University of Nevada-Reno Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


It is hard to narrow down everything I have gotten out of attending college. The list could go on and on. I must say that the opportunity and experience of meeting new people is definetly on top. I came from a very small high school so meeting a large amount of new people was not something I did very often. I am also quite a shy person and introductions as well as conversations with people I have never met does not come easily to me. Attending UNR is what really brought me out of my shell. Being in classes with hundreds of students I did not know was the most intimidating thing ever to me, but with the acceptance level at the university, and as the days went by, I began meeting more and more people. This is something that I find very valuable because I believe that communication skills are one of the most important things to succeeding in life. The skills I have built over the past year have given me the opportunity to be more open and willing to take a risk to meet someone new and really get to know them as well as express myself.


My college experience has made me into a well-rounded, thoughtful world citizen. Learning about philosophy, other cultures, and literature has allowed me to see outside my immediate surroundings and preconceived notions and see through the eyes of other cultures. I feel it has allowed me to develop my own opinions on politics by providing me with the tools to analyze critically and think for myself. I went to school a quiet, unconfident boy and I have emerged a confident world citizen, ready to join the world in its struggle to solve the worlds problems.


My college experience has been one of getting "right-sized". In my first semester in college I was placed in classes as indicated by the placement exams. This almost ruined my college experience. I was overwork trying to remember things I had learned years before. The next sememster I lowered my level by one. Rather than taking the hardest course I qualified for I took the one below it. This enable me an easier workload and properly prepared me for the next level class. My GPA has come from a 2.5 to ove 3.0 and is still increasing. All because I decided to attend to be successful in learning rather than to fulfill the counselors expectations. I have found that when I am successful, I build on that success. This lesson learned the hard way has allowed me to be more confident and have less anxiety.


I have gotten more out of my college experience than I can possibly imagine and I know that I will realize what I have gained from this years after I am finished here. I started as a business major and it wasn't until after I had the privilege to study abroad in Australia that I realized my true passion lay in Engineering. Since my transfer to Engineering I have improved my grades and for the first time I truly understand how important it is to be passionate about whatever it is in life that you end up doing. Becoming more involved in what was happening on campus and with my professors has made the semesters fly by at an enjoyable pace. If I had chosen a different university it would not have been as easy to switch majors when I did nor would I have had the support that UNR gave me. The fact that the study abroad program is so strong here made the chain of events that lead to my transfer take place so smoothly. UNR has given me a great experience thus far and I look forward to what lies ahead.


I went back to school because of the economy. In other words my plant closed down. I was forced to go back to school. I decided this time instead of choosing a career because of money to choose a career I was really passionate in working. I have always wanted to be a nurse. I put my family needs first. This time my family worked with me to attain my goal in becoming a nurse. This has been one of the best experiences of my life. I actually am going to finish. I enjoy seeing the joy I bring on my patients face when I am helping them. The clinical sites my school sends me to gives me excellant hands on experience. It has been a value to return to school not just to change careers but to know I have accomplished a long life goal I did not think was possible. I will be the first to graduate from college in my family.


College has forced me to become a very responsible person. Before I even graduated high school I moved out of my home forcing me to become responsible, but attending college has pushed me to grow-up and focus more on my future. Because I started college I have shown I am very reliable especially in my work place. I have also met many people allowing me to begin to network.


My college experience has been amazing thus far. I have made life long friends, I have tried new things that I thought I would never try, and I have made the most memorable memories of my life. Although, my decision to leave home and attend school at the University of Nevada, Reno has been extremely valuable for me, because I have evolved into a young and respectable adult in our society. Before attending UNR I was a very shy and timid person among my peers, but attending UNR had forced me to become actively involved on campus and off campus. On campus, I am in three different clubs, I play rugby for the university, and I am involved in student government. Additionally off campus, I work, volunteer at the local homeless shelter, and I am a Reno Guardian Angel (community safety patrol). In conclusion, because I have been so involved while attending UNR, I have made life long friends, I have tried new things and I have made the most memorable memories of my life. Most importantly, I am not a shy person anymore, I am outgoing and confident. This is why attending UNR has been very valuable for me.


