University of Nevada-Reno Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I have experienced many different cultures that I wouldn't have in the small town I grew up in. I got to experience my first "real Fall season", as Reno's campus has many beautiful trees that give the air a sense of zen.


I've met a lot of new people and learned a lot!


When an individual endures an event in their life they will label it one of two things: a crisis or triumph. When they triumph over a mental or physical obstacle, they are immediately filled with joy and they feel that whatever the just endured was an accomplishment. When they fall into a crisis, the only way to turn is into the negative outlook of the matter and most individuals can only look down. After the event is when the individual will realize that every single experience they go through is a milestone that makes the character they are growing to be. Everyday a person will endure a different task to overcome, and the job itself, is a self portrait of the person who does it. The hard work that has to be done isn’t what matters, its how the individual overcomes it that makes them great. The ones who excel in life are the ones who can define their goals first, before overcoming them. Winners can always tell you where they are going and what they plan to do along the way and it starts by believing your goal is achievable.


My college experience has given me many things from a new group of friends away from home, the opportunity to travel to different schools with the school's women's soccer team, to learning about a variety of things that brought me to my declared major of psychology. I think that it has been a valuable experience because of how much i have grown by being around new people and being exposed to a larger span of opinions where i have learned to create and express my own opinions in classes.


I have not begun college yet but i am very eager to attend and learn everything i need to know for my desired profession,Culinary. When i was attending high school i never thought i would go to college. When i finshed geting my GED and sat back and thought what will i do now ,I wasnt jus thinking for me but for my 2 kids. Thats when i figured i should go back to school and do something i love to do which is cook. I am more than willing to go to school and do what i need to to better myself and my life for my kids and i. I know that we are in a rough time right now but i dont want to have to struggle for the sake of my children. I also want to an exampl for them when they grow up. To show them no matter what they have gone through and done that they can go to college.




When I started school I had no idea who I was or what I wanted to be. Just a few years before I started school, I had an amazing family until my father drank it all away and I became very lost after that but when I finally started at UNR in the Wildlife Ecology program I began to find my path again. I've come a long way and have worked an amazing job with the Forest Service last summer and can't wait to return this summer. Just a few years I would never have thought I'd be where I am now. Going to school has helped show me a better path in life and a different direction then the one my father took. So for me not only am I gaining a better education but I rediscovered who I was in the process and now feel that I am heading in the direction towards success. My next step is graduating next May and attending graduate school.


I have discovered more about myself by going away to college than I had in 18 years of living at home. I am a strong, independent woman. I have maintained a 4.0 GPA, along with making lifelong friends, having a rich social life and working part time. I have toughened up since moving away; I learned to put chains of my tires, use a power drill and tell someone, "no." I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life before college, and now I have a better sense of direction about what I want from life, not just in a career, but in a community, social group and family. Going to the University of Nevada, Reno has shown me that I am capable of much more than I had previously given myself credit.


What I have gotten in the little time I have been in colleg so far, amazes me. For one, I definitly learned really quick that studing and studing early is extremly important, especially to your health, to lower the stress level. I have gotten much self-disipline, because you are the only person you can rely on. The instructor does not tell you when things are due you must figure it out by paying close attention to your syllabus. Most of all I have gotten an unique and new experience that I will never forget. I have also realized college is where I will obtain my goal of becoming a successful Wildlife Biologist.


I have learned many things. To begin, I can say that being part of an institution that really cares for the students and shows the desire to help students achieve all their goals. In times like these where the economy is in a very weak state, I have learned as a student that going to school is the best option for me. It is harder to get a job at this moment, but this is the perfect time to go back to school and finish a degree that could be very useful in a year or two when hopefully the economy could be turning around. The best college experience will be to be able to interact with other students and being able to stablish working relationships that can be very useful in the near future. Also, I have learned that having a great relatinoship with professors can help to get recommendation letters that could help at the time to apply for a desired job.


I deserve to win this scholarship because I am determined to make a better life for myself. I am the first of my siblings to do well in college and for once I am setting an example that my siblings are paying attention to. They are seeing me do well in college, but I want them to see me graduate. I live on my own and although my family is great support system they are not in a position to help me pursue my educational goals. I don’t want my lack of financial resources to be the reason that I don’t reach my dreams. If I could be granted this scholarship it would mean the world to me and it would also mean that I’d have the opportunity to change the future for myself and for others.


