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What is your overall opinion of this school?


I think UNH is a perfect size school. when i tell people that i go to unh they always tell me its a good school. i spend most of my time on campus in my apartment complex the woodsides. Ifeel there is a lot of school pride, you can see it when you go to sporting events such as the football games and the hockey games. I cant pin point one experience that i will always remember, there have been to many so far at UNH.


I think UNH has lots of ways to get involved. There is really something for everyone to do. I love the size of UNH because it is big enough not to know everyone but small enough to really feel like you are on a campus. I think UNH is the perfect college town there are great places to eat, all the stores you need, and really anything you need is available. UNH has lots of school pride although I do not think it has as much as other schools. Hockey and football are two sports that UNH has lots of pride for.


Th campus is by far the best thing about the school, especially in the fall and spring. The academic builings are well kept and the student body is involved in many activites on campus.


Most of my time spent on campus is at my sorority house, even though I do not live there anymore. Durham is a college town. I have not seen much of the town besides what is on campus or within walking distance of UNH. Sometimes you forget that there is a real world outside of campus. I find myself getting lost in college life and have to remember to read the newspaper or talk to someone who is not in college to realize that we are in a kind of protected bubble. People can go days without hearing of a major national news headline but the news of something like Paris Hilton's arrest spreads like wildfire.


I think UNH is a good school but I think it needs to have more diversity and more oppurtunities for people to connect. I feel like groups and clicks form very easily and people tend to be categorized by what they do; the greek system and college democrats and rugby team never all do something together. I believe there is a lot of school pride but I also see the flaws to that. One experience I will always remember is coming here the first day when I transfered and how beautiful I thought it was.


UNH is a great school with a perfect college campus. The school is big enough that you don't know everybody, but small enough so that is it not overwhelming. It is close to the ocean and not too far from the mountains. If you want to venture off campus, Portsmouth is a wonderful place to go, only 15 minutes from UNH. UNH students are a wonderful mixture of kids all over New England, with a dash of some kids from other parts of the country. I love UNH and have never regreted coming to this school.


I love the size of the school and all of the different kinds of people that attend the school. I wish downtown was a little bigger, and there was a little more classier night life. Nicer resturants or bars.


UNH is just the right size. The best thing about UNH is that there is always something going on...whether it be a concert, sporting event, club, student org., a party, there is always something! ITS AWESOME!


The best thing about UNH for me is the location. It is only two hours away from my home which is far enough to be away, but not too far that I can't go home when i want to. One thing I'd change is the parking! There is nowhere to park on campus, especially the library. Many people spend long hours studying at the library and are there until it closes at 2am sometimes. A person should be able to drive home safely rather than walk home at 2am. I spend most of my time on campus at the field house (which is where my classes are located), the library, or my house. I like that there is a small college town. It's nice to be able to walk places, especially on the weekends. I have friends that go to bigger schools and always need to designate a DD when they go out. Since Durham is such a small college town, it allows students to walk everywhere, including the bars or house parties. I don't think there is that much school pride. Sometimes I wish I had gone to a school where sporting events were a much bigger deal than they are here. There are some people with a lot of school pride, but the majority don't have much of it.


UNH has a very challenging curriculum with students ready and willing to learn. Many sober social events are offered. Although their is a large population, students don't feel lost because the class sizes are just right. When I tell people I go to UNH, they say its a great school, but some people just talk about the parties. I spend most of my time on campus in my residence hall. It has a great college town with small shops and convenient restuarants. UNH has a very professional administration. The biggest recent controversy on campus is being evicted from housing only after having one strike for drinking. There is a lot of school pride. All the students love attending the football and hockey games. One of the best experiences I've had at UNH was joining the Alpha Phi sorority. I've made all my friends in Alpha Phi.