I have not actually attended college, but have applied and have been accepted into the University of Cincinnati beginning in the Fall of 2010. Since I enjoy the math and science areas, I have chosen the Criminal Justice area with a focus on forensics. I do not know what the future will hold for me, but at this point in my life this is what I feel the Lord would have me to do. Thank you for the opportunity to share and to apply for this scholarship.


During my high school year I had the privilage to attend to college for two semesters. Going to college was one of the best experinces I had so far, I got to meet new people and friends, I learned to be a young adult and take redponsability for my own actions. Valuable expirenced becouse in those frinds i meet i saw those young adults fighting for independence, I am one of those young adults that is fighting to make its way through life the right way. Gooing to college has giving me many opurtunities even do I have not graduated yet it has open many doors for me. Idependence, respect and admiration have been a couple of values I have gotten in my experince in collge...


My college experience has taught me many things, not only educational, but social as well. Most notably, I have learned to manage my time wisely and how to study more efficiently. In high school, I did not have to study much for tests. However, college stood in stark contrast. I learned to study and have succeeded by making flash cards and studying over time instead of cramming the night before the test. This skill will be applicable throughout college and medical school. Before attending college, I simply had to worry about school. My mother took care of chores, and I did not have a job. However, once college started, I had to worry about laundry, friends, and work while still earning good grades. At first it was hard, but once I settled in and learned how to budget my time, life became much easier. Of all of the things I have learned in my first year of college, this could very well be the most important. I can use this skill of budgeting my time throughout my life. College will undoubtedly teach me much more, however, these are by far two of the most important skills it has taught me.


To explain what I have learned from my freshman year of college in one word, I would choose maturity. It was a real "eye opener" to be completely on your own with no one holding your hand through anything. It involves alot of having responsiblity to get things done for yourself. It's at this time in someone's life, when the decisions we make will effect our entire future. I felt that all students needed to be mature to suceed in college. I feel college is valued because of the economy today. For example, an associates degree is at the same level as a high school diploma was years ago. It has become extremely competitive in almost every job market. Education is key. College gives you a foundation to meet people from all over the world. Create relationships that last lifetimes. Personally, I found my time at a community college to be quite difficult to make friends. I was the new girl in town while being a freshman in college. People go there own way with no reason to mingle if not forced to. I can say I'm ready to take on many more years to come!


I learn a lot of valuable information that I did not know before. I can utilize that information throught my life to benefit myself and others.


College has been so much more than a means to a financial end. It has been an exercise in personal development and a quest toward a more comprehensive appreciation of the world we live in. I have been fortunate to be able to study in many areas and have been able to connect knowledge and discovery across disciplines . Employing creativity and critical thinking are keys to this integrative skill. These are skills that, without college, I cannot imagine having developed and integrated so completely. College can be about as rich an experience as one could ask for if it is really engaged and pursued with passion, and I would not be the same person without it. As I continue to develop as a scholar and a person, I am integrating my knowledge toward this current goal of using all aspects of my educational journey to help people become stronger, healthier and more connected. I think that the combination of empiricism and craftsmanship I am learning in my current educational environment is the perfect balance for a future career providing effective, compassionate and life-affirming intervention for couples and families as a Marriage and Family Therapist.


I am the first generation in my family to attend college. We are from the deep woods of Louisiana, and spent our lives subsistent living off the land. Being able to attend college is a true gift. The part of my college experience that has been the most valuable to me is simply being exposed to new ideas, new cultures, and new experiences. When I was growing up I could never have imagined sitting in classroom talking to another student from China. CHINA!! That was the stuff we read about in books, or saw on our three channel television. There were times during my early undergraduate years that I felt like I was living in a fairytale. It was complete innocent wonderment. I cherish that naivete now. College opened the world to me.


My college experience has given me so many great opportunities. I met the greatest professors who truly shaped me into the person I am today. The professors for my major simply cared about every single one of their students. I'm proud to call many of my professors my friends: people who I can trust and go to in a time of need. Moreover, I know I will be able to go to these professors in the future and use them as references and resources. My college experience has also prepared me for the real world. I feel very confident that I will be an asset to the job force simply because I attended this university and took classes from certain professors. This university has been valuable to attend because I feel like I am a part of a huge family. I will be loyal to the Wolf Pack for the rest of my life.


