University of Nevada-Reno Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The university of Nevada, Reno is known for splenty of things. First, their science/ medicine program is famous and exclusive to those that strive to be in the medical field some day. Second, the school spirit is outstanding. Every student on campus displays themselves with UNR gear from head to toe. At Football games, the student section is packed with rowdy people, jumping around and cheering for their school.


My school is best known for the "March to the Arch" during Homecoming. Many organizations get involved to create a parade that begins downtown and walks through our "Reno" arch. Many people from the community come out to participate or watch the parade. This is a university town, meaning that many people sponsor and support our university.


I would say the schools medical program. University of Nevada, Reno's a top competitor with their Division of Health Sciences department.


Do not give, keep doing the right things


UNR has an excellent undergraduate Journalism program as well as a flexible masters degree program for working individuals.


The University of Nevada-Reno is best known for being a diamond in the rough. It is a tier one university, for half the cost (yes even out of state tuition) than schools in, say, California (for in-state tuition). The Geology and Minineral/Mining Engieneering Departments and Programs are well=-respected throughout the United States, as is the MBA program.


To me, the school is best known for our football athletic program and our medical school.


Research in earth movement, geology, business, nursing, and football.


this school is best known for there engineering and journalism school.


The University of Nevada, Reno is best known for our inspiring and all-year-round beautiful campus. We are also very active and supportive and come together as a school for many events especially football games, free concerts, art shows, and many other fun events.


I think this school is best known for its football especially since Collin Kapaernick went the Superbowl it has given our school a lot more publicity.


The community of academic and social interaction that can be summed up as "pack pride."


Our school is best known for our business and science programs. In a city where it has a lot of distractions, the reputation and academics at UNR is still up to par.


My school is best known for football and being the first university in Nevada.


I think UNR is known for several different things, but one that stands out to me personally is its commitment to each of the programs that it has for each major. UNR does an amazing job hiring teachers who are passionate and are absolutely there to see students succeed. So far, every class I have had in regards to my major (social work), has made me only more passionate to jump into learning more into the subject and the career itself. I honestly couldn't ask for a better way to be educated, than by these passionate people.


The College of Business is raked in the top five percent in the country. There are great professors here on campus. Also, the University of Nevada, Reno is a land grant school. Also, football and basketball. There have been a few recent graduates who are now playing professional sports.


University of Nevada, Reno is known for its ability to keep focused as well as its overall drive for success. At our school, students push through schoolwork so they can enjoy their weekends either snowboarding at one of our many ski resorts or visiting our beautiful Lake Tahoe. Although we have a strong work ethic, we know when to relax and enjoy life to its fullest here in Reno.


I was personally attracted to the University of Nevada-Reno because of their excellent School of Journalism. There have been several Pulizter Prizes awarded to graduates of Reynolds School of Journalism. I hope after I graduate I can add to their great merit of academia with my own success in the field of Communications and Journalism.


The University of Nevada, Reno is becoming more known for its Engineering department, primarily its Civil Engineering department, and also for Medical school. Both of these colleges within our school have received new laboratory equipment and buildings for students to utilize. Our seismology lab is internationally recognized due to our research using multiple 'shake tables' which show accurate effects on structures from earthquake activity. The north end of campus has been recently transformed into a beautiful medical school center with the latest of technology. My school is also known for its school pride sense of community within the campus.


Our University has an outstanding athletic program and great oppertunities for students to get involved in the school community. Our football team is very highly ranked and the university as a whole has a great atmosphere for students to be a part of sports. Even if you're not an athlete there is a real comradre between athletes and students and both are always supporting the other. The university of Nevada, Reno offers a real sense of community that has many oppertunities for students.


Being located in Reno, we are known for being a party campus in a party town. The Nevada Wolfpack is known on a national scale for a few reasons. Our football and basketball teams have had a decent amount of success and our mascot Wolfie Jr. won Capitol One's mascot of the year in 2011. Our engineering and business programs are nationally recognized, particularly mining engineering, and the nursing and medical programs are also excellent. The quality of this school is underrated and overlooked by most, but is really an excellent university to attend.


it has the bigest labratory in the field of Civil Engineering-Structural in US.


I believe our school is best known for its Criminal Justice School. It also has a very good Medical School that is widely known.


The Engineering deparment is among the best of the best in the country, I believe the Civil Engineering department is in the top 25 in the nation. It's hard to answer this question because I attend UNR, so I do not know what the rest of the nation thinks of the university.


The University of Nevada, Reno is best known for its science programs and research.


Mackay School of Earth Sciences and Engineering and the Anthropology/Archaeology program.


Nevada is a college that thrives in not just one area, but many. The Nevada school of medicine ranks among the top 100 in the country at number 92. They have a extremly competitive nursing program that attracts people from all over the country. In additon, the College of Engineering is ranked at 138 in the nation, making Nevada diverse in many aspects of academics. In athletics, Neavda competes ompetitively at the NCAA Division 1 level. Nevada also has state of the art facilities. The Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center is one of the most technologically advanced libraries in the country.


