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What are the academics like at your school?


As an English major, most of my classes are small, with about 25-30 students. This small class size is great for individual learning, because the instructor has more time to connect with every student. Each of my professors know my name by the end of the first month of school. The small class size also allow students to get to know one another. My favorite class was Shakespearean Tragedy, which I took in the Spring of 2011. One day our professor had to miss class and asked that we consider some questions in order to better prepare for the next class. Instead of skipping the class our professor would miss, every single student showed up so we could all discuss the questions together. It is one of the best in class memories I have from UNH.


It all depends on the classes you take. Most freshman level classes are large lectures where participation isn't stressed and the professors may not be able to remember everyone's name. However, they are ALWAYS available to meet you out of class if you are struggling. Every professor has "office hours," and all the professors I have ever come across actually care and want you to succeed and do well. As you get into higher level classes they shrink drastically, and your professors get to know you better. UNH has such unique classes including SCUBA, Casino Management, and even Wine Tasting. In the nutritional sciences major, every class I took prepared me for the next and ultimately my career.


Unwritten rule #1- Higher education is a lot of hard work. This is true at every college and university, including UNH. It takes a lot studying and determination, however when you have great professors and resources around every corner it makes the process more bearable and dare I say it, easier. UNH is a bigger university and as a tour guide on campus I get a lot of questions about class size. Despite the amount of students at UNH the class sizes are proportionally very small. There are some big lectures but even in those class rooms the professor usually knows your name. The professors are always willing to meet with you, talk about your grades and help you with anything. Chemistry and I do not get along, we are enemies. So going into freshmen year my spirits were not high about taking a full year of chemistry. When I stepped into the class room I realized that it wasnt going to be the vain of my exsistence. The professor started the class of by talking about how she knows a lot of people have trouble with chemistry but she was going to make herself available to make sure that we would know the material. That is just one example of hundreds. At UNH the professors truely care about each individual student performing well. A benefit to having so many students at the university is that there are so many classes to take, so many options to explore. I changed my major during my sophomore year because I took a class that changed my whole learning perspective, and during this switch my advisor was very helpful. The academics at UNH are hard, but that is to be expected. But choosing a school like UNH provides you with the opportunities to excel even when the going gets tough, or when midterms are upon you.


Because I have only participated in one academic program, I have a limited perspective. But my experience with academics has been more than outstanding. I am a Communication major and Greek minor. Through my studies, I have completed a wide variety of classes because of the General Education requirements as well as requirements for my major. As a freshman, I had both lecture style classes and small discussion based classes. It was a great mix and made it really easy for me to transition from a high school work load to college academics. My advisor was assigned to me through email during the first week of my freshman year. He is in the Communication department and has always been more than available to guide me through my experiences as a student. The most unique class I have taken was a General Education class called "Germs". It was an awesome class and taught me so much about everyday things that I use everyday. From the effects of hand sanitizer to where bottled water came from or even the general way the common cold gets spread around campus, I learned so much that can be used in the future. I think the education at UNH is definitely geared towards both having a solid and diverse academic understanding as well preparing us for a tough job market. I truly feel that the education I have received from UNH will not only prepare me intellectually, but for the tough job market ahead.


UNH has a wide variety of academic options to offer students. We are a respected business and science school and we have lots to offer by way of liberal arts and language programs. We also have over 230 student organizations, more than most other colleges, and they are overseen by a committee comprised of all students. Through these students are offered opportunities for fun as well as education by seeing a large number of events offered on campus as well as opportunities to attend conferences relating to a large variety of subject matters as members of student organizations.


Though there are probably eighty five million billion different things that you can major in here, UNH is mainly known for is its business school. Most of my friends went in as business majors, but a lot of them have switched to liberal arts. The business school is a tough program, and the business school kids always seem stressed out. Class sizes are pretty dependent on what your major is. As an English major, I've had small classes. One actually only had eight people in it. However, for several of my general education classes have had over two hundred people in them, and we've used electronic clickers to answer questions. Though I definitely prefer the small classes, every professor I've had for a big lecture hall has been interesting enough to make the class at least somewhat enjoyable. In the four semesters I've been here, I've only had one professor who I didn't like, and I've had several who I absolutely loved. There are a ton of classes available, in all the expected subjects like Biology and Art, and tons of unexpected ones too, like SCUBA or rock climbing. With this in mind, academically, UNH is what you make it. If you're into getting by on minimal work, you can take GPA boosters like Theatre and Dance, which is the most popular class at UNH, because it fills a fine arts gen-ed and is ridiculously easy (I was drunk for the final and I got a 98). But if you want to work hard or just learn some interesting stuff, there are demanding classes, professors who challenge you, and courses in things you'd actually want to learn. Last spring, I took a sociology class called Sexual Behavior, which was fascinating. I learned a lot, and picked up a minor in Women's Studies as a result. That's why I recommend taking interest classes rather than stressing over requirements. They're the best way to help you find out what you want to do.