UNH has a large population. Sometimes it's ridiculous to think we house so many people in such a finite location. Durham is not a big town. There is a middle school and elementary school up the road, and kids walk around town just as much as adults and college kids. Sometimes the amount of students can be overwhelming, not only for other students, but for the programs as well. I recently changed my major because I felt I wasn't being cared for in the program I had applied for. I felt like a number. It was like I had no identity, and no one cared about my plans or integrity, or my wanting to do things my own way. In that sense, sometimes it seems like there are too many people here. But outside of the educational flaws, the town itself is very quaint. There is a single strip of shops, and a very dated plaza, and too many pizza places for one town. But the buses run frequently enough to take you to Dover or Newmarket when you need to expand your horizon a little. UNH is prideful in it's sports and academics. Hockey games are a big deal around here, and musical events really help to pull the community together. I think most people who go to UNH love it here. Parking, however, is a topic that gets many people frazzled. It seems that there is never enough parking, or it is too expensive, or the parking lots are in inconvenient locations. Parking is the biggest complaint on campus, hands down. Recently we've had four reported car thefts, and I think some good will come of that. The university will have to reevaluate their parking procedures, lot location and surveillance. UNH is a safe place, but this event has gotten some people worried. Why? It is pretty anomalous.


I think that UNH is a really good school, I love going here. It is just the right size, big enough that I don't know everyone on campus but small enough that I can always recognize a familiar face. When I tell people that I go to UNH they usually say good things about it, I think that it has a pretty good reputation. I spend most of my time on campus at my house. I also go to the gym a lot, that is one thing I would change, they definitely need a bigger gym for the number of students. That is one of the most common complaints I hear. I think there is a lot of school pride. I see a lot of people around campus wearing UNH tshirts or sweatshirts all the time. Most of the sports events are pretty packed, I think people are proud to go here.


UNH is a university that has a great deal to offer. There are so may different activityies for everyone that everyone can get involved. People are even able to start clubs of their own. UNH is just the right size as well. You are able to create a tight group of friends in a community; however; you can constantly be meeting new people every day. There is definitely a lot of school pride as well. People are always supporting the athletics and other club teams around campus.


-Alot of opportunity -I think that the school focuses too much on underage drinking and getting students in trouble for it -just right: size -they agree, the university offeres so much -mub, horton -college town -getting more difficult each year, unh is a great school, and should not be a "safety" school, so I think administration is on the right track -parking, always will be until changed, parking fines are out of control, and unh should offer free parking on campus- a parking garage should be highly considered in B Lot or C Lot -Yes, I seem to think we have alot school pride -nothin unusual that comes to mind -Greek Life and Alpha Phi -parking and arrests/housing issues for drinking- are both out of control and something needs to be done to tame these issues-there is much more to worry about than college students drinking, and how the students are treated (arrested/evicted from housing) is ridiculous and no student should be treated like that by the university; also the parking fines range from 50-150 dollars during winter parking ban and other ridiculous reasons. -


The size is fine, bigger wouldn't be bad, smaller would. It's a boring place to go to school, nothing to do on the weekends which is why there is such a high drinking rate...however this is different then a high party rate. People can drink in there rooms and not be "partying".


UNH is a large school that by your senior year seems to be small. By the end of your time here you know so many faces and so many people that you forget just how big the school really is. I always get good responses when I tell people I go to UNH. Especially when I say that I am in WSBE.


I think one of the most complained about things on campus is the strictness that was brought on by the former president and administration. Students feel like they can't go out on weekends and have a good time without the fears of being arrested. I think UNH's size is just right...small enough to recognize or know many people, but large enough to still meet new ones. There definitely could be more school pride, especially having experienced other schools down south and in the midwest where school pride is huge!!!


The best part of UNH is the surrounding campus. I grew up on the water and I think UNH is in the perfect location: close to Portsmouth, close to the beach, and small enough that you know your way around (eyes closed). It's a wonderful atmosphere to learn, meet, and experience everyting college is supposed to be.


I feel that UNH is the perfect size. It is big enough that it doesn't feel like high school where everyone knows everyone. It is small enough that most students don't feel too overwhelmed by its population or campus size. When I tell people I go to UNH, many people feel as though I only went here because I am from in-state and didn't want to go away from home. People are not surprised by my answer at all. I spend most of my time on campus in my sorority house.


The best thing about UNH is the diversity here, no one here is a carbon copy of another person. And everyone has a mind and a voice and is able to share their ideas. The administration here is ok. The one thing I would change about it though is that they need to have more snow days during the year. It gets extremely dangerous walking to class when buses are sliding around on the road. I also think that they need to be more positve about the greek life here on campus. We have such a bad image and it is completely false. The biggest controversy I feel is the lack of living space in the dorms and the cost to live here. Everything on campus is expesive from tuition to summer courses to just about everything else you can possibly think of. I love this school and its the right place for me I don't have one bad memory here.