It made me more mature and really see the value in getting a degree. I really want to be a speech pathologist and work with children with austim and the only way to do this is through college and great grades. Getting an education is a great thing and I don't think I would have done it any other way.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is experience. I was a little cocky in high school and believed college would be as easy as high school. I thought my life as a college student was going to be a breeze-- I was wrong. My second semester crushed me. But slowly, I have learned how handle my workload, social life, and personal life. I have learned that time management is crucial and that preparation is a must. College has been valuable to attend not only because of the education I will receive, but also because it is there that you're presented with reality.


I have obtained a wealth of knowledge that i can advance in life with whether that knowledge be applied to my career or my life in general. It is valuable to attend college because it makes a person view the world in a different perspective than they otherwise do. College is very time and money consuming, but worth the resources, connections and experience that a person can obtain. College gives students the means to express themselves in a way which they can be proud of. My college experience has pushed my career in the direction which I have desired. College has given me the experiences I need to make connections in the job world, create a reputation for myself, and expand my knowlege in vast directions.


I have learned a lot through out my college experience including learning about myself and others, I have developed a plan and career goals, learned how to study, and how to be motivated to succeed. It has been valuable to attend college so that I am well educated and can move on to a career that makes me happy and successful.


I definitely found the person I wanted to be attending college. When I first entered the University of Nevada Reno, I was a criminal justice major, but after many attempts to maintain my GPA, I found that psychology was a better fit for me. I had my mind made up on what I wanted to do, but my college experience has showed me that things change and instead of resisting it, embrace it especially when it's for the better. And by embracing my change, school has been valuable and important to be me more now than it's ever beeb.


I have gotten so much out of my college experience. I have gained so many friends and memories in a short amount of time. I have joined an amazing sorority full of girls who are like a second family to me. I have gained an amazing education so far. My classes are great and my teacher are very informative of the material. It is important to attend classes so you don't fall behind and so you can learn the information properly. It is important to attend college overall because you gain such an experience and such a good education.


I would tell myself to be gentle on myself. You might want to make different choices if you knew how difficult some experience will be, however in each experience what you have learned will benefit you in the greatest ways. The quote is true about your expectations "You should not be surprised at whatever you see or hear...if you are ready to accept things as they are, you will recieve them as old friends." Shunryu Suzuki. You are in charge of your choices, your life, the decisions you make and no one else. If you decide someone or something else is in charge its still the decision you are making. Its okay if you are the only person in your life, however you are not alone, ask for support, ask for assitance. Sometimes if you are pushing to accomplish something and its not working out ask yourself is this the right time and place, what is it that I need to know so that I can accomplish my goals. I would tell myself that this is my experience, I am here for me, its okay to pursue and experience your own dreams. Give yourself credit for your many contributions.


Dialogue. It truly frames the experience and the outcomes. Take control of the dialogue and you take control of the perception. If you let others led the dialogue than it becomes a winding, pointless, drawn-out case study of the failing of natural forces bettering human development. Leaving the conversation does just that, it leaves the conversation in unpredictable, closed hands. Without direction and decisive involvement, the outcomes become just as useful as the process. Be smarter, expect more, and then there will be more. The dialogue frames the mind of all those involved; by seizing the dialogue and heightening the conversation you heighten the individuals involved and the experience in general. What do I mean? Speak what you feel, feel what you speak. Speak up, and up the dialogue. When we change what we perceive we can perceive change. Seize the dialogue, seize the conversation, open the world's mind.


I would tell myself to go to school and not to the military. I would also tell myself to find a full-time job and help your mother with her unemployment and try to find a way to help the down town libery.


College life is extremely more expensive than what I thought it was going to be. You not only have to pay for tuition you have to pay for books, room and board, and food. It can be really stressful when you start to think about it. I would tell myself to apply for more scholarships, get a summer job, and to make sure I have a budget of how much I want to spend.


