University of New England Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


UNE is very focused on meshing both academic experience and field experience simultaneously


My school is a challenging school that makes students work hard for their grades and gives them an education that will provide then with the knowledge they will need for their career.


A beautiful campus with great loving people.


My school has a beautiful beach nearby.


University of New England is a school where people who are highly motivated are given the tools to succeed in their respective field, while enjoying the benefits of a beautiful campus and a close knit community.


University of New England is a fantastic ocean-front school.


The University of New England has a lot of promise, has beautiful scenery, and offers its students a wide range of opportunities for studying, interships, volunteer work, and eventually job options and graduate school.


The University of New England is costly, but you get the best education, and the staff and professors are extremely helpful.


The University of New England is a nice little school on the coast of Maine that has an amazing Biology program.


The UNE community is like one big family, and there are many people around to help you get through classes, or any issues you are facing.


UNE is the perfect place to get involved, to learn about what interests you most and to realize that any goal is possible as long as there is a well thought out plan behind it.


Great education and socially fun at the same time.


It is a friendly environment.


My school is friendly and acidemically based on a small/medium sized beautiful campus.


Great place for an education but the weekends can be boring if you don't know upperclassmen.


My college is a school of small classes and tolerance.


The University of New England provides a good education but at the cost of a smaller atmoshpere and little else to do on weekends. There are a few activities but not all the time.


Very homey feel, an interesting, yet quiet place to be.