University of New England Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


There are so many bugs that bite you within three seconds.


The most frustrating thing about my school probably happens at most schools. Most weeks are pretty easy going with a few assignments throughout the week and then others are full of projects and tests to study for. This makes for a weird time trying to manage my time from week to week.


The food is very unhealthy in my opinion, I try to diet and exercise and the food service makes it difficult to be healthy.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the course requirements for freshmen and sophomores because I already know everything I am learning in these first 2 years from high school and none of those courses pertain to my major which is occupational therapy.


The school is an amazing school that offers many opportunities yet, does not have a large student body. This tends to be a frustrating factor that students must deal with when attending this school. This means there are smaller class sizes which promote student teacher relationships but it also means that you meet the same people and often have many of the same people throughout your classes. It is also difficult on the weekends because many students choose to go home. This only causes the already small student body to dwindle.


some unprofressional teachers


The most frusterating thing is because it is a small campus there is still some high school drama.


It is expanding too quickly and the focus is more on new enrollment. it seems as though the older students have been forgotten about.


Sometimes I feel left out because of my financial status and sometimes its hard to find something to do.


I feel that the most frusterating thing about my school is that there are so many clubs and organizations that I want to be involved with, but it is impossible to fit everything in. It seems that campus events are not always spread out enough.