University of New Hampshire at Manchester Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and talk to myself I who tell myself I deserve more than I think I do. Your education and choice of major is about you and no one else. Focus on what you love and don't do it for any one but yourself. You are the one that has to live with the choices and pay for the classes so choose wisely. If you want to go for something stop second guessing yourself. If is unhealthy for your mind and body. Never skip class, because you are costing yourself money and knowledge everytime. Take time to have fun, the older you get the less time you have for fun. Be smart with the fun you choose to have, because the people around you has an effect on your life, choices, and where you may end up. You have made an incredible choice to continue school and get a degree, so now do not waste that. Give it all you have and never look back.


Please, high school Nicole, start on scholarships early! Get money to afford to transfer up to Durham! I know your senior year's been rough, but you have to go to school to achieve your dream! Badger Dad to finish the FAFSA before the night it's due. Don't listen to your "advisor," she'll make you wait too long! You won't be able to afford your first choice at this rate! Don't put off anything that could potentially get you free money. Don't worry about dorm life and roommates, either. Use "Do you mind if..." while decorating or picking sides. Don't hog all the nice furniture, either. Gather up some confidence, leave your door open, ask a group of people if they want to go get dinner. Making friends is easy, you can do it! Drink a lot of water, eat healthy, and excersize! You're paying for all of it, anyway. Make use of the library, too. It's a great place to study. Don't forget to get involved, either! Joining clubs is the best way to make new friends!


Take a deep breath, think of this: Do you want to go to class, go to work, and go home? Or would you rather get involved on campus and make friends and open new doors to different opportunities? I suggest that you get involved on campus at the college you choose by utilizing on campus resources, participating in on campus events, joining an on campus club, participating in community service, and maybe even applying for an on campus job! These are all ways to become more involved and a great way to make the best out of your college experience. In addition, stay organized. Get a planner, and highlighters, and sticky notes. Make sure you are always focused. Develop a master schedule, that way you can balance social life, work , and academics. This can all be done, but you MUST believe in yourself. And remember, there is always space for improvement, so do not be TOO hard on yourself!


The best advice I would give myself is to sit down with an advisor and make sure that I am matched up with the appropriate class in what I would want to study. Also, since I am a student that have been affected by the new Pell Grant regulation, I would choose my classes wisely. I woundn't just take a class for fun. I didn't know this. Now as an adult, single mother of three and working only part-time, I have found out that I will not have enough grants to finish my education. I only have five classes left, but no grants to help me pay for it. If I would have had sat down with an advisor sooner, I would have had a clearer path towards my career goals. Perhaps, I would have had my bachelors degree by now. Sometime life gets in the way and we might loose focus, however, an advisor will always have it in writing what exactly a student needs to reach their dreams. That is why I thank Coleen Bolton in UNH-M for guiding me towards my goal.


First you should have at least a part time job so you can pay some towards tuition. College is not high school, it is up to you to go to class but if you choose not to go then you do not get a second chance. College does not warn you of possible failing a grade, you don't pass you do the whole class over again. You pay per credit so if you fail a class you must pay for those credits again and for instance 1 credit equals $200.00 an average class is 3 credits so I suggest not to fail a class. You are an adult and you are expected to act like one, respect others and they shall respect you. College can be very overwhelming but it pays in the long run with the feeling of I am proud of myself for I am acomplishing my dream and no one can take that from me. Always be prepared because it helps you relax. College assumes most of your time only if you want to accomplish what you have set out to do and it is worth it.


If I could travel back to my senior year of high school, I would tell 18-year-old William Robidoux to wake up and look around at the future he's making for himself. I would tell him to really think about the cost he's planning to rack up in pursuit of higher education -- not just think to himself, "Oh, man, paying for college is going to ruin my life, I can't even imagine it." I would tell him to begin writing furiously, mailing every potential scholarship program with essays to try and win grants and aid. I would tell him to find a job that would help him pay for college, like CVS. I would tell him to stop listening to his friends who are dropping out or giving up. And I would tell him to start working on his lower abdomen. If I had started doing some core exercises and crunches two years ago, I would have a perfect beach body for this upcoming summer.


i would tell myself to invest my time in learing time management skills. It is very necessary to become a master of your time. You can be the best student with understanding information but if you cannot manage your time, you will not be able to properly balance your schoolwork, social life, and a proper sleep schedule. I would also tell myself to make sure to build healthy relationships. I was dating a girl during my sophmore year in college, we broke up and i was devistated and it severly effected my schoolwork. If i could go back now, i would tell myself to take care of me and not worry about the small stuff either.


I have gotten a lot out of my college experience. I have been bored in some classes as well as challenged in others, I enjoy the small class sizes, and I have done things I never imagined myself doing. My first semester of college, I made Dean's list, my second semester I did well, and my third semester I did not do as well as I had hoped, but I look at it as an opportunity for learning, it has proved to me that college can be challenging and I am up for that challenge. My first year of college I did not join any clubs or organizations, I had an outside job and focussed on my academics. My second year of college I decided to get involved, I joined the volunteer group, Students in Action, as well as became a Peer Assistant Leader ( a peer mentor to first year students). Joining these two groups has made my college experience so much better. I have met some great people and helped the community as well. I beleive that forming a bond with not only your school, but the people in it is an important part of going to college.


After almost two years at UNHM I have learned alot about myself acedemically and emotionally. Belive it or not i was initially dissapointed to be attending there because of financial issues at other schools. It was a one bulding school with no extended campus. However, after my first year i realized I was recieving the same education, if not better, while saving thousands of dollars in dorming and meal plans. I also realized the small classes at UNHM are the perfect learning environment for my needs as a student and the teachers actually love to spend out of class hours with you, whether is be extra help or just sitting down for a good talk over some coffee. The tecahers here dont need teacher aids they love to connect with their students and enjoy being on campus as much as we do. It's almost impossible not to connect with your teachers in this one building school, everywhere you turn your bound to bump into them, at the vending machine, the lounge, or the halls. I have made many friendships at UNHM that will helpfully propell me in life and future employment oppertunities. I'm extremely glad I'm attending.


Last summer, I interned at Child and Family Services. My internship involved shadowing an at-home visitor that helped at risk pregnant teenagers. It gave me the ability to network while gaining field experience. The girls we visited received us with opened arms and looked forward to our weekly visits. I felt like I was improving their lives by helping them learn how to be a good parent. Even though I didn't receive my bachelor's degree in psychology yet, the girls looked to me for advice. I told them numerous times that I wasn't a trained counselor, but they insisted that my advice was very helpful to them. I became a form of social support for these girls. It felt great to be learning about my field of study while helping people at the same time. I am now looking forward to helping more people with my college degree.


Time plays an important role in every person life. No one can know what thier future can be. however, someone will have a good future with a good education from colleges. Collegess is a good foundation from which people built their future. We are the way we are had a big impact from the past. By knowing college life, everone should have prepared for colleges by trying as hard as they can to have a good grade. Education and passing the class with honor will be coming first before all night partying, drinking. These factor contributes to the failure in colleges. Moreover, knowing our dream and what we will choose for carrier should be the goal. As a individual in the planet, we should have a goal which could bring us to go further in the future. Having this knowledge, we are able to teach out next genaration to have a better idea about thier colleges, thier future in case they are lost and do not know where they should begin and what they will do with thier life. Life is too short to fingure out what dream is.


Its not what you think it is! college is overrated and commuter campus is so much better