University of Nevada-Reno Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The University of Nevada, Reno should be attended by students that are eager to learn and willing to work hard for their goals. Prospective students of the university should take the oppurtunity to attend a national Tier One university, that has many phenomenal oppurtunites for every area of study. A driven student that has school pride and a good work ethic, that would like to have oppurtunity to go for in their education, should attend this university.


Anyone looking for a great, comprehensive college experience should go to the University of Nevada. The campus is GORGEOUS, there's plenty to do, and-for the most part-the professors are great. Plus it's a lot cheaper than many other universities.


If you love waking up to a foot a snow the last day of finals fall semester. The quite calm during the snowstorm honing your knowledge, while the beauty of the brick buildings, reminiscent of an east coast Ivy League university, relinquishes your nerves before the onset of an exam. The University of Nevada is a place for people who are motivated yet not egocentric, who like access to a city life but the ability to escape it to the desert or the mountains. Attending school here is not only about the education but also about the life style.


Someone who is a California/Nevada resident who cannot afford expensive California schools. Someone who maybe likes to ski, snowboard; someone who has hopes of attending medical school; someone who does not mind cold, snowy weather


The kind of person who should attend this school is someone who is serious about looking for a career in doing what they enjoy. They should be people who are willing to help others who are struggling with material in class.


Someone who wants to be surrounded by the most helpful and friendly people you will meet, while doing their best to succeed in every possibly way.


Someone who is focused on pursuing a career path to better their future. A person who is academically responsible and determined to succeed at an institution of higher learning. Someone who is looking to improve themselves in a craft and as an individual.


Someone who wants to go to a good college but doesn't want to spend tens of thousands on a private institution. Someone interested in the sciences would benefit from going here.


A nevada residence who can receive up to seventy-two percent off of the tuition, Furthermore, they have a top tier medical program which greatly increases the chances of being accepted by attending all four years to the same university. In addition, University of Nevada, Reno will allow the highest level of achievement for any who strive for it.


A living one


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who is highly motivated toward success and someone who enjoys a fun and quite campus life.


People who want to get a quality education at a reasonable price should go to UNR. I was accepted to more prestigious schools, like UC Irvine and California Polytechnic, turned them down for UNR, and am extremely glad I did. The out-of-state expenses for UNR are less than the in-state expenses for many California colleges, and UNR is actually a pretty good school, academics-wise.


one who is diverse, and is into school spirit


This is an ideal university for almost anyone, as it is highly diverse in its student body and faculty. The city offers great locally owned businesses for shopping and dining, and during the winter season the mountains are only a stone's throw away for skiing, snowboarding, and lodging. Deals are often offered around town and at the slopes for college students, making life easier and more affordable!


One who enjoys the outdoors. It is a closed campus so youn spent a lot of time walking to and from classes through the beautiful buildings and quads. If you are interested in a difficult degree, this school offers you a difficult schedule that prepares you well for your future goals.


I think that the people that should attend here are hard-working students that are also fun seekers. It is a good place to study because it is a tier one institute so it is high ranking but it also takes hard work. I think the people should be fun seeking because that is what college is about other than studies. You go to have fun at the same time and UNR is perfect for that. It is a great place to have fun while you are working hard towards a degree.


The kind of person who should attend UNR is someone who wants to experience an education surrounded by beautiful mountains, lakes, and all four seasons. Lliving in Reno, NV never gets boring. There are activities all year round in an environment that is modern with a small town feeling, and a great sense of community. UNR has been around since 1874 and its roots are deep. School pride exists at UNR. Being a part of the Wolf Pack is taken very seriously and is a alma mater that is recognized and respected, especially in the western United States.


The best person to attend the University of Nevada would be an extremely spirited student who enjoys the outdoors; I feel this person would first appreciate the landscape and scenery surrounding the school enough to make the best of his or her time out of class by participating in something healthy and active and then fall in love with the campus and surrounding community because of the intense amount of spirit seen in students and Reno as a whole.


I think UNR is so big and diverse that everyone could attend and find their place of belonging.


An ambitious person that knows what he wants in life should attend this school. There are some distractions in the town and on campus that can deter a student into being his/her best-verion of themself. A strong-minded and willed person would be the best kind of student to go here. People who like to socialize would also enjoy it here because of the big party-scene Reno offers here and the many activities it has to offer.


Someone who likes the outdoors. Someone who enjoys relatively good student to teacher ratios and is willing to participate in on-campus events and get involved with clubs and orgs.


Anyone that wants to be a part of one of the world's greatest engineering programs.


Anyone who is ready to work hard and show up to class everyday. This university is very demanding and it will get the better of you if you do not put in the work.


A student attending this school should be highly motivated to get work done and have school spirit to value and support the campus as a whole. There are no lone wolfs in the Wolf Pack, we all struggle and we all succeed as a group. We have a diverse culture, and students from all backgrounds are welcomed and respected at University of Nevada, Reno. This university is for you if you care about your education and college experience.


Sudents that love nature. There is a ton of extracurricular activities that have to do with nature for students in their down time. Students that are friendly because UNR has a very cohesive atmosphere.


All types of people, the campus is beautiful and lots of fun.


People that want a high education should attend this school. It is a great school and there is so many opertunities. Anybody and everybody should come to this school. You will feel welcome it is a very diverse campus.


A focused, self reliant go-getter, who is capable of achieving his/or her goals, given the proper resources.