What does it take to be a university student? Having gone through the high school experiene, the 4 years seemed to have gone by quickly and smoothly with a few challenges here and there. This is why it takes time to adjust in transitioning into a college freshman. If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that attending a university is no easy task. It takes a great deal of dedication, commitment, persevarance, and hardwork. In this kind of environment, teachers no longer hand things down to the student, but rather it is the student's responsibility to fullfill the tasks at hand. In addition to this, knowing how to prioritize is very important in order to succeed through the rigorous courses that the university offers. It is also in the hands of the student to seek help when they need it, which ranges from talking to your professor, to attending study groups. Most importantly get to know your professors, because having connections in the academic world will aide you in succeeding, because they can provide you with plenty of helpful resources, and great advice as well.


I try to live my life without any regrets, so it is difficult to give myself advice on events that have already occurred in my life. There is one thing that stands out to me though; I cannot overlook it. It is the fact I wish I would have applied for more scholarships while I was still in high school. Knowing now how hard it is to pay for college, especially in this economy, I realize now that I should have tried harder to get more scholarships. I thought just taking a lot of advance placement and honors courses and also having a GPA of a 4.0 would be enough; however, I found out quickly that you need to put time and effort into what you want to achieve great success. I learn from my mistakes and take pride in my accomplishments. I am trying now more than ever to recieve more scholarships to help pay for my tuition and make my college experience an even greater one.


Sitting in my first class with two hundred other students; attempting to write down everything the professor is saying--quickly realizing I can not do so and thus resorting to picking out the most important details. It finally hits me... I'm officially in college. College life is vastly different from the comfortable norm of which i found high school to be. Therefore, what i would be sure to tell my self as a senior if given the chance would be that: Sara, you can no longer cram for a test twenty mins before class and miraculously pull off an A. College takes time, and yes, PLENTY of effort. Your education is truly something that you must earn and not expect it to be given to you. Take the time to learn good study habbits now, because you will be in for a huge shock if you do not prepare yourself accordingly! Lastly, don't wait until the last minute to apply for scholarships! Take the initiative and start early, it's only putting yourself at an advantage, and you deserve to give yourself the best possible chance at success.


If I could talk to senior year Garrett Sanford, unsure about college and stressing about his future, I would tell him not to fret. "College is wonderful!" I would say. "It gives you such opportunities to express your creativity, your intellect, and your desire to pursue new venues of knowledge!" "How is all this possible?" he might say. "Well, Garrett," I would slyly reply, "I don't rightly know. Just try to raise some dough before school starts!"


I would advise myself to possibly take more Advanced Placement tests that would possibly help me in attaining more credits at my college and help me get more requisites and co-requisites out of the way so I can take more classes for my major, sooner. I would also tell myself to look into jobs a few weeks before the first semester is to start, because there is a great website available to students that has on-campus and some off-campus jobs posted. I would advise myself to look at my College's (The College of Business, for me) handbook often, as it has a ton of information on what majors there are, and what classes you would take for each, because it has really helped me choose my major, Economics. I would have to make sure my past self knows that college professors aren't as scary as they seem, and to not be afraid to contact them if you need help. And finally I would tell myself to not forget a map on the first place; it's a lot bigger than high school!


Follow the advice of those around you and start from the bottom up. Knowing a second or third language is extremely important so don't be afraid to start learning them now! There is nothing that you cannot accomplish if you set your mind to it so don't let anyone tell you "No"! Take the road that interests you the most and that will not necessarily be the practical one. By taking the classes that interest you, you will have an easier time in the long run and have greater success.


I would definately tried to join a group, sport or club my freshman year to meet more people and get myself out there. Things could have been alot easier if I had done this I think. I could be more involved in my school and this could possibly have helped the situation I am in right now. If I had joined some sort of activity I may have been able to recieve financial aid so that I would be able to continue my education right now. I could have had more opportunities to succeed if I had done so.