One thing i would change is the parking at UNH. There's not enough of it!


I absolutely love UNH, I think it is the perfect size school in that you know a lot of people through rooming situations, through your major and through extra curricular activities. But in the same sense you still have privacy and everyone doesn't know everyone else's business. I really like the area that we are in, the town itself is taken over by the college but I like that. I like that we are near the ocean and also near a fun city (Portsmouth). I really enjoyed the activities on T-Hall lawn, the big outdoor movies especially.


I love UNH. I love the way that everyone is accepting of one another and the campus really feels like a community. It's nice how people interact with eachother and it's great to see people getting out there to know other people. I love that we have all sorts of opportunities to meet people as well. I think I meet a new person just about everyday.


I think UNH's size is perfect. I thought I wanted a small private school during my college search, but after visiting here I decided totally against that. UNH has such a beautiful campus, and I'm always meeting new people. However, it doesn't seem overwhelmingly large at all, and I run into the same people everyday.


The best thing about UNH is that it is such a beautiful campus. The brick building and the fact that it is so walking-friendly is great. I would change the location of it. It is kind of in the middle of nowhere. I love a big school. When I tell people I attend UNH, the first thing they usually say is "Heard the parties are crazy there," or something along the lines of that. I spend most of my time on campus in my dorm. I am currently enrolled in the WSBE program here and UNH and I dislike it very much. Some classes I feel are too hard to maintain the WSBE grading requirements. I am not really sure of the biggest controversy. Yes, UNH has a lot of school pride, especially when it comes to the mens football team in the fall and the hockey teams in the winter. One thing that students often complain about is that Durham is such a small town that it sometimes get a little boring.


Going to UNH I thought it would be too close to home and too large or a campus. The 45minute drive back to Goffstown, NH is just far enough that I can go home whenever I want. As soon as I joined Alpha Phi, the campus went from too big, to almost too small. Joining the Greek community was the best decision I ever made as a freshman. I did not want to do it at all, but I tried it out and am happy I did. The Greek community is a family away from family and I have never doubted my decision since the day I got my Bid into Alpha Phi. The only thing I hate about the UNH campus is the limited parking and amount of tickets my dear friend, Ed the Officer, gives out on a daily basis. I also absolutely hate the size of the gymnasium at the Whitt. It is far too small for the massive amounts of students that are enrolled. Other than those two things, the UNH campus itself is beautiful and the newer academic buildings are incredible. It is close enough to the city, ski mountains, and only 20mins from the beach.


I think that the school is a perfect size, I would have went to a small school if I wanted one. I love how it is its only little town. Downtown campus is really cute and convenient too. The classes are really hard, my major is probably the biggest downfall.


UNH is a perfect size campus. It is not too small, but it is not overwhelmingly large. When I tell people I go to UNH, they say "wow its beautiful up there." I spend most of my time on campus at my sorority house off campus, in the MUB, at McConell where the Whittemore School of Business is, the Whittemore Center where the fitness center is, and downtown with the shops and restaurants. Thought Durham is a small town, I would say it is known to be a college town. I feel UNH administration are friendly, down to earth people who are understanding and love their jobs. The biggest recent controversy on campus is a recent series of car thefts. Due to the big sports of football and mens hockey, UNH has a lot of school pride. One experience I will always remember is my first UNH football game, where the crowd went nuts each time we scored a touchdown. The most frequent student complaint is how many departments are over-enrolled, so it is difficult to get into the classes you want to take before they fill up.


I love UNH. I think the size is perfect. It never gets boring and you can always meet new people. There's a lot of school pride and events to go to on campus.


UNH offers endless opportunites to every student... I would change career services a little my friends and I had trouble finding internships/jobs because everything was in the new hampshire area. UNH is not to big or small, depending on the actiites you are involved in it can be as big or as small as you'd like. people are sometimes surprised when i tell them that i go to UNH, but i don't know why. UNH is situated in a small college town that's a lot of fun. The dinning hall food is really good.