With my major most of my actually lectures are very large with very little participation. Since it is not as involved students may get bored with the class and either stop paying attention or just stop showing up. I also get to have lab which allows a more interactive experience which is where I learn the most. I think UNH does a poor job advising and making sure students are on the right track. I think it looks poorly on the school that there are so many 5th year students as well as so many students without a job offer.


Some of my professors know my name, but only in my major classes where i give an effort, otherwise its a waste of time when there are like 100+ students in the class. In my smaller classes i enjoy it. My favortie class is this professional issues class in my major. It teaches us the realities of getting jobs, the pros and cons of speech pathology, and answers grad school questions. i hate how we have to take so many science courses and the philosophy for gen. eds. they are a waste of time and everyone hates taking them.


Most of my classes are very large so my professors don't know my name. My favorite class is Nutrition, the professor and TA's are very nice and accommodating. Class is always entertaining. My least favorite class is Micro Economics not only is this a difficult class but the fact that my teacher is foreign makes it so much harder because I can barely understand him. I think this school is competitive, I am in the business program and I know first hand that the Whittemore school is very competitive.


Most of my professors know my name, in a big lecture they do not. My favorite class was my Intro to OT class, which is my major with Beth. She is my adviser and my favorite teacher. She interacted well with everyone and her methods made it easy for learning and success. Least favorite is having 8 ams, I can not concentrate that early. Decent class participation when I know the topic being discussed. Intellectual convos outside of class are happening. Students are competitive. Ot classes are my favorite and most unique. OT and everyone involved is great. I do not spend time with professors after class. Academic requirements are reachable. Education is geared for both here.


I really enjoy the classes offer at UNH. My favorite class was Homicide, my least favorite either Finite Math or Statistics, just because of how bad I am in Math. I feel like sometimes in class students can be competitive. I feel like UNH prepares its students greatly for life after college.


in smaller classes the prfessors know me, but in a lecture its a little hard. i think i like nutrition the best, because my proffesor is the most open minded about her students and tries to get to know as many people as she can and accomodate those with learning disabilities like me. I know within the soroirty house we have conversations about academics.


Academics at UNH are great. Students are very competitive, and teachers are willing to try to learn who you are. All my classes are very challenging, and I wish sometimes that teachers would scale, considering how hard the material is.


i expected a lot more from WSBE, in terms of helping students and being able to go to them with help regaurding jobs especially. i dont think i ever once felt like the guidance people really were helpful in picking classes, helping with internships i think they do a poor job of getting kids aware of what can be utilized w/ WSBE such as internships ect. i am especially diappointed in the lack of help i am recieving for getting a job upon graduation


Class size is good outside of gen eds, and they offer a large variety of good classes


My professors know my name because i am the kind of person that will talk with them after classes so that they know who i am. My favorite class was a spanish culture and civilization class i took last semester because the teacher was so great. Students here study a lot. Class participation depends from class to class. I love talking about what i've learned in class outside of the classroom its fun to discuss different topics. Students are extremely competitive here ive found. I'm majoring in Recreation Management and Policy which basically means i want to do event planning and things of that nature. My major requires an internship over the summer which basically means i could end up with a job after i graduate.


As of right now, I'm taking mostly gen-ed classes, so most teachers do not know my name. I dont think this effects my learning. I am doing well in all my classes. My favorite class right now is RMP 490. The professor is great and really makes the class interesting and enjoyable to attend.


lectures are way too large


The academics here is very good and challenging. the only thing i would change is the class size. I do not really enjoy being in a lecture hall of 200 students. I find it extremely hard to interact with the professor and other students.