From the completion of my extended education experience I am hoping to engage myself further into the art world by teaching others about art. With probable careers in a gallery curatorial position or museum educator to encounter the possibility of bringing art from all over the world for others to see. To allow the conservation of art and to expand artistic knowledge to others who are unaware of how truly impacting art is. I want to be a great artist educator and I believe that the path I have chosen with Art Education will allow my mind to expand to the limit permitting this belief to transpire over time. I wish to continue to express myself in creative ideas and have the opportunity to encounter, engage and enjoy the diversity of art experiences through my photography. Art is a part of who I am and I wish to expand my artistic knowledge through further practice in hopes to gain a better understanding of my mind and self.


I believe with today’s society, it is important to have higher education. I am a returning student working towards a new degree. Wildlife Biology has always been a passion of mine and I am finally taking the steps towards obtaining my goal. So far this college experience has shown me that hard work and dedication is the key to success. My previous job allowed me to travel and see people working in the wildlife biology field. When my classes seem too hard, I try to remember why I am back in school and know that this is a vital step for my future. Financially, I had to quit my full time job as a Flight Attendant to return to school making it a bit tough. I feel it is a bit of a challenge returning to college in my upper 20's, but I believe in the end it will pay off both emotionally and financially.


It has taught me how to be more organized and better at learning/using information. I have made many friends and have learned more about people and socializing. It has been valuable to attend because being on my own and meeting new people, having new expieriences, has given me much needed time to grow. UNR has been the back drop for my great college expierience. It location in this unique city has allowed for me to expierience city living while being able to expierience activities like snowboarding and hiking.


College has provided me with skills that may lead me into a professional field later on in life. Networking, for example, is something that college has taught me to do.


Attending college has always been an important goal of mine. I am a first generation college student and thus am making landmark steps for my family. My college education has also been valuable to me because a college degree is required in order for me to be employed in my dream profession, an educator. I greatly value knowledge and whimsical growth. Attending college has given me an even greater appreciation for these items. Throughout my time at the University of Nevada, I have been involved in several aspects of student life and student activities. From new student orientation staff to student government officer to club leader, I have held many student roles that will allow me to become an outstanding educator equipped with the tools necessary to be the positive influence many young adults and teenagers need in their life to become successful individuals. Without the opportunity to gain a college education or develop my leadership and organizational skills, my chances for being an effective influential individual for the youth of our nation would have been severly decreased. I am honored to have been able to attend college and look forward to beginning my masters degree program in the future.


I have always loved to learn, and have pursed learning in various forms all my life. Although I have studied abroad, travelled extensively, and pursued knowledge in such diverse fields as creative writing and firefighting, nothing has compared to my first full-time year in University. I returned to University to further my comprehension and understanding of the human mind, and enter research in the field of neuropsychology, but it has not been just my psychology and biology classes that have been helpful. Whether it’s discussing literature in English or the correct grammar of American Sign Language, this whole experience has shaped me in ways I did not believe possible. I did not believe it possible because I am not an impressionable eighteen year old, but a returning adult student. As such a wise worldly woman, I did not believe my immersion in the world of higher education would fundamentally change me, but I was wrong. One day in class I held a human brain in my hands. That small, surprisingly heavy, convoluted essence of a human being rested on my gently cupped palms. As I continue to pursue a greater understanding of humanity, I will never forget that.


I have learned what is most important to me in life. I have gained knowledge from my classes, but have also gained knowledge about things more important that classes, things that will effect me for the rest of my life.


I'm not going to say that the most powerful thing about my college experience is the boundless ammounts of knowledge I've gained because honestly, it's not. The most powerful part of my college experience is that I'm learning about who I am and who I want to be. All of the challenges that have been presented to me in college have really been a test of my perserverance and my willpower. There are just some days when the workload, the teachers, the personal problems in life seem to be all too much for me, and yet I keep going. I am learning that I have an inner strength that empowers me to keep going. Life isn't supposed to be a breeze. It's supposed to be filled with challenges that push us to our limits and test our integrity. It's about learning who we are through the decisions we make when put in a tough situation. It's not just the facts and theories in class that I'm appying to future jobs. I have goals and dreams that I want to achieve and my desire to obtain those will always help me


College experience is like working in the real world. I have learned to become more independent and better at time management.


