University of Nevada-Reno Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


My fellow engineering students and the way we help each other.


Everyone forms their niche. It doesn't matter if you felt like you didn't belong in high school, you can find someplace to belong here.


The school cirriculum is execellent. The advising school of pyschology is very goo, I have never been so confident and comfortable speaking to an advisor about my education. After speaking to the pyschology advisor, I knew I was picking the right major for me.


The best thing about school are a couple of things. First the different people with different backrounds and the amount of knowledge that is offered. I've only been attending University of Nevada, Reno for a week and I've learned a great deal of information that will be essential for me in life. I've also meet some great people from across the world: Russia and even Germany. Both of them are a couple of my classes and it's wonderful to hear other opinions and people with other ideas besides the U.S.


the campus is beautiful


Tuition is relatively cheap, even for an out-of-state student like myself, and I can take 21undergrad. credits per semester. As I love taking classes (and as that is, in fact, why I'm at university), this thrills me to no end. And I can take classes that I like a lot--there are classes on so many different things!


My University is known for many things; depending on your own particular interests you might hold one contribution higher than the others. I know my school for its campus activities. We have our own theater on campus that shows a free movie every Thursday night. We have salsa dancing every Friday. There are always new art exhibits, plays and recitals on campus. We also have our sports and lots of fans that accompany it, intramural and varsity alike.


I consider the best thing at Nevada is that everyone is easy going and friendly. The Student Union is one of the nicest buildings that Nevada has to offer. Also, the over flowing amount of knowledge that is coming out of the University is incredible. Nevada may not be an Ivy League School but it is getting more and more knowledge to better the University and those that attend it. Yes, out of state would have been nice but Nevada gives me the chance to do things in Reno that I would have never known where there.


The new state of the art librairy (knowledge center). User friendly, many computers, a great place to study.


The best thing about the University of Nevada, Reno is the career oriented majors and classes offered. Because of this, students are goal oriented and tend to graduate on time with high GPA's. This also encourages students to work with each other and use outside resources.


The best thing about my school is that it is not too large, so I am able to walk everywhere within 20 minutes.


there is opportunity to receive almost any degree major because of the size of the school and qualified teaching staff here.


I think my school has great programs whether it's in the medical field or education or business. We may not be the top ranked school but a lot of our programs our great. I also love how most of our professors are experts in their field.


The best thing about the University of Nevada, Reno is a man-made lake that is located near the end of campus. It is settled between Manzanita (all girls dorm) and old brick buildings. There are many various birds hanging around. In the lake there are three water fountains. When the sun is setting the colors cast a beautiful aspiring awe of nature's beauty.


I love the location of the school, and the feeling of all of the old buildings. It has a beautiful campus that seems to be alive at anytime, day or night. There is always something going on, so I feel safe walking around at night. I feel completely at home at UNR and know I made the right undergraduate decision.


How much someone can get involved in everything that goes on around campus.


It's a small university, which reasonably allows for more personal opportunity for students to interact with their instructors and to have access to a broader range of equipment than what they normally would have.


The best thing about this school is the libary and all its resorces. I was able to find anything and thats why its the best thing.


I love the fact that people in various faculties can develope a relationship with their student. For instance I major in Music and my music faculty knows who I am and I can ask them for advice. Unr seems more accesible than some other schools I have heard about and everything such as stores ,ect is much accesible as well. There's no cut-throat competition.


The students are the best part of UNR. They are filled with life and are ready to live. Many of the students at UNR share a common bond of the love of the outdoors so it is always easy to make friends. There is enormous diversity at this school, as well. There are people of different races, ecomic statuses, backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs. These students are also hard-working and driven and I trust that most students at this school will flourish and be extremely successful down the road.


The best thing about my school is the scenery around the campus. It's absolutely beautiful!


I love the environment. The campus is small and they places on campus where we can study outside to enjoy nature.


There are two things I really love about my school. One, it's extremely diverse and you can find just about any culture roaming around campus. Two, the location. It is located in the heart of the mountains, so if you like to hike, ski, swim or do anything out doors you can and only drive an hour or so to get there.


The education is very affordable and if you set your heart and mind to it you will discover amazing professors that give their all to the students. The school carries no big name, but perhaps because of this it is surprisingly pleasant to have the best library and technology in the nation. The campus is one of the most beautiful places in Reno, it is well maintained, peaceful and unpretentious. The same thing I can confidently say about the staff and faculty and the students. Great learning can be found here, surrounded by the beautiful mountains!


How a lot of students will come out and support our school in any types of events.


I would have to say the school spirit and the social activities.


Since I have graduated, I have found that I can still contact my past professors, facutly, and advisors for any help, guidance, or favors. They have completely confirmed everything that they always said they would do.


The entire community rallies behind the University.


In the University of Nevada, Reno, people are very accepting and friendly. In other campuses I have been on, people seem to be in a rush and don't really converse with each other but in UNR, people are always making random conversations with strangers. I have never had a problem making new friends at this school and I meet someone new every week!


The opportunities for exposure, especially as a journalism student are endless. The magazine, the newspaper, writing for the site, and Reno's local publications are all very welcoming to incoming writers.


At the University of Nevada, Reno, the professors are not just Ph.D.'s with no practical experience. Most of them have spent over ten years working in the field of study for which they teach. This knowledge of the actual working world provides immeasurable value to their courses as they not only are able to emphasize the important topics, but also are able to give sound, useful advice pertaining to our future. On top of that, on the whole, the professors here also take an active interest in our, the students', future plans.


The academic surrounding and the social life. There is always something going on and something to do. All of the academic clubs also add a huge impact on campus, as well as the Greek system.


the history


I love the campus, i can sit under a tree and study. I also chose it because it is the only college in this state that teaches Japanese and i am very interested in that, the teachers here are wonderful, helpful and work with my schedule. The support is amazing.


The best thing about the university are all of the resources on campus. If you have a question about something, you have access to the internet, books, and it's likely that a couple professors have the answer. Everyone is so knowledgeable and willing to help you get out into the real world on your own. Most teachers have been involved with the field they're teaching so they can guide you in the right direction.


The school offers many science classes and CORE classes are offered online for those with work or other important respoonsibilities.


The best thing that has happened to me while attending the University of Nevada Reno, would be joining my sorority Delta Gamma. It not only gave me the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people, but there are so many leadership opportunities and community service hours that I was able to participate in. It keeps me involved and it was definitely one of my best college experiences!


I love UNR because of all the opportunities it provides for its students. If something isn't available that a student would like to see happen, the university gives its full support on helping that student accomplish their goals. The school is big but there is a sense of belonging on campus, and a lot of school spirit. UNR also places emphasis on finding a major/career that will make a student happy, not necessarily something that will make them lots of money, which is something I admire.


I love this school! The best thing is the campus. Great buildings (new and old), pretty surroundings and awesome on-campus living. It's big, but not too big and is definitely bike/pedestrian friendly.


The look of the campus, i just feel at home when i am there.


The overall campus and location.


Considering that I haven't been to other colleges to compare what they're like. I 'd say that the best thing about UNR is their attempts to keep residents active by giving them activites especially given the lack of many off campus activities around campus.