Some professors take the time to get to know you and learn your name while a few others are looking for a fat pay check.


Some professors know my name. My favorite class right now is called Germs, where we learn about the different microbes and germs that live all around us. Students study a lot at UNH and class participation is common. Intellectual conversations outside of class are not rare, you just have to be at the right place for them. The most unique class I've taken is Sign Language. I am in the psychology department, which is my major. I do not spend time with professors outside of class, unless I am going to visit them during their office hours.


Some proffessors know my name others dont. My favorite class was Nutrition and my least was a kin course. Yes some students are competitive.


I have had a lot of experience with the academics here at UNH. I was suspended for a semester and due to poor grades I was home for the fall semester. I think that UNH is serious about academics, however i think that I could have had a little more warning when I spoke with an advisor about my current situation. I think they are fair with suspensions because it really gave me time to think about what I wanted to do in coming back or not. I think that students on academic suspension should be allowed to take classes at home though.


Academics at UNH are very involved. The classes here are mainly large lectures, so there is not many opportunities to get to know a professor on a one to one basis. My classes do not do group activites or projects to get to meet new people and work as a group. Students are competitive with them selves. I think it is most important to please yourself rather then compete with others. UNH's academic requirments are well planned out. The education is based on learning rather then getting a job. You have many opportunities to take classes and electives that interest you and have nothing to do with your major.


I think the business school is very challenging but I will be well prepared for the real world when I graduate.


Classes depend of the professor you have. My favorite class is gymnastics. my least favorite class is english yes students are competitive the most unique class ive taken is team sports. I am a physical education major. The department is awesome always there to help you out.


I don't have a problem with the acedemics on campus. I knew coming in that I would have some large classes and I have not had a problem in any of them so far. Most of my professors have been easy to talk to and I've enjoyed the majority of my classes.


The big lecture halls everyone worries about aren't as bad as people make them out to be. They really don't seem that big, and you'd be shocked to know that many professors in those lectures do actually know your name sometimes. You also have smaller classes that is better for one on one, but your professors in those big classes are always approachable anyway. I have met with different professors and TAs multiple times for help, and they are pleased to do it. I am a medical laboratory science major. I have to take a lot of big lecture science courses. I am guarenteed a job right when I graduate.


One of the reasons I chose to come to UNH was because I was unsure of what I wanted to study and UNH had such a wide variety of majors. I am in the Honors Program which means that I have the option of taking my general education classes in smaller active classes around the sizes of 15 - 25. It is easy to get to know your professors names in these classes but a little harder in some of the larger classes. It all depends on what you make of it, if you are in a class of 250 people it is up to you to decide whether or not you want to get to know your professors.


At UNH class sizes vary. In some classes you are in a lecture hall with 300 other students, but in other classes your in a small class with 10 other students. Normally, the required (GenEd) classes are fairly large and are lecture style classes. As you get older and start to take more classes that are for your major, class sizes start to get smaller.


Classes are very hard (major depending) Classes are large in capacity. Majors are competitive. Academic Requirements make sense


I know my professors names but it is extremely difficult to get to know a professor on a first name basis. A lot of their office hours collide with my work hours and outside of class they are impossible to get in touch with. Students are not very competitive, but I feel like a lot of the classes are extremely difficult, and students are just trying to pass each class.


I like how the classes are not too big and the professors know you or atleast your name and some things about you.


I like being a senior in my major (occupational therapy) because we all have the same classes and therefore I now know and are friends with most of the people in my major. I also like how we have such close relationships with our professors and call them on a first name basic


I am going to graduate in May with a BS in Business Administration with options in Marketing and Management. I think that the business program at WSBE is set up in a way that allows you to have many options in choosing your major. They do this by having all business students major in business administration and then you can chose options to concentrate in such as marketing, management, finance, accounting, and entrepenurial. Most students choose 2 which means that there are more options out there for you once you graduate. I have also had a pretty good experience with professors at UNH. My favorite class that I have ever taken was Leadership Assesment and Development with Professor Hassey. I really learned a great deal about myself as a leader throughout the semester and it is knowledge that I can definetly take with me and apply in the future. I would have to say that the education at UNH is geared towards learning there really isn't much help or focus on getting a job. I think that job preparation and placement is something that UNH definitely lacks and needs to improve on.