The greatest lesson I have learned from my college is to never give up. No matter what problems are put in from of you. A person needs to stay strong and break through them. It is not easy and never will be, but that is what makes life worth living. I have made mistakes in life, in school, and in general. I have two medical conditions that are with me for life and at any moment could have me on lying on the floor in an instance. I could have let my mistakes and medical problems beat me and do nothing with my life, but going back to college has taught me that I can overcome these problems and I do not need to let them rule my life. I am a master of them and as long as I take care of myself I will be fine. It is a daily struggle and I will never give up. I have a goal in life to become a math teacher and I know I will make it with the help of my college. The greatest lesson learned is the knowledge of selfworth and determination given to me by my college.


Entering college was one of the best ideas I have ever had. Not only has college challenged me to try new things, but it has also made me realize a lot about myself. In high school I was the class salutatorian and student body president. Grades, popularity, yes, I had it all! Unfortunately, things changed for me during my first semester attending a four year university. Though, I would not say the factors that changed are a completely bad thing. I’ve just learned that being a “little fish in a big pond” can do two things: scare you, or inspire you. Positively, this “big pong” has done nothing but inspire me, as it makes me want to go out and try even harder every day. Attending the University of Nevada, Reno was the best thing I could have ever done, not only for my education, but for my self-esteem as well!


So far i have learned to be self reliable. There is not always going tobe someone there to mke sure i get up in the morning to go to class or work. There will be no one there to tell me to do my homework or study. Its only me who can push myself the most. Also i have learned how to manage time better. Realizing that i have class in five minutes means i have no time to hang out. The social aspect has changed a lot too. If i have homework that needs to get done or class to go to, i have no time to talk with friends or throw the football.


Being in college I have received the understanding that I have the potential and now resources to better my future. My family history was not college graduates, many of my family did not even graduate high school. And I'm on the path to being the first grandchild in my entire familly of over twenty five cousins to receive a masters degree. Even through the bumps in the road I continue to persever and will not give up on my dreams no matter what everyones doubts may be. School has been valueable to me becuse it has made me grow out of my shell and pursue everything I do with one hundred percent effort. School is leading me to a better path and I now know that hard work is worth the effort because the end result will be well worth the struggles.


Pursing in Art Education has a long-term goal as a professional working in the art world. To be, live and work in the art world is my passion. Whether it be as an art director, museum curator, or a teacher of art, the important matter is that I wish allow others to be among art that makes then think, feel, and be. Through the progress of Art Education as a learning experience, I will be better equipped over time to present art from a broader perspective and from more corners of the world for others to see; assist in the conservation of the world’s greatest art, and to expand artistic knowledge to others who are unaware or unable to witness of the empowerment of art. As pursing in Museum Studies and Community Art, I wish to allow students to see works of art for themselves and make their own interpretations of what they are seeing, feeling and thinking. I want students to be able to ask questions of works of art without having the feeling of a wrong answer; as an artist the viewer does not have a wrong answer for what they are interpreting in the art.


College has made me become independent. Before college I had my parents support and even teachers with financial stability and homework help, but now I have to worry about all of these things on my own. When it comes to school work, my Professors are not always as understanding as my teachers were in high school and I didn't have to worry about money as much. Now that I have experienced these changes (even if it's only been 3 months) I feel that now I am an actual adult! I have taken responsibility as far as going shopping for myself and getting assignments turned in on time etc. College is so important to attend because it really lies down a foundation for you to build the rest of your adult life on, especially in today’s economy where jobs are so uncertain and the future of America as we know it looks unclear. I would say that going to college should be a top priority of every young person out there, so that they always have an upper hand in life.


What have I gotten out of my collge experience is hard for me to answer, considering I've only been a college student for a couple weeks, but I have gotten a couple things out of it. The biggest thing that I have experienced is my maturity level rising, being around so many people you have to act older than you are, afterall you want everyone to think that you are older than you really are. Another thing that I have gotten out of college is the sense to stay on top of things and not to slack of, deadlines are all closer than you think, so staying current and alert is a must.


