University of New England Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


UNE is a mid-sized school with big ambitions. It is always growing and looking out for the best interest of the students that attend the University. My time at UNE has been more than delightful and I have made great connections with my peers, faculty and staff members as well as members of the surrounding Biddeford and Saco area. The opportunities given to the students at UNE allow them to become more than just a face in the crowd. Through on or off campus leadership opportunities, study abroad opportunities, and research opportunities, I feel that UNE's students are making a positive impact in Southern Maine as well as all over the world. When I tell people that I go to UNE, people are usually impressed, and ask more about my studies and the location; two things that I am very proud of. UNE is located on the beautiful coast of Maine, and we are lucky enough to have our own private beach! As far as academics go, there is something here for everyone whether you want that hands-on experience in Marine Biology or want to make connections in the field through the Nursing, Dental Hygiene, Environmental Science and Education programs. On campus, you can always find people hanging out in Windwad Cafe, or The Hang to grab something to eat or see a live musical performance, magician, and more! UNE is definitely a great place to be!


The best part about the school is the vicinity to the beach. It is right on the ocean, and the surrounding area is a summer beach house town. The town of Biddeford is very sketchy, and nothing happens there. I would change the food, I don't think there is one person that brags about the dining hall. There isn't anything that says college town about Biddeford, its an old rundown mill town. There is no school spirit, here and the sports are very sub par. I spend a majority of my time at the beach, and in the lounge.