I absolutely LOVE UNH. I cannot imagine myself any place else. I would honestly have to say the best thing about UNH is Greek life. I would say that the school for me is perfect size. One thing that I hate is that there are way too many people for the size of the gym. We should really be looking into expansion. This school was the best place for me and I have made the best friends ever imaginable.


UNH is amazing and was my top choice for college. The campus and buildings are beautiful and are not too big in size but also not too small. A lot of students are from my hometown and surrounding cities, I think it is one of the better schools in NH. Durham is a perfect college town because there are things to do that are close to campus but it is also not too large where students might get distracted. It is a short bus ride away from Portsmouth where there is excellent shopping and eating.


I feel like UNH is an overall good school. I feel like the size is really good and that it is well rounded. One thing i wish is that UNH was more diverse.


UNH is the perfect size school. It has so many students, yet you do not feel like you are just a number. It is easy and very benifical to get to know your professors. Being at a school this size you do not feel like you are just a number, but you also are not seeing the same people day after day. Also I feel that many student ORGs keep this campus alive. There is always something going on on campus. Either it be Snoop Dogg performing, or


Being from New Jersey, I have a lot of people question my enrollment and involvement as an undergraduate here at UNH. Most ask, "Why did you go all the way up there?". My reply is always the same: the environmental program here is unique and opens so many doors for my future. Most people ask me that question because of the distance, but those closest to me probably are familiar with the "party-school" reputation UNH has earned for itself, and know that I am not that stereotypical party animal. They know me as the responsible student, the stereotypical overachiever. UNH's academics are outstanding, but only if that student is willing to take the mature plunge and dive right in.


UNH is the perfect size school, big enough to meet new people all the time, but small enough to see familiar faces. You can get anywhere on campus in like 10 minutes. It's beautiful, but very expensive. Durham is really small, so UNH makes it a college town. Hockey is huge here so people are school spirited!


The best decision I have ever made is coming to UNH. It is so big that there are always new people to meet and things to do. To me it feels like a college right out of a movie, with the gorgeous campus and friendly students. The only downside to going to such a big school is that everything is far away from eachother.


As a member of Alpha Phi, and being in the greek community, has really made UNH a better place. I like the size of UNH, but being greek shrinks the campus in a way, allowing for the development of great lasting friendships. If I could change anything about UNH, administration is trying to change it's culture, and is afraid of it. The school pride is great, and sports events are always a good time. UNH also has great facilities.


I love unh because it is close enough where I can choose to go home but far away enough so that I feel like I have actually left home and went to college. I think unh is just about the right size, it may be a little too big but nothing overwhelming. The size of the school lets you have choices of who you want to hang out with and where you want to be on campus. You can live by cirque in a quieter location or hetzel so you are closer to downtown. I would say there is a good amount of school pride for the sports that are doing well... hockey, and football.


I spend my time at school either in my apartment in the Gables or at the library. This is my last semester of nursing school so all my other time is spent at the hospital for clinical. I think the biggest recent controversy was the car stolen from C lot. I was shocked to hear it was stolen between 7:30am-11:30am. As it is I do not feel safe at all in the Gables parking lot at night, now we have to worry about things in daylight as well? If I could change one thing about UNH it would be adding more lighting around campus... ESPECIALLY IN THE GABLES PARKING LOT!!!! I have to get up really early in the morning and come back really late at night sometimes when it's so dark and it's scary to have to walk to the very back or park there when you can barely see.


The biggest thing on UNH campus is going to the hockey games or the football games. the school is pretty large but it is a small campus so even though there are a lot of people it is very easy to get to everywhere on campus. It is definitly in a college town but Durham is a safe town so it is nice. The down town area is filled with students but the people that live in the town support the college and the students and the sports a lot. there is a ton of school pride which is a reason why I came here. There are lots of student complaints about there not being any holidays or never getting snowdays when it is hard for the commuters to get to the school.


The best thing about UNH is the opportunities that are offered. Because there are so many students and staff, there is an endless amount of opportunity for connections and involvement. I think that the school is just the right size. There are enough students where you can meet someone new everyday if you like, but there are many ways to make the campus seem more tightly knit. An example of that is going the Greek System. I always see someone I know when I walk to class. I think that UNH is a big party school, but there are plenty of opportunities to do things besides party, if that is what you choose to do. I wish the Greek system could be bigger and more students could be involved.