I work to pay for college, which is not easy. I work as an ornamental ironworker with fifty to sixty hour weeks while I am not in school to pay for college. So far I have realized that the trivial things shouldn't be taken for granted. I greatly appreciate the privilege I have to work and be able to attend the university. Im not a frat boy who attends school on someone elses dollar, partying in all my free time. I dont have the luxury of being able to relax too often. Since work and school take up a majority of my time, I have to plan time out carefully. Being able to manage time is one life skill I have gotten out of college of the many others I have gotten as well. My father is a very hard worker, and by being able to successfully work and attend school I know he is proud of me. To be as diligent, driven and hardworking as my father is one of my ulimate goals, and the college experience has helped me with the first few steps.


I am only three weeks in and I've already made a lot of friends. I also live in the dorms so it's making me a lot more responsible because i don't have my mom right beside me like i did through all my other school years. There is still more to experience obviously, its just so exciting to think about. I love my Mechanical Engineering major, we have to build a hovercraft. That will be fun. It's valuable because it gets me out from under my mom's wing and it really shows me what the real world is about. It's a big transition but it's just something to get used to.


I have met a lot of nice people so far. I have learned to have a greater sense of independence. College is nothing like high school teachers expect more out of you and expect you to have more money.


I have really grown up since attending college. I know I have a lot more growing to do, but skills that I feel are necessary for my future have been fostered in a university setting. I've learned a lot about who I am, what characteristics I am proud of, and I am learning to change the things I don't like about me. College is a time of self discovery and a time to build the character you want to be. The greatest value I have gleaned from my college experience thus far is that I am working on becoming who I want to be. This encompasses so many things: the major that will lead to a career I can love, the traits I value in others, the type of work ethic that I have. I can only hope that the years I have ahead of me on my educational journey will be as instructive in and out of the classroom as they have been thus far.


College is a very important step in growing up if you want to be able to provide for your self in the future. No one likes having to rely on someone else for money, shelter or food, so it is important that you aspire to go to college so that you aren't living with your parents until you are 40. Graduating from college with any kind of degree ups your own "stalk" in the employment pool, so that you will be almost guaranteed to get a job paying more than minimum wage.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is more than most students care to get out. When I chose the University of Nevada Reno, I knew that I wanted a better experience from high school. Wanting to take after my brother’s footsteps and desire the same enjoyment that he received from his college experience by being involved. My experience in college has been a fulfilling one so far, but I know it could be even better. I have been involved in the White Pine Dorm Student Council and a Senator for the College of Education. What I am still currently involved in is the Pi Beta Phi sorority and I am a Founding Father of the Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity. It is valuable that I am still able to attend my fifth year in school (2011-2012) to continue my experiences by getting even more involved, helping other organizations, and not worrying about money so I am able to stay in my clubs/organizations. Which I am planning on running for president in my business fraternity, and being able to have the money to help out my parent’s money issues means the world to me.


My life prior to attending college feels as though it occurred a lifetime ago. I can recall how in the grand scheme of things how little experience I had. I knew I wanted to go to college, but I didn't really know why until I had begun my scholastic career. Within a few semesters, I noticed a change in myself. I was more confident and it was as though I saw the world differently. Everything I felt and experienced added to my new overwhelming confidence. This new found confidence trickled into my professional life as well. There has been no task too great, and no obstacle too difficult to overcome. As an undergraduate, I am only half way to the end point, but with each passing day I can feel myself closer and closer to my ultimate goal, a Master's degree in Counseling. I will be the first in my family to graduate, but definitely not the last. The pursuit for higher education is more than just education. It is an experience that forever alters how a person views the world, and most importantly, how they view themselves.


I have gotten so much out of college. To me my education is priceless, every class, even the frustrating classes are necessary to help me grow and become a stronger person and more valuable to my community and my country. My education is something that no one can ever take from me. The feelings of commitment and accomplishment are so strong that I am grateful everyday that I am in class. I am doing it and I am succeeding.


Today, the college experience has evolved into so much more than the rigorous curriculum of the past. Today, students are not only expected to excel at their studies but to immerse themselves into the many clubs, organizations, and jobs available on campus. Upon entering college I found value in jumping into new, and even uncomfortable, situations like going through sorority recruitment. In the beginning, I never saw myself as a sorority girl, and what I have learned since my initial hesitation, is that I had no idea what it really means to be in a sorority. In the short two years I have discovered leadership qualities I never knew I possessed, participated in the most amazing community and philanthropic events, and met the most amazing and inspiring women I believe I will ever meet. Not only have they inspired me to get involved on campus with diversity clubs, helping the environment, and being proactive with political happenings, but they have also pushed me further out of my comfort zone by attending salsa dancing classes, Pilates workshops, plays and art shows. Without these indispensible social interactions facilitating my education, college would hardly be a valuable stepping stone into the real world.