The University of Nevada-Reno is a prideful wolf pack of enthusiastic students! It is one of the oldest most prestigious universities in Nevada on a beautiful campus. Students take great pride in representing it by getting involved, supporting sporting events, and studying hard together in the Knowledge Center. It is an acedemic expert in seismology, geology, geodesy and civil engineering but has many colleges and schools offered: Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources; Business; Education; Engineering; Journalism; Liberal Arts; Medicine; Graduate School; and the Division of Health Sciences.


Our football team and our academics. During my years at UNR our football team was nationally ranked, which was very exciting. It brought the entire community together and we are stronger for it. Also, our academics are amazing. I have had some of the best professors I could have ever hoped for. They have made me passionate about my future career.


My school is best known for the pride and involvement that comes from all the students that attend. We are known for all our great sports, including football, and the great educational opportunities, including the medical programs and studying abroad. The university is also known for it's historic beautiful, historic, brick buildings and excellent location next to Lake Tahoe and the mountains that surround the campus. It is known for the experience of meeting new people and giving students the chance to grow and be successful in college.


My school is best known for our athletics as well as our academics. We are also known as a school located near the mountains with a beautiful and breathtaking view of our regal mountains The school is also located in a friendly city that is currently reconstructing highways as well as new residency halls for the University.


To the common public that never attended the University of Nevada, the more common things heard about are the sports and tradtions. To those who haven't attended or worked at the University, they see the wins and fails of our popular sport teams. Our mascot Wolfie just won the Capitol One Mascot Challenge and was a great fight for my team. My Cheer team is very close with the mascots and we are very proud of them. If a person was once a wolf pack, the school would be best known for the friendships, spirit, and memories created there.


My school is bet known for being a technical college, most of the people i have talked to are either engineering majors or biochemistry,


football games and drinking.


Our school spirit. The majority of the time on campus you will see everyone wearing school based clothing. We have a great campus life with constant events going on for students. Campus life at UNR is probably one of the things that i enjoy the most about this school. it is so easy to make friends and join many clubs/greek comm. Everyone is just friendly and open minded and always willing to help. We take pride in being a wolf pack.


Univeristy of Nevada-Reno apparently has an amazing School of Journalism that is renowned nation wide. However since this recently renuvated college has no influence on my major in Biochemistry, I would say that we are best known for our School of Medicine. Millions of dollars have just been put into the School of Medicine in Reno making it one of the most technoligically advanced medcal schools in the country. Either one of these options, School of Journalism or Medicine, is well known, but since I am pre-med, I am biased towards the School of Medicine.


For its number of graduating and successful students.


I believe our school is best known for its history and continuing legacy. The university orginally started out in Elko, Nevada in 1874. After seeing that Reno was the booming down the university moved to Reno and built the first building on campus Moral Hall in 1886. We also have to oldest running resident hall west of the Mississippi, Lincoln Hall a boys only resident hall which was built in 1896. Manzanita Hall was also built in 1896 an all girls resident hall, it is also still being used. Our legacy continues through our brillant students and highly educated staff.


I believe our school is best known for athletics, and the science researches.


We have nationally known experts in seismology, geology, geodesy and civil engineering, the University is also home to one of the largest earthquake-simulation labs. The Master of Business Administration degree program is ranked in the top 20 nationally by BusinessWeek magazine and also one of the most affordable. We have a pretty successful football team. We're the seventeenth in the national rankings, and the football team is tenth in graduation rates among the top 25-ranked teams in the nation. Our natural resources make for a perfect "playground" for research: mining, the lake, the desert, developing wind energy.


For the best science papers to be published. the science department at University of Nevada Reno has had a lot of student work get published and shared world wide. the teachers push not only your knowledge of the subject but also their own.


I school this year is being put in the spotlight for our amazing football team and our rivalry against the University of Nevada Las Vegas.


Academically, University of Nevada, Reno is best known for engineering and mining. However, the journalism program is rated highly in the nation, as well as nursing. The surrounding area of the university is ideal for skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and other outdoor activities. Also there is a lively social scene downtown. There is always a lot going on around campus. We have an excellent new library and student union of incredible quality.


Our school is best known for beer pong competitions. And studying.


Being the better of the two schools in Nevada.


UNR is best known for its sciences and journalism school.


The University of Nevada, Reno is best known for it's beautiful campus and being the first University in the state of Nevada. The quad is beautiful and history of the university is remarkable. New buildings have been placed within the campus and have added a great deal to the university and its standings.


Wolf pack football and Engineering and Scientific Research.


Nursing program, Engineering and Mining programs, Sprots teams (particularly Football and Basketball teams), Business and Education programs, Art and Music programs.


engineering and mining