University of Nevada-Reno Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The University of Nevda-Reno is a school that offers a phenomenal higher education, while providing a home for fathomless amounts of diverse individuals. A person attending this university must not only have a desire to learn, but a desire to grow as a person. The immeasurable amount of student activities, both educational and social, allow for each and every individual to blossom in their own way. This university is for those who strive to be a part of something bigger than just a "college". One should not attend this university if not willing to run with the wolves.


This school, most of its majors offered require a lot of effort and time to be dedicated into studies. So, a person who is not diligent or not making effort at all, shouldn't attend this school. Also, please ask questions and attend lectures.


If you are someone who is looking to spend there afternoons relaxing at the beach with their frat brothers or sorority sisters, followed by shopping at lavish and expensive venues, then finishing it up by going to luxurious house parties, then this is not the place for you. The University of Nevada at Reno is an extremely active and outdoorsy school. Lake Tahoe is only a half hour drive away, and is packed full of extreme sports enthusiasts. If you don't like the outdoors, if you don't like everchanging weather systems, don't come to UNR.


If you are looking for a highly metropolitan area with public transportation and high population, this school isn't for you. Its a college community but you should have your own vehicle because, once outside campus, its mostly just another medium sized city.


Art students or students that are not science majors. You risk having your major cut or classes lost or worse instructors.


When coming to the University of Nevada-Reno, its best to come with an open mind and someone that can make the best out of situations. A person who has a strict schedule and who doesn't like random weather changes shouldn't come to this school. The weather makes it hard to get to class at times, and if you don't like walking in the snow then it's best to pick a place with better weather.


People who are not into outdoorsy activities may find themselves with nothing to do on weekends/in their free time.


People who don't like cold weather shouldn't attend UNR because it is cold here for about 8 months of the year.


Individuals who cannot make the big step from highschool work to college papers, tests, and exams.


People who shouldnt attend the University of Nevada are people that are looking for a huge school in a big city.


One who is not determind to work hard and graduate and thinks college is all fun and games.


Someone who does not enjoy cold weather or the snow should not attend this school. Otherwise, I think all students can enjoy the University of Nevada.


A person who is not willing to put in the effort to learn should not attend this school.


A lazy person should definitely stay away from this school because there is a lot of work to do here. I haven't met one lazy person here, male or female, and it's great.


I would say that someone who does not like changing seasons (hot in summer and cold in winter) would not adapt well to the Reno/Tahoe area. Also someone who wants to be at a university that revolves around Greek life would maybe want to consider somewhere with more focus on fraternities and sororities. Reno has a city feel, but it is not a huge city so if a prospective student wants to be in a giant city, Reno probably is not the best choice for that person.


I believe that the University of Nevada, Reno is a school that can accomodate for every kind of person. There is a great diversity among the school that can be hard to find at other universities. Reno provides the city life that many young students crave, but also has a nature lovers side being only an hour from the beautiful Lake Tahoe. The feeling of acceptance I get from UNR is very great. I do not believe that anyone shouldn't attend this school because of the welcoming environment suitable for students of all types.


A person who does not know how to prioritize his/her responsibilities should not attent this school, because slacking off does not earn a person a degree in college. In addition to this people who choose to procrastinate rather than sticking to the task at hand, are less likely to succeed in the kind of challenges that students normally face in attending the university.


Somebody that is looking for extraordinary professors.


Someone that shouldn't attend this school is someone that will not push theirself in their academics. At this school the teachers and professors hold you responsible for anything due in their class without reminders. So a person who is not willing to go the extra mile in classes or are responsible enough will not be successful.


Anyone who does not really care about excelling academically or personally should not attend this school. Anyone who is looking for strictly the college party life and not a healthy balance of studies and personal life should also not attend this school.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone who does not like to see a good future in their hands. This college is very goal oriented and focuses on what needs to be done. Not only does it focus on the goals of students but it also makes sure that the students are having a good time while on the campus. The professors also makes sure that the student is getting the best education that they can recieve.


Our school is very open and welcoming to anyone. We go to great lengths ensuring our student are happy be they ethnically diverse or different in their learning capabilities. We work hard on tearing down any false notions and face discrimination head on in our early required courses; confronting religion, politics, culture and more making sure every student speaks up. We tear down shyness. We have cultural and educational clubs that are open to anyone, we do our best to make everyone welcome and examine what is really important to lead a successful life.


Someone who is used to everything coming easy to them, and someone who isn't willing to put in the time and effort these classes take. Because of the workload and expectations from the teachers, students can't afford to slack off in courses. Also, UNR isn't really a commuter school. It's more of a school for young adults to get involved and make a difference. Therefore, someone who is just going through the motions might think of UNR as too challenging for them.


High acheivers, people who don't like desert or mountains, and people who prefer living in either a very large, or a very small city.


The type of persoon who shouldn't attend this school is someone who isn't prepared to focus entirely on school.


A person who is only going to college for their parents or spouse and not interested in their education themselves. They would not be motivated at this school and would make learning difficult for those that want to succeed in their college career.


don't come if you don't like cold weather


I would say a person that is unwilling to open their mind to ideas or that are outside of their comfort zone should not attend this school. There are many different organizations that are very prominent and visible and tolerance is a must.


Any person who is very conservative, or enjoys coastal life would not really fit in here. Reno is a pretty liberal city and is not too warm during the winter. Also, if you are looking to just coast through school without really trying Reno is not the place for you.


I think people who aren't well prepard to work hard to achieve great thing shouldn't attend this university. Although it is a very fun and welcoming place, people attending UNR work on thier own and do not depend on other people. One has to want to be involved to get the full college effect. It think that it is a very balanced environment and gives one all the tools to succeed.


I think that people should attend any school that they want to pertaining to the career they want to pursue. If someone wants to be a doctor, then they should go to a school that has a good medical program. Same thing goes for lawyers, teachers, and police officers. Everyone can attend the school of their choice. It all just depends on how they choose to do it.


I don't think that there is a person in this world who will not be able to adjust with this school.


Someone who is not serious about graduating because it is a waste of resources.


Everyone should go to anyschool


Anyone who is looking for a high school spirited college or diversity amongst the students. I would say that someone who becomes bored easily.


The type of person who should not attend this school is one who is lacking motivation and enthusiasm. In order to get the best out of a college experience one needs to be involved with their studies and have school spirit as well. If someone is not able to take pride in the institution where they are receiving their education then, in my opinion, they are not as inclined to do well. An individual wants to do well because of the pride that they hold for their school.


Someone who is looking for a college town environment that like a really large city. The school is also not the best, but it's also not the worst.


A person who wants to party a lot and have easy classes.


A person who does not like the outdoors, or the desert and mountains.


The only person that I think that shouldn't attend this University would be somebody who is not motivated or serious about getting an education. Our campus is very diverse and so many people are involved. Diversity is what makes our school special and I would definitly encourage this to all the other Universities out there!


A person who is expecting to get through college easily without having to work hard should not attend this school. UNR has high standards for it's students, and with good reason. The University wants people who are driven, and will go to great lengths to helping that student succeed, so students who are looking for an easy ride or a party school should look elsewhere!


This school is so diverse that there are really no specific kind of person that would not like this school.