The advice I would give myself is to never get behind and always try to stay afloat. Attending college now, I've learned that time management is the true key to success. It's important to have fun and really appreciate the college life, but it's also as vital to stay focused and maintain in school. So in order to do both, it really comes down to making the right decisions and planning correctly. I would also tell myself to really focus on scholarships and finding different avenues to get through college. Officially in college, I've really seen first hand how expensive it can be; from the books, the dorms, meal plans, and then the classes itself. Looking back now, I wish I would have found out about scholarships and ways to pay for college instead of waiting for the last minute. However, this is the advice I would give myself looking back, but I definitely wouldn't change anything. Some of these mistakes in high school has made me stronger and even wiser as a young adult that will be helpful in my future and career.


If you're going to be a bear, be a grizzly bear! Get into the best College you can and don't worry so much about how much it costs. Do some research and get out of town to see something that might spark an interest inside. One of the most important things about college is to select a field of study that you are passionate about. Chose something that inspires you to do great work. You will see a lot of people that dread learning, but learning can be quite fascinating if you love the topic. Face challenges head on and don't let "naysayers" affect your decisions. Save your money and study abroad. The world is a huge place , don't limit yourself to one city your whole life. Get out there and see it! You might just fall in love with a foreign land and discover a whole new purpose or meaning to your life. And just one quote to go by: "If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life."


To be honest, I'm actually very proud of my high school senior self. I studied hard and ended the year with a 4.0. Despite my studying, I didn't do well on my AP tests. I definitely shouldn't have let my brother convince me that AP tests hardly help with college because they do. I missed out on 9 credits because I didn't take the tests seriously. On the other hand, the 6 I did get fulfilled science and math requirements (my least favorite subjects) and have made all the difference in the world. Had I taken the time to study for those other tests, I'd be further along in college and I could put those feats under my belt. Ultimately, I would tell myself, "AP matters. Buckle down and study, Courtney!"


If I could go back in time to my senior year, the advice I would give myself is to fill more scholarship applications as well as take your AP tests more seriously. Also when you?re moving from home it?s not easy at first but it will get easier as time goes by. You do not need to pack everything leave the non important stuff at home. As well as respect your parents because in the end when you need money for books or other college expenses they are the ones who can help you out. Embrace the time you have while your home.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to focus on my studies. There are many temptations in college and not so much homework. The grades in college are determined by tests and essays. So I would tell myself to work hard and study instead of going out and about so my grades would be good.


I would say to myself, that college is a very open free environment, and to push myself! Take more than what is considered full time, join clubs and groups. Do not party, its a waste of time for everything you do today is the foundation for what your life will be tomorrow. Enjoy your life and dont stress over the little things!


Do. Don't be afraid to put yourself into new situations. Say yes, play halo with the funny smelling guys next door, mess with your RA, get a noise complaint, open strange doors. Someone much smarter than me once said, (paraphrased badly for the purpose of authenticity) you will regret the things you don't do more than the ones you do. These years in college have more than affirmed that quote for me and I would love for young Sam to be as rambunctious as his heart desires.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that college is very difficult. You have to keep your eye on the prize, don't procrastinate, and study hard. I have been unfortunately blessed with the procrastination disease and it has made me suffer horribly in my college career, I hope that I can change that this year.


Knowing what I know now about college life I would tell myself in high school to one: participate more in volunteer opportunities. I wish scholarship wise that I was more active in volunteering than I was. I would also tell myself that college is so much better than high school and all the drama and cliques that exsist in high school are absent in college. I would also remind myself to be open to new experiences and meet as many people as possible.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would give myself the advice to be more focused and driven. When I graduated I wanted to go to school, but I stopped after my Associates degree. I should have been focused and driven enough to finish my degree, so that I could better support my family and not have to go back to school after six years to finish my education. I wish I would have taken my education more seriously and focused more on my future. I would have also given myself the advice to apply for more scholarships! Education is expensive and when you add having a family into the mix the prices get higher and higher. Scholarships and funding for college are important, but more so when you are footing the bill yourself.


Its okay. Itll get better.


