University of Nevada-Reno Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I love the people. There are so many people here who are truly proud to be a member of the wolf pack. It is really great to go to a school where everyone is confident and proud in their facilities, as well as motivated in their individual studies.




It is one of few left that is made of brick and mortar, loves research, and cares about learning.


Nevada has an incredible student services division, committed to seeing students complete their educational goals. In my degree programs I had professors willing to work with me, answer questions, and provide me with opportunities that helped me with my goals. My friends and colleagues are all different from me, but hold similar values of education and ethics. Being close to Tahoe and San Francisco make for great cultural experiences and new adventures. It’s a beautiful campus in a city that combines big city comforts within a small-town, family-oriented environment.


The best thing about this college to me is the social life. People here are always very friendly and it is very easy to make friends here. I wasn't sure whether or not I would fit into this school because of course there are partiers. There are partiers at every college you will attend though. I do not drink or smoke so I did not think I would fit in. As I came here I realized that I was completely wrong. People are very understanding if you don't do any of that.


I love the endless opportunities to be involved. There is a club or a fraternity that each and every person can enjoy. I am in the pre-med fraternity and can't explain how helpful it has been in school and planning for my future.


I consider the best thing to be The stuff to do. There is always something going on. You never have to look very hard to find something to do on campus or off. It is nice because it is hard to sty bored with so much going on around and it is hard not to get involved in something. I like that becuse sometimes I want to go find something to do and it is not a hard task. I think that it also has made school more enjoyable because I'm never bored.


The best thing about my school is that they offer a great education. There are many great leaders who have came out of school.


Nevada was recently declared a top-10 school in the nation for its greek life, I belive this is just one of the best things Nevada has to offer.


I honestly love the fact that the University of Nevada always has something to do. Regardless of your age, the University has all inclusive activities to help promote unity around the University.


The absolute best thing about my school is the spirit; the intense feeling of pride every member of the Wolf Pack has is so exciting and refreshing for a college campus. The school has many traditional events hosted by ASUN every year that all students are able to attend for free; these events are great ways for students to release stress, make new friends, and support their school teams with pride!


The best thing about the University of Nevada-Reno, in my opinion, is the cohesiviness between students and facualty and the sense of community the University fosters. Facualty members are always willing to help students in whatever way they can. The school is a breeding ground for school spirit - everyone comes together at events and cheers our university on.


What I consider best about the University of Nevada Reno, or UNR to the students, is the diversity on campus. I love being able to meet and take classes with people from all over the world. They have outstanding programs for everything from science and medicine to music and dance to foreign languages and education.


The best thing about the University of Nevada, Reno is the passion that is felt during the football games against the Univerisyt of Nevada, Las Vegas.


The best thing about the University of Nevada Reno is that the campus and environment are amazing. The campus is beautiful and the campus life is great. Anytime of day you can walk on to campus and see people studying outside or playing frisbee in the quad. It is just a great environment for learning.


The best thing about my school is the atmosphere and college lifestyle accomodations. Every one is friendly and willing to help new people; making everyone feel welcomed.


The best thing about the University of Nevada Reno is how it feels like home. The campus is lively and positive as students travel from one state-of-the-art center to the next. The student union center is right next to the enchanting library. I can study and eat brain food all in the same place. Professors take the time to answer my questions, even though I'm one of one hundred fifty students, and campus security is available 24 hours. When I need to pull an "all-nighter", UNR is there to help and keep me safe.


The people here are what really sets it apart from other schools. I was able to find people in my field of study with similar goals so that we could play off of each other's motivations and challenge each other to do well.


The best thing about attending the University of Nevada-Reno is the community. Once you step on campus you feel like you are something more than just a student, you are there to make a difference and achieve your dream. I feel so much support from the community to help me do anything I set my mind to. I have become a better student, friend, and most important part of the pack community.


The best thing about my school is the reputation that it has when a degree is obtained and the student applies for a job. The employers hire with ease if the applicant has a degree from this university.


I think the strong emphasis on research makes the University of Nevada, Reno very different from other schools. It encourages students to come up with their own ideas and to think about things from other perspectives. Research will always be important in science, psychology, education, and a variety of other important areas. This school makes sure that every major on campus examines the potential for future research amongst it's studetns.


The best thing about my college is the atmosphere. Being in Reno you get to have a little bit of city mixed with a college town. Our football games are a lot of fun and the campus spirit is high. We have new buildings and our older brick buildings give our school a little bit of the old mixed with the new.


UNR has a lot of resources for the students. Between the new knowledge center and the free tutoring offered for most classes, students have a lot at their disposal if they need more study material. There seems to be a lot of graduates working for the University as well, which is nice if you are graduating soon but are unsure where you can start in your career. A friend who just graduated was able to enroll in a program for internship credit that eventually led to a job and work experience in his field, all while being a student.


The best thing about the University of Nevada Reno is that the staff and students really help you find resources and information about your major or give ideas where to start. This campus has a great student government association puts on a lot of events during the school year that allows for students to easily make friends and participate. As well there are numerous places on campus to study and resources such as free tutoring to help you in your as academic success.


For me, the best thing about the school is the educators. I am in the music department and nearly all of the professors, inside and outside of the department, have had a profound impact on both my creative perspective and time management. The recording and mastering program is exceptional as well as highly ranked nursing program. But the personal interaction with peers and teachers in unmatched for true learning. This institution has a tremendously knowledgeable and personable faculty and they have influenced me beyond my now previous assumptions.


Besides my major, everything about the school is great .


