University of New England Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


This is a very academic based school, you come her to get your work done. Everyone is really friendly and willing to help. The campus is beautiful, but you have to be ready to do your part and work very hard in what every major you decide.


I wish I had done more research on all the majors that are offered at this school and to check out the campus more. I also would have asked more people about their opinions about the school's social life and academic life.


I wish I would have known how small the classes were and how small the dorming was, so I could have some sooner! I went to a community college first because I wasn't ready for big classes and crowded dorms.


This school has housing problems, there are always people on the waiting list and the seniors are kicked off of campus.


What the level of interaction the professors have with their students. I wish I had known that I would be expected to work mostly independently and that some professors are hard to get ahold of. Also I wish I had known how small the business department was.


Honestly there is nothing i found out after i started going here that would have effected my decision by nowing it beforehand.


I wish I had realized how important it is to be outgoing and immediately put yourself out there at school to make friends and join clubs. I am doing that more this year than I did last year, but it is so great if you can do it right at the beginning. The more people you meet and the more activities you participate in, the richer your college experience. Just don't get so busy that you burn yourself out!


How much it was going to cost me to attend the school, not just the tuition and room and board. But money used to go out to eat and enjoy time with friends; basically just to keep up with people who were much better off than I am.




The acceptance rates, or that they would accept more students than they can handle in the doorms, now I have to live off campus senior year.