University of Nevada-Reno Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I love the University of Nevada - Reno. It is an amazing school that doesn't get enough credit!


This University is incredibly big. Some of the building are old, and the elevators are scary, so watch out, you will probably see one sooner or later. The bathrooms are cleans i should say. In my opinion, some of the teachers are boring, so dont fall asleep.


UNR is a really cool campus. It's both old and modern at the same time. The knowledge center (aka the library) is AMAZING! The tuition is pretty cheap, even if you're an out of state student! I'm happy.


Recently, UNR has received a lot of press due to budget cuts that closed program and cut back on services. Please don't let this information deter you from considering UNR as a school choice. UNR is large enough to have access to services such as athletic facities with a swimming pool, counseling services, tutoring services, athletic programming, lots of food choices on campus & an on campus movie theater. The University has a new library with extended hours and lots of access to computers and quiet study areas. We are not a college town, but UNR is just walking distance from iconic Downtown Reno with pleanty of available entertainment opportunities. The casinos regularly host live entertainment.