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Tell us about the food and dining options.

The food at UNH is delicious! I'm a junior and I still live in a dorm because I simply cannot fathom making my own food. I eat at the dining hall everyday and the food is delicious. There are three dining halls on campus. If you live in a residence hall on campus, you are required to have a meal plan. You have the choice of the silver, gold, and platinum meal plans. They are all unlimited! Which means, you can access the dining halls 76 times a day if you wanted. No counting meals, no keeping track! The difference between the meal plans are dining dollars. Dining dollars are awarded to Gold and Platinum meal plan holders. They are basically an incentive for buying a larger unlimited meal plan. Dining dollars can be used at on-campus food locations that aren't dining halls. The food is great! One of my favorite days at the dining halls is Local Harvest Day! Local farmers contribute local food and products and the food made from them is absolutely delicious. All the dining halls get dressed up. The tables have white table cloths and fresh fall flowers in vases at every table. Its truly a celebration of the fall harvest. Its absolutely delicious

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There are 3 dining halls, Hoco (Holloway Commons), Stillings, and Philbrook (by the freshman dorms) strategically placed around campus so no dining hall is ever too far to walk to. There is also late night food places attached to the dining halls Wildkitty (Wildcatessan) and one at Philbrook. There is delicious food downtown as well, Village, JPs, and DHOP seem to be the most popular for pizza, subs, and Italian. We even have a plaza with a grocery store, "The Dump," actually known as Durham Marketplace, and Mexican and Asian restaurants. There are also restaurants on Main Street. We have food stands between class buildings where you can easily grab a bite between classes, and Zeke's at the Dimond Library kept me alive during serious study sessions. You will never go hungry at UNH, and from everywhere I ate over the course of 4 years, there isn't one place I would advise you to steer clear from.

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To fill your belly.

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