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What is your overall opinion of this school?


I think the best thing about UNH is that the campus is just the right size for me. It is a large school but I don't feel overwhelmed by the campus or the amount of people attending. There is always something to do so I am never bored and there are tons of student groups if you are interested in getting involved. Since I'm from New Hampshire, growing up UNH seemed like a default school or a safety school, but over time it's gotten more difficult to get into and many in my graduating class got denied, UNH is now respected. Durham is an amazing college town, it is very nice in the spring and fall, though the weather in the winter is not always that great. Tailgating at the football games is a great time, and the weekends are a lot of fun. I would advocate for anyone to attend here.


I love going to UNH and it is a great school. The size is perfect for me, and there are many ways to get involved and stay busy.


UNH is a great school, its a good size with good academics. My only complaints are price of parking tickets and lack of school spirit. The Greek system is great, even though there are many wrong stereotypes and it has gotten too strict.


I really enjoy the fact that my major (Recreation Management and Policy) is fairly small which allows for students to build relationships/friendships between other students and staff members. It is very beneficial to create these close knit relationships with professionals who can offer you so much guidance and support. I spend most of my time at work, home or in the library. A lot of the time I don't see the direct relationship between the Durham residence and the UNH community. I am from Plymouth which is another college town and my family/neighbors seem to always be interacting with the kids that live around us. I'm not sure why this is the case but I even see people not acknowledging each other in passing which is odd to me. The only reason I have developed better relationships with Durham residents is because I am invovled in a variety of activities (such as working the front desk at the tanning salon) that allow me to interact with them and get to know them a little bit better.


UNH is a community full of academically motivated students who work together to help one another achieve their personal and career goals. One of the most frequent student complaints is about the lack of parking for commuter students, especially at the library late at night.


The UNH campus is the perfect size. Being from NH and having a lot of students from my high school attend here, its big enough that I can distance myself if necessary. It's small enough that you see many of the same kids on a daily basis. Familiar faces make it seem smaller. I think Durham is definitely a college and I really like that. I think there is a lot of school pride but there could definitely be more especially when it comes to sports. Most frequent student complaint would have to be parking.


I like the size of UNH. It is big enough that you can be your own person, but small enough that you can still walk by many familiar faces on a daily basis. The campus is very "homey" not too big but enough to get a good exercise by walking to classes! The only downside of us being a fairly decent sized school is the vandalism. There have been cars flipped and stolen, and no one to blame among other acts. I spend most of my time with my sorority (Alpha Phi). If I'm not at our house or at a Philanthropy event, I am at class, the gym or work (UNH Phone-a-thon). I think for the most part our school is proud. I used to cheer for UNH, so I saw many students at the volleyball and especially the football games!


When I was first applying to colleges I never thought that I would end up at UNH. I always wanted a small school and to be in the city. UNH was the complete opposite of what i was looking for but now that I am here I couldn't picture myself anywhere else. The campus is beautiful and the people are friendly. Even though UNH is a big school it seems so much smaller once you go here and meet everyone. I feel that the size is just right for me and if I had chosen to go to a smaller school I wouldn't have loved it the way I love UNH. When I tell people that I go to UNH they become interested and want to hear more. I spend most of my time on campus at Alpha Phi because I live here and when I'm not here during the week you can usually find me at the Dimond Library. There is tons of school pride and I love attending all the sports events. You can't walk through campus without seeing someone sporting UNH gear. I love UNH and would reccommend anyone and everyone to come here.


I like UNH because its not too far from my home. Its the perfect size. I think that people think UNH is a better school/harder to get into than I think it is. I spend time in my room, sorority house, or frats. Theres nothing else really around so I guess its a college town but the actualy town part on main street is really small. I think theres a fair amount of pride.


I love UNH, it's not too big and not too small.. You can walk down main street and see a number of people you know and then double that amount that you also don't know. For the most part it is a very close knit community and everyone is friendly! Also there is a tremendous amount of school pride, everyone knows what UNH is even if you live hours away:)


I think UNH is the perfect size small enough that you will recognize people walking down the street but large enough where you can meet new people everyday. Durham is a college town, UNH is basically all of Durham and you are only going to see college students I find it strange to see older people downtown. Hockey is huge on campus and football is increasing in popularity every year. Everyone goes and tailgates before games and most people get to drunk to even make it to the game. The UNH cops are strict the Durham cops are not too bad, apparantly there is a distinction but I say cops are cops. Ever since UNH was named number 7 party school the amount of cops patrolling campus thursday nights through sat is outrageous. The biggest student complaint is the lack of parking...there is none and if you get a ticket they are a hefty price. UNH won't build a parking garage because they think it will take away from the beauty of campus and it will no longer be a "walking" campus.