I have really enjoyed the student body at my for this first year. They are all very nice and helpful when it comes to class advisement, finacial aid, and student health. We have many sporting events that all students get in free for and the times for classes and the events are different from each other so we have the chance to attend. There are many clubs and sororities/fraternities, that focus on education and the needs of each student.


The University of Nevada Reno is very bright and upbeat. There are many resources to help you achieve the most in your educational career while attending the college. The school also offers networking to benefit you with your post graduation career goals. I really like how helpful the professors are !


The fact that the student center and the library is regularly open to midnight. During finals week, hours at the library are extended and the student center is open for 24 hours. For the sports fanatic, game days are generally very exciting. It is always great to see the whole town so supportive of the school's sport teams.


I consider the athletic program the best thing about my school. The city of Reno is really involved in its Wolfpack athletic programs and most of the sporting events sell out. The football games are enjoyable and the basketball games are fun as well. Everyone dresses in it's schools colors: blue and white and silver during the school sporting events and everyone is cheering their hardest throughout the whole game. Some of the sporting event games are televised on ESPN so that makes coming to the games even more enjoyable. The whole school supports is Wolfpack.


The guidence councilors are absolutly wonderful at their jobs. They are very easy to get a hold of and truly have answers to all of the questions you ask. They do a great job of laying out a plan that you can follow and graduate as quickly as possible.


The best thing about my schooling is how much it pushes me to be excellent at everything I do. School has given me to tools to tackle anything I want and overcome it. The diligence, concentration and hard work that school requires can be applied to any and all different avenues. I love learning about the beautiful world and about the beautiful people in it. I love being part of a school body with a love of knowledge and excellence. I love drinking coffee while studying on a snowy Wednesday morning at 9:00 am while listening to music.


The best thing about our school is the way that everyone is so welcoming. The welcome center gives prospective students all of the neccessary tools needed to succeed. Professors are always willing to help you inside and outside of the class. The students that attend our university are friendly and make you feel like you are part of a family. UNR is a great college because there is such an array of various ethic backgrounds. Everyone's religion, race, and gender is accepted. I have never seen any harsh treatment for anyone at UNR.


There are great aspects to the University such as the tutoring center where any student can go to with questions and know for a fact that they will be tended to. Also, professors hold office hours and are willing to meet with their students as long the student is willing to make an effort.


The best thing about the University of Nevada, Reno, to me, is that I get to be close to home with my family. I am from Garnderville, Nevada, which makes UNR an hour or so long drive to my house and home town. As much as I'd like to be away in a totally new city, experiencing all new things, I do love that I get to be so close to home and see my family, which includes my mother, father, and two younger brothers.


The best thing about my school is the chance I have for finding my future. I am involved in many things around my campus and have met many great people along the way in my past two years there. The influence my school has on me is helping me determine what is important to me and what goals I want to reach in my future.


My school offers every student the opportunity to strive for excellence and surpass their self-made goals and expectations in life. The beautiful campus has numerous attractions and views over the snow-capped mountains.


The best thing about my school is the school spirit and the respect that students have for their university, staff, and peers. Despite the flaccid support Nevada provides its education system, students embrace their learning experience with pride and diligence.


The best thing or experience you get at UNR is the help. The staff here goes above and beyond to help students succeed. that is their may priority. Opportunity, advise and help is all over the campus and its up to the student to seek for it.


The best thing about my school is the school spirit that I feel here. When the surround campus and students is proud of the institution, then that makes all the incoming freshman and trasnfer students want to excel to make the University the best it can be.


The campus at this school is wonderful. Very clean, safe and beautiful. There are tons of places to study, my favorite is the Knowledge Center-a huge library with MARS technology, hundreds of computers, quiet study areas, group study areas and individual study areas. I also spend a lot of time in the Joe Crowley Student Union, my friends and I are always in their for coffee, lunch or to visit the two story ASUN bookstore. Another cool part of campus is the quad with gives the campus an eastern feel. I love spending time on campus in any weather.


The best thing about my school, thus far, is the amount of help the councelors give you. They are very knowledgable, friendly, and patient when it comes to students asking questions and seeking information about certian degrees.


The best thing about my school would be the warm friendly atmosphere around it and the helpfulness they give to their students who need it.


In the begginning there were a lot of oppurtunities for help financially and scholarly, since the economy has crashed that has not been the case. However, at one time the willingness to help was the best.


I believe the best thing about the school is the view. It is very easy to go sit anywhere on campus and to be in a serene environment. There were plenty of relaxing places to sit and study in peace.


If you are a BAS at UNR they will bend over backwards to help you. The members of the staff are much more helpful and professional and the school is currently working to fund the sciences at all costs, despite the budget cuts.


I believe the best thing about my school is the new Knowledge Center or Library. It is simply amazing and uses the MARS system that enables students to access reading material and any reference from the library in a matter of seconds. It also accomodates students and allows them to have a place to study and is a fantastic learning environment. It has helped me properly prepare for my finals and learn material more succesfully than if I had attempted to learn it in any other environment.


The school spirit and sense of community. You really feel connected to everyone. Everyone is quite nice, and there are lots of activites to get to meet people for freshman and transfer students.


The faculty and staff are very helpful.


The University of Nevada, Reno has rigorous engineering programs. The engineering programs are 10-15 credit hours more than other degrees, as well as having no room for elective classes in the classical sense. While UNR is a fairly public university, its engineering programs are esteemed. As a chemical engineering major, I find that attending UNR to get my degree will prepare me for whatever lies ahead after I graduate. Not only are the engineering departments great, but the general math and science deptarments are also very good. But mainly I attend UNR because it is in my home town.