College has made me realize how much I really love learning. The pace and difficulty of college courses caters to people who are here to absorb and utilize information, rather than just have it force-fed to them. It is for this reason that I have truly discovered my inherent intellectual nature. It is as if a new requisite has been added to my existence: the need for knowledge. Even the core classes are compelling in a way that makes me want to pursue them as majors. If I had the time to sit through every lecture in every class in every building in every college, I would do so unquestioningly. I can see myself attending philosophy classes in my 40's just to supplement my life. Education can truly redefine the way that one sees the world, and being placed in the fundamental apex of learning means that my perception changes with every hour-long lecture I attend. When this newfound perception is focused inward I see myself in new ways as well. I see myself as an engineer, an intellectual, and a philanthropist. Suffice to say: college has helped me find myself.


I have learned in my college experience about friendship and how going to college is preparing me for the real world. When I first got to UNR I didn't know if I was going to be able to make many friends because I am a quiet person and most of my close friends in high school went to other schools. After beginning UNR I found many friends and our relationships have grown throughout the recent years. It's nice to make friends with people that are going into my same carrer field and have the same academic drive as I do. College is teaching me how to take what I have learned and apply it to my life. It's teaching me how to balance my time effectively and never give up on a project because it's too hard or I don't have enough time to get it done. Because the end result is worth it. The support I get from my teachers is fantastic and they are always there to help me through my schoolwork. College is the most rewarding thing I have ever done for myself and it will help me get a real job.


Attending the University of Nevada, Reno gives me the edge I need to get ahead in this world, professionally and personally. As a current sophomore, I feel that my first year of college has changed me beyond recognition. I've met many new and fascinating people and have participated in discussions and events that I will always remember. My classes have given me an arena in which to voice my opinion on foreign policy, philosophy, literature, scientific theory, pop culture, and business strategies. I've become acquainted with the works of Ibsen, Sartre, Darwin, Plato, Virgil, and many more significant thinkers of the past. I've been given the chance here at college to shape my life into one that I am proud of, and my educational journey will never be finished, even after I've received my bachelor's degree. I've never for a moment considered any alternatives to college, because I've always known that this is where I belong. Now that I'm here, I intend to make the most of my time by studying, making personal connections, and exploring the world. The value of my experience will serve me for the rest of my life.


I haven't been able to go to college, although I've always wanted to further my education. Had to drop out of High School when I was 16 years old to have my son. Got married and had two more children. Got divorced and remarried. I've always had to work and have never had the money to go back to school. Now I'm raising my 9 year old granddaughter and work part-time because I can't find a good paying full-time job because of my lack of education. I would like to be able to go to school to become a Medical Assistance and need help paying for school.


The classes that are available on-line has helped so much, so I can continue to work.


In my college experience I have learn the value of an education and how it can best help me in the near future. I have been in classes where the proffesor has help me with real life problems and solution. In my first year of college I learn to network with everyone around me and what is important. The most of my days are spent in class and working on my homework and getting the most out of my education. My college experience as thought me to make the most out of life and to discover what i really want. In the most recent days I have made a few mistakes and learn from them. I have work through the classes even with few issues at hand . I have learned how to manage my time wiselly and keep up with the few the work that i have. In the near future i hope to learn more in life and through my college experience i have learn that not everything comes has easy has i would have thought and I will have to learn to change the way I work and learn. I will have to l to change my study.


As I have been attending college and will soon transfer, the college where I have been attending has helped me ensure me that I am going down the right career path. The professors have taught me many lessons about life in general and the specific field I am studying. The advisors also helped me narrow down all the choices of who I want to become. Everyone is extremely friendly and getting to know others and making lifelong friendships is extremely valuable to the person I want to become. Some days tough and stressful but others flew by like a breeze, all the lessons and my own accountability are tested along with my strengh to carry on. I've learned who I am and who I want to be by attending college and soon a university, all to make me a better citizen and employee.