this school is absolutely amazing... I would recommend for anyone to come here. Durham has the small town, campus feel, but if your drive 10 minutes you are in Portsmouth where there are tons of restuarants and shops, and Newington where there is malls, and every restaurant and store you need. and Boston is only 50 minutes away. The beach is also only 15 minutes away and they are gorgeous. The school itself is incredible. Everything is a 10 minute walk whether you need to go to academic buildings, dorms, apartments, or down town. There are always events going on on campus and off campus so you are never bored.


a lot of fun, hard to find parking, not to big, greek life is awesome, it is a college time that is a lot of fun


a lot of fun, hard to find parking, not to big, greek life is awesome, it is a college time that is a lot of fun


Best thing about UNH is that everything is on campus. You never have to walk far to get to anything. I sometimes wish UNH was a little bigger though. I spend most of my time in class and at the gym. I think there is alot of school pride and the teachers are great to work with. I have never had a problem when working with administration.


I wish the students at UNH were more into their school work. Sometimes it's frustrating going to school with kids that don't care about school and just want to have fun. I realize college is supposed to be fun, but there are schools where students work really hard, but are able to have just as much fun doing their extracurricular activities and going out. Not many kids here do things outside of their classes, and those that do aren't usually very committed unless they're a leader of that group. I wish there was a desire to participate in student organizations and work hard.


beautiful campus, just the right size, people react by saying its a party school and good business school, spend mos of my time in mcconnel (unless its nice out.. thenoutside anywheree), biggest problem=parking


I love the campus set-up. There are also a number of opportunities for students to get involved in. I love Greek life!


I love being in a sorority at UNH. I had previously done cheering, however, because the university doesnt fund it it was difficult for me to afford. If I could change one thing I would make the out of state tuition less, because it is significantly higher than the in state and I am having an extremely hard time affording it even with the little financial aid that I am granted. I spend most of my time here on campus with the occasional trip home. I feel that UNH is of great size and a perfect fit for me. I wish that UNH had a teaching major because it would help me to carry out a degree that I actually need. My biggest controversey would have to be the cost. School spirit could definately improve, being a cheerleader I noticed that the students arent that helpful or spirited at the games.


I love UNH it is the perfect siize, it is in a small town but the campus makes it seem big.


My favorite this about UNH would have to be the extra curricular activities. There are so many to choose from it is almost impossible for someone to not find their place on campus. If there was one thing i would change about UNH it would the situation with the gym. Even though i get a free membership to the gym on campus, i do not use. I pay to go a gym in a different town. This is because it is almost impossible to go to the gym at any time and not have to wait in line for a machine for less than 20 minutes, unless you solely go on the track. I believe that a school with so many undergrads the gym should way bigger or even more than one gym.


UNH is a pretty good school, it's a good size and has a nice campus. The surrounding town is nice but it's kind of small. On campus I probably spend most of my time in my dorm, or at the gym, in class, etc. The administration sucks. It's so hard to get anything done because you have to go through 20 different people. The biggest controversies usually have something to do with somethat that went on at a party the weekend before. Complaints include how bad the administration is, where is our money going? and the campus is a lot smaller than you thought it would be. But over all it is a nice school. It's got a good mix of people, especially since there's a high out of state ratio and there's always things going on either like in the MUB or socially. I'll always remember my friends (from my sorority especially- Greek life is great here).


The best thing about UNH is the dining halls they have a wide variety of selection and everything is spectacular! However, I would change the hand scanners to get into them because I think they are very unsanitary. I believe UNH is the perfect size-not too big or too small! When I say I go to UNH their usual response is "WOW THE NUMBER 7 PARTY SCHOOL!" I spend most of my time on campus in the library. The biggest recent controversy was the stolen cars from Westedge parking lot. I believe there is a lot of school pride on this campus especially for the hockey team.


The best thing at UNH is the amount to get involved in on campus and the amount of diversity in interests and student organizations.


UNH seems to me to be the perfect size. You know enough people but not everyone you see knows everything about you. UNH is becoming more and more popular and its reputation gets better every year. Durham is definitely a college town, all that is in Durham is UNH therefore the town caters to the school needs.


UNH is one of my favorite places to be. The campus is gorgeous- it illustrates exactly what New Hampshire is all about. In walking distance of most my classes there is a quaint downtown strip of small businesses and restaurants including a unique coffee house equipped with outdoor seating. I do believe that Durham is very much so a "college town", but that's what makes it so fun. My favorite timesof the year is in the spring when the weather starts to turn and students are spotted all over campus, throwing frisbees, running, taking walks and sunbathing in the quad; the campus comes alive.


Love the campus except when it snows. Campus could be a little bigger and the downtown could expand a bit but all in all its wonderful podestrian campus. There is a lot of school pride especially football and hockey.