Someone who is committed, dilligent, strong, head on right ,timely, passionate about what they want, consistent, persistent, ambitious, active, mature, tenacious, productive and adamant about school. A person should also attend this school who is in the game to win even if they face curves and fail a few times. UNR is known for excellence in academics and athletics. They also have an abundance of clubs and organizations for students to get involved in. So if a person attends this school they should be serious about school, school work, and what field of study they are pursuing after.


Reno itself has little to offer unless you are a member of the greek life, which exists in its own microcosm. Surrounding Reno is desert playground for ATV enthusiasts, as well as Lake Tahoe, which is a haven for college students on holiday or between semesters. In the winter there are numerous ski parks to visit in the mountains. A lover of the outdoors will find enough to do in their free time. The school tends to attract sports fans and the campus thrives from sporting events, so an interest in school sports will be sated.


The students who attend the University of Nevada, Reno should be students who care about their future and the future of their community. They should have a drive to make a difference and help one another. UNR is a community in itself full of students and teachers with a passion for education.


inteligent students.


A student that should attend this university should enjoy a city life on a small scale and like being active with the community on campus. Football and basketball are popular events that eveyone goes to. Those who wish to slide by in college are able to do so in liberal arts areas, whereas the sciences and math is much harder in terms of effort.


Someone who likes outdoor activties. I was partially raised in las vegas for my teen years and but was born and raised in East Africa (Ethiopia), so I was able to adapt to any situation and have fun. Reno is not for the city minded people. It's very serne and definetly promotes a study atmoshpere. There isn't much distraction from the community excepet for the millions of events that are put on for every type of person by the student government and event planning committes around campus!


UNR is a school for everyone! While attending the university I met students from around the world, locals and even members from my high school graduating class. If you know what you want to do, great UNR has the degree offered; If your undeclared thats okay too, you will find it.


Even though I mentioned that it would be a difficult transition for minority students to attend, I would recommend this school to them because the Univeristy needs them as well. If more students of different backgrounds with a diverse scope of knowledge attend, they will increse the diversity that this University lacks. Throughout the years more and more resources are available to minority students who are struggling to adjust to a University environment.


The type of person that should attend this school should be someone who is serious about their studies and who is determined to graduate. The UNR populous is very diverse, and making friends is hard to come by. If you are friendly, outgoing, and like the challenge of making friends, come aboard! The dorm life is just for you if you are looking to make friends while going to college, which, believe me, is necessary for college. It is very important to have friends while at school to help keep you sane, especially if you are away from home.


Any student that is hardworking and committed to a four-year education. The largest lectures are not that big compared to the larger schools; they are have 200 students at most. As you advance to the upper-division courses, the classes get smaller to around 30-40 students. There are many buildings around campus that allows a student to study if home is not an option.


A open minded person that enjoys all avenues in life. From out-doors to going downtown our campus is located within mintues of many different experiencs so a person that is open minded and willing to try somthing new and exciting everyday should stop by and come check out our campus.


This is a good school for someone interested in the sciences and social/human studies. Outstanding professors in anthropology, geography, women's studies and history. Athletes have access to a wide variety of programs (skiing, golf, baseball, football, basketball) and the community is very supportive of these sports as well. A student who enjoys the outdoors would do well here also - the local resources are outstanding.


Someone who wants to have a great college experience and do well in school. If they are very focused on school they will love it here. Making friends is also a big part of this school and they will help you along the way in your college experience.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who believes in giving back to their community and someone who can bring a smile. Our campus has such friendly people that if you aren't upbeat and have a positive outlook on life, it might be hard to fit in. UNR has students who look at life positively and it affects everyone. Professors are very knowledgeable about their subjects and make it enjoyable for students. People who have the hunger to learn and enjoy life would definitely be a great fit.


A person who is looking for a school they can feel prideful they are attending for its campus, sports teams, and challenging acedimics. Anyone attending should be passionate about having a college experience: getting an education, making life-long friend, experiencing diversity . The outdoor activities can be refreshing by escaping to the mountains to snowboard or ski, hiking up to the "N" which overlooks the campus, providing a break many students need. Also, greek life is a huge part of campus and someone interested in it would be able to get completely involved.


Any person who is willing to put in hard work and stay focused should attend this school. They are many items available to a student who goes here and they should take advantage of that. A person who is willing to be social and meet new people should go here because you are constantly meeting people in your classes. A prospective student should know how to balance school and fun because you can have both at this school.


The type of person who should attend the University of Nevada-Reno is someone who has their head set on making something of themselves. They should be able to keep up with the hard work and also strive to be a part of such a great university as well. I think a Reno student should also be very independent because you have to be in order to keep up with the advanced academics and resources that are available to you.


A social person that knows how to juggle social life and school would be ideal for this university. We have high school spirit so being involved is the best way to go in order to have fun at this university. Someone that is very studious could fit it perfectly as well.


Students who are motivated to learn, want a medium sized campus, and want a lot of options, from entertainment to food to payment plans. A studious environment is prevalent and encouraged, so studious students are welcomed.


This school is fitting for a person who lives in Nevada who also wants a quality education.


If you're looking for a school big enough to have access to great resources, but small enough to get personalized attention, UNR is for you.


Someone looking to have a good time, but also work hard for their education. Reno is full of opportunities to relax or go on an adventure, but the university demands that students put in effort and try their best.