My professors definitely know my name, given the nature of my major, and my class size remains relatively small. This has its positives because we are able to make class more of a discussion based, rather than a lecture session. They are always available outside of class time and are more than willing to cater to the needs you bring to them.


Academics at UNH are challenging yet interesting. There are a lot of different classes to take outside of your own major and I have had some great experiences in several different classes. My favorite class has been Casino Management, and Communication in the Workplace. My least favorite classes were Communication classes in the rhetoric area. Class participation is definitely common, I believe sometimes UNH students have intellectual conversations outside of class and that they are competitive about academics. I have not spent time with professors outside of class, even though I would like to. I believe the education at UNH is geared toward getting a job and learning for its own sake - depending on what class it is, some are geared toward one or the other.


The classes are managable. It varies between who studies and who doesnt. Usually the library is filled each night, but there are definately the people who dont study.


At UNH, you get out what you put in. The professors are not going to hunt you down if you miss class, it's really up to you to do well. Some of the lectures are really large but the professors are usually easy to access through office hours or scheduling an appointment. The smaller classes I've had I have really gotten to know my professors and they take a genuine interest in the students.


as you get deeper into your major i feel like it is easier to get to know your professors. one upsetting factor of the psychology department was that i have had 3 different advisors in 4 years. i wish i had had one that could have helped me make some better decisions academically earlier on in my college career. I don't think UNH or any college for that matter gets us ready for whats to come after graduation. i don't feel like i am ready to be part of the real world by any means. i wish there were classes on how to do simple things like balance check books and how to look at mortgages and things like that. it may seem like we should already know how to do these everyday things, however it would be helpful to get prepared as our college time is coming to an end. I also think there should be classes on preparing students to take tests like the LSATs and the GREs. In high school everything was geared towards helping you succeed on the SAts. There should be some sort of system like that through your major.


As you get older students tend to study more. The library is usually crowded. I'm a communication major. Sometimes I go to talk to my teachers.


My educational experience at UNH was beyond my expectations I had when I came in as a freshman. I know my professors on a first name basis, and feel as if I have learned so much during my time here. Everyone complains about the general educations, but I enjoyed them - they were a nice break from the rigorous engineering classes I have had to endure.


ON my experience at UNH i got to know professors very well. Students are very active in class and all students get together and study for exams together. American Government is my favorite class this semester. Professor Dubnick is extremely fair and knowledgeable.


I love how I have the option to take small classes or large lectures. I am in an Italian class where there are 25 students and my professor knows my name. I am also in big lectures with 250 students. There are a wide range of ways to learn here.


Most of my professors know my name. I feel that for the most part they have made the effort to learn my name, and in some classes it's because I made sure they knew my name. My favorite classes are my nutrition classes. My least favorite class was english. Many UNH students have intellectual conversations outside of class. Many students in my classes are competitive, and I feel this often makes me want to do better also. The most unique class I have taken so far is HMP 401. My major is Nutritional Sciences. I find that all the professors so far really care about us as their students and really want to make sure that we are learning the material. I feel that my education here at UNH is geared toward getting a job and it's really preparing me for the future.


hard, big classes, teachers are available for help, lots of extracurricular activities


Most of my professors known my name from asking one on one questions. My favorite class is my french class because it is heavily focused on participation. I study about 3 hours or more each weekday and about 5 to 7 on weekends. Class participation is very common in smaller classes and counts for a good portion of your grade. I know that i am very competitive in all my classes trying to get the best grade I can, and compare my grades with my friends if I need to imporve in any area.


Something I really appreciate as a student is when a professor remembers my name and thus far the majority of my professors are really good at doing that. It makes me want to participate more and more part of the class and like I am working hard and it is being noticed.


One of my favorite classes im taking now is accounting, i like it so much because of my professor. He makes class interesting, and he makes a lot of jokes. He is also every enthusiastic about teaching us accounting. I find class partcipatioin isnt every common, in most of my classes it is the same 10 kids who always partcipate.


It really depends on what your major is. I am a nursing student so many of my classes are smaller and on a much more personal basis than some others. I talk about my major lots of times outside of the learning environment. The most unique class I have taken is death and dying. I really do not like the writing intensive requirements, I write enough in some of my classes that are not even considered writing intensive