University of Nevada-Reno Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who needs a lot of free time


The kind of person that should not atttend this university is one who is not focused on acheiving a degree. Those that attend college to party should not come to Reno. The students have to be focused on their school work and maintaining a high GPA.


Any person who is not willing to devote most of their time and effort toward their classes and grades should not attend the University of Nevada, Reno. The classes offered at the university require hard work and a great second effort in order to be successful and understand the material presented. Any person who is not wlling to integrate themselves into their campus and participate in the events that take place should not attend the University of Nevada, Reno. There is always something going on at the university, and it is imperative that students involve themselves in these activities.


Someone who is excited to be in an academic environment - you may not find it here. The school is mostly oriented towards the mining college and the athetics department. They consistently cut funding and dissolve many "low-profit" programs such as foreign languages, arts, and anthropology.


I feel like as long as you want to attend University of Nevada, Reno, you should. If you feel like UNR is not your first choice and you don't want to go here, then I recommend avoiding it because you will be surrounded by students who love and support their school everyday.


People who love multinational environment. Based on my personal experience in UK, UNR students are not coming from different countries


In all honesty, any one could attend this school comfortably as there various differing cliques around campus. There truly is a spot for any individual looking for a new path or wanting to continue on their old social experiences. However, people not accustomed to liberal lifestyles, such as sexual freedoms, drug and alcohol use, less religious influences, and an overall high tolerance in accepting a wide variety of different people would most likely find themselves in frequent, uncomfortable situations. This college and its students accepts any one!


Determine, humble, ablity to learn.


Many people are encouraged to enroll at UNR, but the people who should not attend this school are the ones who do not wish to further their education.


The only kind of person who should not attend the university of Nevada, Reno is the type of person who has no interest in learning. The university can accommodate for virtually any form of major, whether it be a chemical engineering major, a philosophy major or even is a person's major is undecided. The university can accommodate of these majors, but the students themselves have to be willing to take advantage and learn from the universities accommodations. If the student is not willing to learn, then they have no business at the university of Nevada, Reno.


The kind of person who confines themselves to one way of living and cannot tolerate those who differ from them would not like the diversity present.


Honestly, this school is pretty much perfect for any kind of person. This school is very diverse, you will definately be able to find a group of people that you can relate with. The only downside is that in the winter it can get cold, so if you don't like the cold, then the area probably isn't for you. Other than that, there are plenty of things to do here so its a great school for pretty much any kind of person.


I would say anyone who doesnt like going to school with a lot of people. The class sizes can be really large.


I believe that anyone who genuinely wants to attend college and to pursue a degree could attend UNR. You shouldn't attend any college, and especially one as committed to education as UNR, if you are only interested in partying and having the "college experience." Going to college is a serious committment, and you need to treat it as such. Those who are unmotivated and uniterested should not attend; there are those that desire nothing more than to be in college, and their experience and learning is diminished by people who don't want to be there.


Any person who can not find the determination to finish what they have started. Attending this school, or any school for that matter, will be a likely waste of time and money.


Although UNR offers many programs and opportunities to fit any type of student, I would say a student who isn't passionate about their major and committed to their academics, should apply elsewhere. The professors really challenge each student and expect a lot from them. They have a passion for teaching and expect the students to have that same passion for what they are learning. I am encouraged by their enthusiasm to teach and it makes me want to work harder, a quality that all UNR students should have.


I would not dream of offering subjective restrictions on a potential student. Any student who feels so inclined should consider this school.


For as costly as this school is and the large amount of students that attend this school, I would advise someone who isn't going to take their education seriously to attend another school. If a person is going to attend this school and all they do is simply party and blow off classes, they are stealing another student's chance to attend this school that wants genuinely wants to obtain an education and would actually take their schooling seriously. Also, with all the money being wasted, that person might as well throw their money in the gutter.


I think anyone has the right to attend this ( or any other) school . However whether they attend or not, it is a personal choice


Someone who should not attend this school would be the type of person who loves the sun and warm weather. Reno is very warm during the summer and the first month of the school year, but during the rest of the school year, the weather gets really cold, windy, cloudy and unpredictable. Also, someone who does not like snow should definitely not attend this school. I have personally realized that weather can affect one's mood, so the type of person who is not too fond of dark, cloudy weather should not attend this school.


The University of Reno is breath taking; it really is the heart of the city, that being said, UNR just isn't the right place for people who are looking for adventure, excitement, and lots of options to keep occupied aside from the university. Reno, "The biggest little city," isn't for those who constantly like to be on the move, who are easily bored by routine, and for those who enjoy the night life of big cities such as: New York and Las Vegas.


The type of people that should not attend UNR are the kind of people who feel they are too good to learn something new or something different from their conventional knowledge. I feel that if a person is close minded and don't want advise and think they know everything, they shouldn't attend any school because their negative learning outlook will distress others that want to learn new things.


People who are unmotivated to go after their dreams. I have seen a few mutual friends fail out because they dont want to walk to class in the cold or wake up early for an 8am class.


I think if someone is not ready for college then, they shouldn't attend any college. It takes dedication to attend a college no matter what level the school is said to be. But to be fair this is a school for anyone looking to seek a higher education and learn about things that will make them a better person in their endeavors.


People who don't like school spirit should not come here. UNR is just overflowing with school spirit everywhere you turn.