Best thing: Many different options, whether it's food, friends or a major, you have plenty to choose from while still being in a small town. People think that there's nothing to do in a small town but we have buses that go to the surrounding cities and then we have a train that goes to portland or boston. So really there is always something you can be doing. I know when I was in high school people didn't think that UNH was a good school, but now it's getting harder and harder to get in and the people who told me it wasn't a good school are now trying to come to graduate school here. I spend a lot of my time in my apartment or out and about in dover. Students complain that housing and the unh police are always trying to get people in trouble but really as long as you're following the rules you shouldn't have anything to worry about. If you're throwing a party at 3 am any where in the world i'm sure you'll get in trouble, it's called disrupting the peace. Unless you live 5 miles away from your neighbor I would suggest getting used to respecting the noise level. Worst thing about UNH is that they spend 60,000 dollars on an ugly cat and people seem to need to ride and take their picture with it when theyre drunk.


the town of durham is UNH, and it is a college town through and through


The best things about UNH are the professors, the unlimited opportunites for research, study abroad, etc, and the beautiful campus. The library, gym, and dining halls are great too. Some of the residence halls need to be updated, and there shouldn't be built up triples. I think UNH is a college town in the sense that there's not that much else in Durham. A few more bars wouldn't hurt. A lot of school pride is shown at hockey games and I'd say there's a fair share of school pride overall. The West Edge bus needs to run every ten minutes INCLUDING weekends!!!


One of the best things about UNH is the students that go here. The majority are really kind, friendly, interesting and funny. I would change a lot of administrative and bureucratic decisions, specifically on housing and underage drinking. The school is just right, big enough that you can always meet new people, but small enough that it feels like a community. People react well when I tell them I go to UNH, being from the Northeast, many people have gone here, or know someone who has gone here. I spend most of my time either in the MUB, or the library, or my appartment. Durham is definitely a college town. The administration leaves a lot to be desired. Their policies on housing and underage drinking are way too strict, and a lot of good students and people end up being punished. There is also a really bad housing shortage. Also, registering for and switching classes is always a complicated ordeal. The advisors could be better. The biggest recent controversy was probably the fact that there might be no classes being offered this summer. Yes, there is a lot of school pride. The extremely high rate in which people are evicted from housing is unusual. One experience I will always remember is being a part of a UNH A Cappella group. The most frequent complaints are about the bureaucracy and administration of UNH.


I love UNH. Personally, I love the size of the campus- you will always meet new people, but you will also always see familiar faces. The campus is a friendly campus and all of my professors have been amazing. I am very glad that I chose to go here.


Politeness and overall friendly demeanorof the community, students and faculty. Diversity and culture is something i would add to the university. The size of the University seems to be just right for my taste. For the most part people act positively when I say I am part of the student body at UNH. Most of my time is spent in my apartment in the Gables community. What college town?! I am very fond of the UNH administration for the most part. School pride is very big. Frequent complaints about the UNH transportation system, and lack of parking, plowing and understanding.


I have had some great professors here at UNH. If I could change one think i would change the fact that there is absolutely no where to park conveniently. People don't really make assumptions about me when i tell them that I go to UNH. I spend most of my time in my classes. Durham is absolutely a college town. I feel that the UNH administration is mostly trying to take as much money as possible and are hard to negotiate. For example, I needed a refund of my meal plan for medical purposes and they made it very difficult. Its unnecessary.The most frequent student complaints are the fact that the admin never calls snow days when its dangerous to drive, and there is no where to park.


I think UNH is a great school. Some feel overwhelmed by the size, but for many it is not an issue. One thing I'd change is the cost. As a low-income out of state student, UNH's cost was scary. I was lucky enough to recieve very generous fiancial aid, but not all are that lucky. UNH gets the least help from their home state's government in the entire country, and it shows. The school is amazing, but if the tution was lower I think a more diverse set of students would be applying to the university. Durham truly is a college town. It is a quick walk to the downtown area, with many stores, a small grocery store, the post office, and even a Dunkin' Donuts is within walking distance. The biggest controversy on campus right now is the strike teachers want to innact for the summer classes. There is a great deal of school pride when it comes to athletics, but in general people are not as passionate about the school in general as they could be. One thing I will always remember about UNH is their hesitancy to call snow days. I have walked, swum, slipped, trudged, and anything in between.