Manage your time wisely! First semester of college is not anything of what you might expect. You will rarely ever write on lined paper again. In that, you will rarely do anymore "easy point"/useless assignments. So STUDY for your tests; they ARE your grades. You can lose scholarships and easily as they were handed to you, so watch your GPA. Your teachers do not post your grades for you constantly so it is your job to keep track. Adjusting is difficult, but don't let that get in the way of your school work. Go out and have fun on the weekends, but make sure your work is done before hand. You will be happy that you did. Lastly, take in the full experience of college. Go to the library to study, eat on campus with friends, utilize the gym, just soak it all in. This allows you to get away from the overwhelming experience of the dorms. It may sound "dorky" but it absolutely is what will help you get away and become one with yourself. You might become homesick, but just remember you have over a month of winter break. Have FUN with the time you have!


I would go back and tell myself as a high school senior not to set any limits. Many students see college as simply the next step in their lives, a box to be checked on their list of things to do. As a university student, I now understand that college is not merely the next step, but the beginning of endless opportunities and unimaginable destinations. I came to understand the power of knowledge is not reserved for a select few and surprised myself with my own potential. In combination with hard work, determination and passion, a college education will take students farther than they can imagine. Knowledge is the most basic answer to every problem faced by humanity. A campus is a remarkable place where diverse knowledge, passions, and hope combine, providing individuals with power they will use to change and better our world. I would tell myself, and any high school senior, not to treat college as a hurdle to jump before starting a career, but as an incomparable opportunity to better oneself, to gain and share knowledge and to open up possibilities never thought possible. Set your limits high, or better yet, don?t set any at all.


I would emphasize that your undergraduate success is key into getting into a good graduate school. With increasing job globalization/competition and our current economic crisis, one's bachelor's degree is merely the first step to attaining a well paying job. It is almost essential that one must continue their education, and therefore one's undergraduate degree should be a gateway to a different field. I have always been a women's studies major, but I understand that degree commonly does not have many job opportunities; therefore I am now duel majoring in economics and women's studies, and I plan on using these degrees to attend law school. Career counselors should emphasize the importance of various degrees - history may be interesting but there is no job market for it unless one continues to get their MA or Ph.D in the field. A student may have a passion for a subject, but it should be a realistic subject. I understand America applauds individualism, but students must be mature enough to realize that college is expensive, and you need to get the most bang for your buck.


The advice I would give would be to not give up. Determination is good to have especially in the senior year because when you have the determination that means your going to achieve and get in to whatever school is desired because of of the hard work that is put in. The key factor is never giving up and always ready to try your hardest no matter what the outcome is. It is not only the key to the transition between college life and high school but also life in general will help to get the career that someday will be achieved. It is the best advice that can be given is not to give up. When things have been accomplished it makes the person feel good about themselves knowing that their work was not in vain and they have something to look forward to. Hard work and determination will help the worker succeed through college.


Get your FAFSA filled out as soon as possible. Don't let the time leave you buy. Make sure to apply for every scholarship you can. Don't take a year off, just keep plowing through. Don't slack off on your academics, do homework and projects as soon as you get the assignment. You have the potentional to be beyond great. So get up and go to school, start a buisness, do whatever you need to, to show the world your abilities and what you're made of. You have the attitude and abilities to work your hardest and do the best work some people have ever seen! Good luck, and stay on track.


As a high school student all I could wait for was independence. At the age I am know I would love to go back in time and be able to redo the trasitional part of my life. Rather than diving in the deep end of the pool I would have waded in the shallow end until I was confident in my new surroundings. It's not as though in later years you can't look for and find support, but you can't actually replace those years. And the younger years are too precious too let slide through your fingers because you are too proud to continue to rely on help.


I had so much going on my senior year, with sports and a job it was hard to concentrate on my school work. It's not that I couldn't, it was more like I was slacking off (I was voted biggest slacker of my class). So if I could go back in time, my advice to myself would be, "Pay more attention to school Meg! It may not seem like that big of a deal right now, but when you don't get the Millenium scholarship, don't come crying to me... well actually do come crying to me, because you'll have no one to blame but yourself." I was so close to getting it, but instead I decided to ditch first and second period and wait until the last minute to do my homework, two things that I really regret now. Something else I would say is, "Just relax, college is'nt nearly as scary as it seems. Sure, you'll grow apart from friends and family, but the ones who matter will be there. Don't worry about school too much, you're smart, you can do it." A little bit of encouragement will help.