Lazy and generally uneducated people should not attend this university. There is alot of work that is fairly difficult. If you are lazy and uneducated you will be unable to complete the work and will fail. Thats alot of money to just but in to flunk out.


A person who is not ready to go to college yet, and a person who doesn't take their school work seriously.


A person who doesn't like the cold, it does snow and is cold.


I think anyone who values education and wants to pursue higher education belongs here at the University of Nevada Reno. You can find so many programs of interest that are offer here and staff in each program are able to help guide you thru any questions. Any student belongs here and for me it was a great university to start and I am proud to be here today.


A person that isn't willing to work hard in order to make their goals a reality shouldn't attend this school. They have to be able to reach out and ask for help when needed in order to make their college experience be as successfull as possible.


Anyone who can not prioritize their time and efforts. There are many fun activities located in and around Reno, so if you cant focus on school and save skiing, snowboarding, hiking, or white water rafting for the weekends. You may run into some trouble here.


There is not a type of person that shouldn't attend UNR. The University has a lot to offer anyone with any variety of interests. If an individual was told to not attend the University I would guess that it was a result of their lack of motivtion. My counter would be one from personal experience. Day to day, from listening to lectures to personal study time, motivation comes to me and continues to exert itself upon my lifestyle. I belive all people can benefit from any ammount of time spent on the University of Nevada, Reno campus.


Lazy and unmotivated people.


I feel as though prospective students should avoid UNR if they are looking to have their hand held. The professors and staff are brilliant, even more so by refusing to treat their classes as anything less than adults entirely responsible for their own affairs. Students applying for the University of Nevada-Reno should be autonomous, studious, and capable of efficiently scheduling their time between classwork, extracurricular responsibilities, and free-time.


I don't know that I would say there is a type of person who shouldnt attend this school. There are so many options for so many different types of people and personalities to fit in. I would say that if you give in to peer pressure, and you are very academically determined that I would not attend this school. People do party, but as long as you know you will be able to stay on track with school you will be fine here. In fact, I believe you will love it!


This school best accomadates a vast majority of students, and it is hard for me to say which student shoudn't attend this school because there is something for everyone.


For me, I really can not judge and say who should or should not attend this school. If an individual feels that they can succeed, and do well, then I would encourage them to do so. I would say never to give up without giving it a chance. Even if a person thinks they might not make it, the only way is to try it out for a semester and try to prove themselves wrong. Personally, I think everyone should have the chance to attend any school they can afford and worked hard to get to. Go for your dreams.


I believe everybody can attend this university because if they are looking to make their lives better and want to expand their knowledge then any university will be fine as long as they are ready learning. It all depends on the person if he or she is willing to further their education because UNR has many different majors and is suited for just about anybody.


The diversity at this school is very limited. Students belonging to minority groups will find it very difficult to cope, due to the lack of resources for students of different cultural backgrounds or economic status.


People who aren't motivated to pursue their education and are only concerned in the "fun" aspects of college should not attend this school.


The type of person that should not attend UNR is someone who is lazy and unwilling to work. Although it's not an Ivy League school, UNR's classes are tough and really get you to think. Only serious students should come here.


I think that someone who is looking for the classic, movie scene "college experience" in which they leave their family to live on a massive campus with masses of new and diverse populations of students who are all very close knit in their own way may not find exactly what they are looking for at UNR


If you're not interested in attending a 4 year college


The type of person who should not attend this school is a person who does not like cold and unpredictable weather. Every day the weather changes and you never know if tomorrow is going to be warm and sunny or if it is going to be snowing and windy. Also, a person who is not taking their education serious should not attend this school. The university gives out a numerous amount of scholarships and having good grades can make attending the school the next year alot easier. School spirit is also important.


Despite having an energetic student body and an active social culture, UNR is certainly not for those who are just looking to 'have a good time' while they're in school. Dedication and academic performance always come first for UNR students/organizations.


I think any kind of person should attend this school. A person looking for a fun social life to go along with thier studies because the UNR campus and community is very fun and always has something going on. There is very strong sense of community at this school and there is a lot of culture and community activites in the surrounding area of Reno. UNR is also is good for someone looking for a good education.


The kind of person that should not attend the University of Nevada, Reno is someone who does not or cannot appreciate the beauty of the campus, cannot recognize the advancements of the structures, buildings, and technology over the years, and cannot take their education seriously, because the University of Nevada, Reno is a place to learn, and to grow.


Those who love living in a big and lively city should not attend UNR because the only thing flash in Reno is the downtown. The city aroun the campus does not offer much enjoyment and variety for entertainment. Reno is very local and the most exciting aspects of Reno are the casinos and shops at the downtown. Many people find Reno to boring, thus making social life a big disappointment.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is the type of person who really loves the big city and isn't much of an outdoors-y type. Reno is driving distance from Lake Tahoe, which is a well known area for all kinds of outdoors activities. There is a small downtown area to Reno, but it is quaint and unlike a large city like New York or Chicago. I would also not advice this school to any one who cannot be in the cold and snow, because there is normally a lot of that!!


I think a person that should not go to the University of Nevada, Reno is someone that doesn't enjoy the outdoors or being involved in the school's activities and sporting events. If you don't like all the seasons of the year (majority of the school year is snowy and chilly) then I would consider a different school. If you aren't going to college to get a good education and be an outstanding student, all the while having fun and getting the true college experience, this college isn't for you. Otherwise anyone can come!