Best thing : outdoor activities, inexpensive cost of living Size : perfect! How do people react : How did you hear about that school? Spend most time : dining hall What college town. Durham sucks UNH admin : great, not very present on campus Controversy : housing Ton of school pride Unusual : great outdoors surrounding the campus. beautiful lawns Experience to remember : freshman dorm life and freshman outing club orientation trip Complaints : lack of social scene in Durham and early closing of dining halls with snow


The best thing about UNH... is probably the weekend. I have had more fun during one random weekend being a UNH undergrad, then I had during all four years of my highschool days. The friends I have made here are amazing. They are incredibly wild, fun, and carefree. Every person here seems to know and value that these are our "last" four years- to be young, and careless. If I could change one thing- I would probably have a "how to guide" for freshmen as far as the academic advising goes. I've had waaay too many friends get dicked over by hidden prereq's and poor advice from professors that are not in proper communication with their departments. I would recommend that every new student goes into this school knowing its kind of large- and are motivated and determined to knock on their advisors door every chance they get- and stay on track academically. That being said, I personally feel that my school size is PERFECT. I come from a small town (high school was about 1,500 kids) so this school is small enough where you will see familiar faces (especially if you're put in one of the freshmen dorms), but large enough that if you make a couple mistakes, the gossip train isn't going to get right back to you. When I tell people I go to UNH, they obviously ask me if I go to the hockey games first (I've been to one)... but for the most part, people seem to have this glamorous idea in their heads. It feels pretty kickass to be able to have so much pride for going to such an awesome university. I spend most of my time at my residence, the gym, and then house parties/bars. Durham is straight up a college town- and NOTHING more. We have no food chains- Dunkins is off campus on your way out of town- and our equivalent to Walmart is a Rite Aid; however, if you have a car- or take advantage of the bus transportation- Dover and Portsmouth are awesome- and the beach is 20/30 minutes away. The Fox Run Mall blows- but Salem mall is 45 minutes away- and the Mall of New Hampshire is about 40 minutes away as well... oh- and the parking sucks. Plan on paying about $500 in bullshit parking tickets throughout your time here. $15.00 tickets if your meter runs out- $50.00 if you park in a lot without a permit- and $75.00 if you leave your car in any lot during the winter... if "Smittys" garage doesn't tow your ass first, for at least a $100 minimum. Despite the shitty parking, under-cover bullshit cops, overcrowded gym, etc... UNH is one in a million. HELL YES I have school pride. Drive by Cowell Stadium in the fall and witness the students decked out in UNH gear, slugging beers, and screaming in anticipation of the upcoming football game- and you wont be able to argue. Academically, I am walking away from this university with a full resume. I have had the opportunity to be a reasearch assistant, to be a teacher's assistant for a stats class, to do the honors program, i've taken extra courses every semester, and i've fostered incredibly close relationships with professors I plan on keeping a life long connection with. You get back, what you put in. If you want to come here and spend every school day skipping class, every night blacked out or drugged out, and every weekend a sloppy mess- you probably will- and you might walk away with a degree. But if you come to this school to "work hard- and play harder" I think you will find you belong to the majority of us here. We are America's future- but we don't take our lives so seriously that we forget how to have fun. We're still young- and just because we're growing old- does not mean we are forfeiting our right to grow up. When I throw my cap in the air this spring, I will not regret a single thing- because this experience has made me the person I am- and I walk away with confidence that UNH has prepared me for the real world at large.


I really like UNH because you can pretty much walk to everything you need. I think the school is the perfect size. I spend most of my time at the Field House because of my major, Athletic Training.


The best thing about UNH is that the campus is basically the town. You feel safe, secure, and a part of a community. I would have more diversity if I couldt change anything and for it to stop being so cold!!! I think that UNH has the perfect amount of students (around 11,000 undergrads). School pride is mostly shown through football games in the fall and hockey in the winter. The stadium and arena are guaranteed packed venues.


UNH was my safety school and was never my first choice. My older sister, both parents, and a few aunts and uncles all went here, and I sort of felt like "been there, done that." I had always thought of it as just the state school and nothing special, so when money reasons made me come to UNH, I wasn't completely thrilled. However, I am really glad that I ended up coming here. UNH is fairly big, but small enough that I feel comfortable here. Durham is tiny, but there are enough things in the area that it doesn't feel like there's never anything to do. The professors are actually really great, and the dining halls are pretty good too. (Whenever my friends from other schools visit, they remark on how nice the dining halls.) Overall, I think coming to UNH was a good decision for me.


UNH is amazing. It is just big enough to meet somebody new everyday, but small enough that you can hang out with your own clique if you want to. I was the only person from my graduating high school class to go to UNH. It was great coming by myself, because that way I knew I would have to meet new people and not just depend on high school friends. People think UNH was a random school for me, but when I go home over break, I'm the only one bragging about my school. None of my friends love their school the way I do. The best things about UNH are the campus, and the people. The campus looks like something from a postcard in the fall. You know you're at a New England school when, in the winter, people ski across campus and build snowboarding jumps all over the place. During the warmer seasons, a lot of people spend their time outside. Some professors even opt to teach their classes outside on the really nice days. UNH has a lot of pride, especially when it comes to our sports teams! We're a huge hockey school and there is definitely a feeling of competition in the air when schools like U.Maine come to town.

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