utilizing any type of extra help given by professors. They help challenge me to be a better student and learn more.


My classmates are open minded, intelligent, knowledge seeking human beings; paying out of their own pockets to be even more well rounded persons.


My class had passion to learn, set-out in the world and make a difference.


Friendly and accedemically focused.


Very eager to learn but tired and looking for a break at times while still trying to do their best.


Everyone keeps to themselves mostly unless we have to work together for projects.


My classmates are fun-loving, outgoing, and good communicaters.


My classmates i have at Sierra College are those around me that are always willing to help me out. They are caring, loving, and always ready to laugh. My classmates are those that want to learn, grow, and acheive their dreams. My classmates are those that use their critical thinking skills to make the best choices in life. My soon to be classmates at the University of nevada at Reno are not classmates at all....they are family, family that i will have for life.


At the University of Nevada, Reno the class sizes range from large to rather small, although the larger classes were often more difficult to have one-on-on interaction with fellow students, interaction with students was still very helpful and often crucial to the learning process.


my classmates are intelligent but slackish


My classmate are critical and sarcastic.; in many of my engineering classes the students are more than willing to work together and uses each other as a resource,


My classmates are very diverse individuals, with a passion for learning.


Very outgoing and sport orientated. Very large emphasis on schoolwork and personal relationships.


My classmates are a mixture of determined, easy going, fun individuals who aim to continue their education in order to be productive contributing citizens of society especially on campus and in their communities.


My classmates are prideful, dedicated to both their studies, and making the most of the college experience.


My classmates are the most amazing people I know they are brilliant in their own way and make coming to class that much more fun. Any grievances that we may have are shared and we can all come to a perfect solution for the situation.


My classmates are helpful, caring, supportive, practical, knowledgeable, responsible and fun.


My classmates have ranged from our athletic superstars to internationals, middle-aged, and married students.


My classmates are down-to-earth.