University of New Hampshire at Manchester Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about this school is the heating/air conditioning. In the University Center, the third floor is almost always freezing no matter the weather outside. Even in summer, bring a sweatshirt! I understand that the old mill buildings are difficult to heat and cool effectively, but it would be nice to not need a jacket in the warmer months. The other floors aren't that bad, it's just that paricular one. Unfortunately, that's where the science labs are. The system they do have is also kind of distracting as far as noise goes.


The only problem I have with the University of New Hampshire at Manchester -- specifically -- is their lack of language classes. It isn't possible to obtain a Minor in a language at UNHM because they don't offer enough courses for a student to earn 20 credits in a single language.


I consider the worst thing about my school to be the fact that it does not have an actual campus. I think that having a campus and dorms would make it more social and welcoming. I played sports in high school and if I could play them at my school I am at, I would be more socialable I feel. Also the lack of out of school activities is pretty bad. There are not many activities that go on out of school hours, it does not make it feel like a college setting.


There are some problems involveing lab facilities. Because, UNHM is a branch from UNH in Duhram, it is not having enough lab for physics cources. it is a good school but it doesnt offer much classes. That is the reason many students have to drive to Duhram which is 45 minutes away. It is even worst in the winter with the snow storm. in my opinion, the school should have more professors and offer more classes for students' conviniences.