University of New Hampshire-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


University of New Hampshire give everyone so many opportunites.


A large collection of excentric and intellectual individuals, in a beautiful and accomidating campus.


This university is challenging, beautiful, intriguing, and filled with mass amounts of wildcat pride.


My schools is large, underestimated, and well-equiped.


An exciting atmosphere filled with friendly people and teachers willing to help you at any moment of the day.


Very rewarding experience if you make yourself availble to get out there and meet people.


UNH is big and fun, fairly easy to get around - on and off campus; good food, good people who believe in themselves and their school.


UNH is an a beautiful school engrossed with many fun, exciting and educational oppurtunities for everyone.


Very friendly and diverse, allowing students from many different places with many different interests to attend and feel like they fit in.


The University of New Hampshire is a unique school in a rural setting. I chose this school due to it's reputation as an excellent academic institution, as well as its close proximity to Boston, Hampton Beach, and the White Mountains.


University of New Hampshire, Durham is inviting and full of varieties of majors and activities that make your experience worth having an education.


Unh is a great example of a state school that remains both competitive and caring of its students needs. The infrastructure of the school seems to be largely focused on keeping students lives running smoothly. At Unh, there is a large variety of extra curricular activities and oppurtunities aimed at giving each individual student experiences that they would enjoy. Proffesors at Unh are highly accomadating, love to spend time with students both in and out of class time, and are exptremely approachable in most cases.


UNH is a liberal, friendly, academically-driven university that keeps its students and faculty proud.


A sense of community among students distinguishes UNH from larger universities.


UNH is full of school spirit and there is always something fun to do while not completeing school work.


Lots of opprotunities to do anything you could ever want to do.


UNH has a beautiful campus. At the top of the hill you will see the large clock on Thompson Hall and the lawns filled with lounging students on a sunny day. Students are always outside playing games, studying, or grabbing a coffee on Main Street. The little Main Street strip has cute little coffee shops and restaurants, as well as the campus's bar scene. During the day and afternoon people can be seen sitting outside of the shops and at 1am on the weekends there are lines out the doors at Camco and DHOP, the open late food places right by the bars! The academic buildings vary, some extremely nice and new, and others weathering. However, new construction and upgrades seem to always be taking place.


There are very different types of people that attend school here and this contributes to the larger diversity that is evident in the student body.


UNH has a beautiful campus, outstanding academics, and a wide-array of extracurriculars avaibable.


UNH is a beautiful campus with something to offer to make any student feel at home.


UNH is an evironment that supports those who are career focused, both academically and for the future.


Be prepared to party.


UNH has something for everyone.


The University is fun, crazy, hockey-obsessed, falling apart, building up, going green, expanding, and most importantly, the place I call home.


The school you dream of.


The University of New Hamsphire is an amazing institution with enhanced educational, athletic, and social opportunities for its intellectual and diverse student body.


The University of New Hampshire is a public university where students learn more about themselves through social situations which helps them achieve their degrees more than through learning about their specific fields in a classroom.


Full of oppurtunities for any type of student.


It's located in a beautiful New England town where there's tons to do all in walking distance for the weekends and so much learning going on during the week!


What sets UNH apart from other school is that they have an assortment of majors to pick from and professors are more likely to sit down and take time to help you when it’s needed. One big thing that grabbed my attention when applying to school was that UNH was the only school that had an undergraduate research program. That is what sold me on the school especially wanting to go into research later in life after I have finished all my schooling.


The University of New Hampshire consists of an extremely friendly community, as well as a beautiful campus. All of the Professors I have had so far, made an effort to know who I was as a person, as well as push me to the best of my ability to excell in my studies. The students are always welcoming to new individuals, and love to have a fun time throughout the school year.


This school is filled with overwelming opportunities, the friendships I have aquired and the knowledge from the one semester that I have attended there makes me excited for the next four years at UNH.


The University of New Hampshire is a mid-sized, public university, that provides opportunites for all types of students which are looking to receive numerous types of degrees in several different fields and areas of interest.


Beautiful, typical New England charm with brick buildings and winding walkways. Spread over a decent area that requires a bit of walking but nothing crazy by any means. Plenty of wooded areas to walk through between classes and a true college towny campus feel.


UNH is a great place to live and learn while making connections that will last a lifetime.


The University of New Hampshire has provided me with some of the best experiences of my life, and because of these experiences I confidently say that I am ready to create a path for myself and follow through in all of my ambitions.


My school is academically challenging but lots of non-academic fun as well!


The University of New Hampshire is a diverse college, with a strong emphasis on education and career goals, but leaves room for hockey and football season!


UNH has a beautiful campus and a fairly wide variety of majors to choose from.


I'm so proud of my school because i have seen a lot of effort in this school, for me is an authentic school a helpfull school that enouages every single student to develop their education even though they have disablities, i have seen a lot of disabilities people here at school that keep continuing study because the help that school brings to them. in my opinion this school is interesting in the student as a person and this help the student to feel more confmortable in keep continuing thei studies. the school has a lot of opportunites.


The University of New Hampshire is a place where everyone has a purpose. There are so many different clubs that you could find a group of people that share the same passions/hobbies if you tried not to. There are also several sororities and fraternities people can join if they are looking to become involved in the community and build life long friendships. It has various general education courses people from all different majors can explore and it is a great place to spend an undergraduate education at.


Overall it's an amazing school but people need to pick their classes based on the professors that are teaching it not the times, some professors are great while others are horrible.


UNH is a diverse, friendly, outdoor oriented, going green committed, university.


UNH is a beautiful, fun, and comfortable school where academics are held to the highest standards and all students are treated with the highest level of respect.


It is a small, close-knit commnunity that has a lot to offer academically, athletically, aesthetically, and socially.


The svivacious, active, and creative students at the beautiful campus of the University of New Hampshire are constantly pursuing exciting lives through academics and community involvement.


My school is a lot of fun. It is medium to large in size so you get to meet a lot of people. I have met many new friends and I am having a lot of fun. Watching the sporting events has been great. The hockey team is fun to watch and my classmates and myself have a great time at the games. My classes have been good so far as well. The teachers have been willing to help when needed. I plan to use their support more as I need it over the next couple of years.


The University of New Hampshire is a great place to grow academically and as a person.


Although it is difficult to describe the University of New Hampshire in a single sentence, it is easy to tell how great a sense of community exists on campus whether in the classroom with a professor, in a dorm environment with resident assistants and hallmates, or at a campus event.


UNH offers something for everyone,whether it be academics or extracuricular activities you can always find something different to see or do.