If I had been wise coming into college, I wouldn’t have been sentenced to nine months drug rehab, lost 1,000 dollars to drug testing, been on probation with my University, end up with a misdemeanor on my record and lose the respect of my loving parents within the first week. I had never been in trouble nor had I ever participated in something illegal. My first week in college, I went to jail. I have worked for the drug rehab program I was in, known as OnTRAC, as a secretary for two years. I also volunteer for the OnTRAC program where I attend court dates, speak with students, and offer suggestions to my superiors. Although I regret my mistake immensely, I have a great job and volunteer opportunity that has arisen because of it. I guess everything happens for a reason. I am grateful for my mistake, oddly enough, because it gave me an opportunity to genuinely question what I wanted out of life and what I truly want. College gave me that opportunity.


These days it seems that a bachelor’s degree is beginning to mean much less than it did two or three generations ago. I have many friends who have graduated recently whose degrees have not enabled them to find a career. However, despite the fact that I believe a degree will not necessarily improve my chance at finding a career, I still consider my college education to be valuable. I began college as a less than ideal student, one who did the absolute minimum amount of work required. Over the last two years this has changed. College became less about playing a game for grades, and more simply about learning. More and more, I notice in myself a desire to learn solely for the sake of gaining knowledge. I notice myself formulating more questions, instead of trying to answer them. I believe that more than anything else this ability to formulate my own questions has been the most valuable aspect of my college experience. Regardless of what jobs become available to me after I complete my degree, college has instilled in me a love of learning, and I believe this will serve me throughout the rest of my life.


In my short time attending the University of Nevada, Reno the experience that I have obtain has been one of the most valuable ones of my life. The reason I make such a statement is due to a growth in knowledge, growth in personal life and finally the eligibility allotted to take the next step towards a career. I have realized that college is not just another few years of normal education, college is a gift, and is crucial in the developmental stage to full independence. One class in particular that has reinforced these ideas was my philosophy class. While the class never produced any solid answers it instilled the necessity of a knowledgeable public and the necessity of human interaction as well. These ideas may seem very simple but in fact are more vital than many people realize. For this reason, college has allowed me to be able to examine how important education is and how worthwhile friendships and serving the community are. This simplistic fact of college allowing one to gain both a well rounded world view while connecting and serving the community is why college has been so valuable for me to attend.


I know that I can do it. I am very capable of earning a degree in music and education at the ripe young age of 54. I am disabled, but that does not mean that I cannot work. I waited for my disability for five years. I believed that once I recieved it recieved it, everything would be alright. But I was wrong in so many ways, because I am blessed with the gift of teaching music. I am thankful for the disability benifts because I could never afford the Doctor's visits, or medication. But I am a teacher at heart, and I am here to introduce all kidsto the wonderful world of the Fomal Performing Arts. That is why I have a Formal Perfoming Arts Studio for low income, high risk, and special needs children. Although I have the skills, experience, and abilities to teach percussion, voice, and piano. I am missing a degree. People do not care about what yoy know unless they can see a degree. I want one not because of them, but because I am will to earn one. This scholarship will help me to make this dream to come true.


College has been an incredible learning experience and an opportunity of self-discovery. Being away from home and having the responsibility to hold your own allows you to realize how much you can handle on your plate, to make sure you do not spread yourself too thin, and manage your time wisely. For me personally, my most recent semester was completely rewarding and beneficial to my college experience. I went abroad and studied in Spain for a semester. I had the opportunity to travel around several parts of Europe, I immensely improved my Spanish, and I was able to open my mind to so many new cultures and ways of life. It was a life-changing experience that I will never forget. I look forward to continuing my degree in Nutritional Science as I enter my third year of college this coming fall at the University of Nevada, Reno.


It has been valuable because it helped me figure out who I am and what kinds of things I want in life. Besides giving me a quality education, it has helped me to understand my values and what kind of people I want to be around.


As a student who took some time off from school before going back, I hadn't realized how quickly a person can forget so much information. Thankfully, I had some amazing professors and great classmates and friends who helped me whenever I felt stuck. The campus really does offer a lot, and it's hard to find an excuse to not partake in the endless supply of events the campus provides. Though a major university, the campus retains a 'small campus' feel which is pleasant and fitting, as it's located in Reno, the biggest little city in the world. I have had an amazing time here so far and it's only been one year so I'm looking forward to the next couple years spent at this campus.