The best thing about UNH is that although its a pretty big school, you can make it as big or as small as you'd like. Greek life has had a major impact on my life and I don't understand what the university's reasoning for trying to remove them exactly is. The housing and financial aid at this school are the most ridiculous things I have ever experienced. Rent for one person would be cheaper to live in Boston then to have an apartment in Durham. You would think the amount of money you're paying that you would be living in a mansion, instead they are dirty, old, disgusting shacks. The school gives you absolutely no money for financial aid; the middle class gets nothing so you're only hope is to maybe have parents who are divorced. I would change the school's location. Even with this location and mostly nothing around, you would think there would be more places to park, or even the places that are around didn't cost an arm and a leg. I wish it was closer to Boston.


I love UNH all around. I dont think I'd change anything. UNH is the perfect size for me. People say "oh cool" when I tell them I go to UNH. I spend most of my time either in the library/class or in my dorm on the weekdays and out at parties on weekend nights, library weekend days. Durham is a pretty decent college town. I like my major's administration for the most part, the dean is hard to get a hold of though, and his secretary is an idiot. The most recent controversy on campus is making alcohol paraphenalia in the dorms against the rule (posters, empty wine bottles, etc). Also, cars have been getting stolen. There is ton's of school pride, especially for the hockey team. UNH is your typical college. I'll never remeber the times I spent with the best friends I'll never forget. Students complain about there being nothing to do, but they're just not looking hard enough.


UNH is a big school that seems really small. Its big because there are over 10,000 undergrads and because I am meeting new people everyday. It is small in that all my teachers know me by name and I always see someone I know while walking around. The way that the campus is set up also makes the campus seem small. No matter where I am one campus, it only takes me 15 minutes at the most to get somewhere.


The best thing about UNH is the campus - its gorgeous and easy to walk around, lots of new renovations, bright, grassy, its great. If I could change one thing it would be the dorms - some of the newer ones are nice, but there are a ton of shitty ones all around campus that should be redone. The school's size is just right, its big enough that you can ALWAYS meet new people, but not too huge, and you always bump into people you know. People say UNH is a great school, most people I meet have either gone to or known people who went to UNH so there's always something to talk about because our students are so far-reaching after graduation. I spend most of my time on greek row in my sorority house, or in the MUB (the main building) doing something or another for the sorority. Our town is definitely a college town, being a small one in new hampshire - the main drag through the center of town is dotted with dorms, and other UNH buildings. Durham basically is UNH. Theres a lot of school pride-- especially at hockey games when people go all out with UNH gear and face paint. UNH is pretty much a big deal.


UNH is a great school. It is big enough that you can do almost anything you want for a major, but it is small enough that you wont get lost. The school is really great to acomidating to the special needs of students whether they are from abroad or not. Durham is a great place to have the college. It is a pretty safe area and easy to get to anything near by like Portsmouth or Boston. They have great sports or great arts or other student groups to fit everyone's different preferences. If there is a group that they dont have it is easy enough to start one.


The campus is pretty. I wish Greek life was bigger. The school is just the right size. They are jealous because UNH is so fun. I spend most of my time in my sorority house. I do not really have an opinion of UNH's admn. Men walking around campus and sneaking into dorms. Yes there is a lot of school pride. No. My sorority and my sisters. Too much school work.


best things - you can walk to almost anywhere but it's also known as the unh bubble where if you don't have a car there can be really nothing to do. for those that do have a car- great things to do within 20 minutes such as the beach, red hook tour, Portsmouth etc. basically a better area for being over 21 and own a vehical. not idea for the youger crowds although buses are helpful. Great school pride - GO WILDCATS - hockey games and football games are fun - UNH would be better and more fun if it was warm all the time - winters are brutal. Student complaints - parking and snow.


I think the best thing about UNH is that it is a beautiful and caring school. I think it is just the right amount of people because you know a good amount but there is also time to meet new people. There is a lot of school pride for the sports we have and since I am in the Greek system I believe that I have become a more mature and well rounded person.

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