University of New Hampshire-Main Campus Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is that the sidewalks and walkways can become really icy and they don't always clear out the ice


In my experience the worst thing about UNH is the adding and dropping classes system. Signing up for classes in the first place is an easy enough task, but it gets really complicated when you decide to add or drop one. The student is required to go to the specific class they want to add and get a signature from the professor; but there's no way to know if the class is full so the student ends up running around to find a class with room that fits into their schedule. That is, if there are any.


UNH is a great school for anyone majoring in Engineering, Business, Nursing, Pre-med, Computer science, etc. However, for students who come to the school Undecided or are majoring in English or one of the soft sciences, it might not be worth it. I will certainly miss UNH, but I have to do what's best for me career-wise, and as an English major looking to make it in the publishing world, UNH did not have much to offer (ex. the campus is in a small town in New Hampshire, so it lacks internship oppurtunites with publishing companies).


Everyone here is very similar. In some ways, this is a good thing because we all can relate to each other. However you don't meet a wide range of people with a wide range of interests.


The lack of available space in the library and the gym during busy hours is a deterent to attend those areas. UNH is a large school with many students in attendance and tere should be better accomadations to students wishing to attend these areas.


The worst thing about my school in my opinion would be the large amounts of people within my classes. I attend a wide variety of lecture classes, and I am used to more one on one learning and smaller class discussions with less people.


There is a lot of separation between the different degree programs within the University. Though this is natural because we are separated because of the directions of our studies I would love to spend more time around people with different degree plans and interests.


UNH is pretty big so it makes it easy to feel lost at times. The best way to feel at home is find clubs and activities that fit your personal interest and life style to find friends that you can really connect with.


I think the worst thing about my school would have to be how loud it gets on the weekends. I know that is not education related but I absolutely hate the weekends for that reason. Most Thursday nights it's hard for me to sleep because everybody is screaming directly outside of my window until three in the morning. I have an important class on Friday's so I tend to appreciate all the sleep I can get. I know loudness on the weekends is expected from a college campus, but it gets old.


The people who think that UNH is only about drinking and frat houses. A lot of UNH is about learning and being social with friends in other ways. If people were to reach out more to their professors they would learn that there are pleanty of opportunities to further your education and knowledge.


The acohol abuse. There is way too much drinking on this campus and there seems to be a lot of abuse, violence, and sexual things going on as a derivative from it.


The cost of tuition for out-of-state students is very high.


The worst thing I consider about my school is that its spoken and written devotion to diversity at the university does not match its actions. Although there are groups centered on issues and learning about diversity, they are all student run. They are typically run by students that fall into the diverse category of that group. I feel that this puts pressure on those students to automatically become activists and fight for themselves, not because they necessarily wanted to, but because the people that gave their word about “promoting diversity” are not following up.


The best part about being at the University of New Hampshire is that there is always something to do and an assortment of things to pick from. There are always activities, plays and sporting events going on almost every weekend. Being a Division One sports contender mean there is going to be a good game. No matter what time of year it is you can always join a club or intermural sports team to stay involved.


The worst thing about the University of New Hampshire is most likely the billing system it is over complicated and constantly loses track of payments


The worst thing about the University of New Hampshire is the some what poor costumer service that one experiences during a visit at the Buisness office. They aren't always polite and you will find staff members talking about a student that they just had dealings with while you are recieving services.


The worst thing about my school is that the downtown does not have enough diverse venues. It consists mostly of "fast food" restaurants and a couple bars. A decent coffee shop and a few upscale restaurants would be nice.


the worst thing about my school is that everything is far away and the only way to get there on time is to catch a bus (if it comes on time) or walk. There is not too many things that are not good about my college.


I wish the school was a little more competitive. I felt like I was overly prepared compared to my colleagues.


The professors' abilities to teach effectively. They have the knowledge just have difficulty sharing it.


Personally it's the location, since I grew up 20 minutes from school everything "fun" to visit in the surrounding area is where I grew up.


I think the worse thing about UNH was a lack of diversity. As a public university, it was pretty limited in its racial and socio-economic scope.


The large class sizes for introductory classes or freshman classes. They tend to not allow students to really understand matierial or know their professors. This eventually leads to students not doign well academically and not wanting to do better and succeed. Teachers in Bigger lecture halls don't get the time to really know and understand why a particular student is not understanding material in the class.


The worst thing about the school may be a few select faculty, but you can't always be well off with everyone.


It is hard to say what the worst thing about UNH is as I truly enjoy attending this university. From the location to the variety of classes offered, I find that I made the right choice in going to this school. However, I have heard about some five-year programs at schools such as Northeastern where they offer co-op programs. I think that the idea of studying for a semester and working a semester is very appealing as it could facilitate finding a job after school (which is a major concern for recent gradates).


The only issue that I have come across as a freshman at the University of New Hampshire has been the number of desks and chairs available in the Dimond Library. Come time for finals, a number of students have no other choice but to sit on the floor for hours on end. When studying for such a lengthy period of time, I feel that it is the school's place to ensure the comfort of the student in order for them to perform at their best level.


The worst thing at this school is the wind during the winter. I like the snow, it makes the campus look like a winter wonderland. But when the wind blows, it is so cold it hurts your skin. Other than that, the temperature around here is just perfect!


The major thing about my school that i do not like is that they first placed me into the associate animal science program, when i would have prefered to be in the bachelor program.


The worst thing about UNH would be availibility of classes. It is a fairly large campus and popular courses fill up within the first few hours of availibility. They compensate for this by staggering when students are allowed to begin signing up for the next semester's courses and putting holds onseats for popular classes, but there are always a lot of students disappointed about their schedule. Also, some required classes are only offered during specific semesters, making it more difficult to arrange your schedule.


It's in a rural place


The worst thing about the University of New Hampshire is that it is a party school. On the weekends this is not a big deal, but when people are out partying on a Thursday night they are loud, even though some other people still have classes on Friday, early classes. It is hard to sleep when people are outside your window yelling and talking.


The worst thing about school is the number of rainy days that occur. This may sound trivial but if you as a freshman come to school without rainboots be prepared for some very soggy socks. While winters are very cold, UNH keeps the dorms very warm and cozy. At the beginning of the year many students go out on the weekends, it becomes more of a pain once the cold weather, mainly snow, and rain hit campus. This does not stop the adamant partiers although the outfits tend to change ever so slightly to contain uggs and slightly warmer coats.


I think the worst thing about UNH is that it is definitely a party school. There really aren't many things to do on a Friday or Saturday night besides partying and drinking. There is always going to be a percentage of the student body that prefers to drink and party on the weekends, but I feel that a lot of students that go out on weekends to party do it out of boredom.


There are no rubrics. I don't know exactly what I'm being graded on and how.


It can be really cold outside which deters people from socializing outside and meeting others during the winter.


The worst thing about the University of New Hampshire is their choices to give the campus a snow day or not. We had one day where the entire state of New Hampshire was closed down, yet UNH remained open and classes were still held. A few years ago, a professor was struck and killed by a car walking to their classes in a brutal snowstorm. You'd think that would be a wake up call for UNH and be more aware of their students' and faculty's safety and well being.


The worst thing about my school is that the size of student body can sometimes make you feel like a statistic. It can be difficult to make a relationship with the admistration. Many of the classes are very large. I have found it possible to go for a semester and never really have a relationship with the teachers. That being said if you are willing to put the effort into becoming acquainted with your teachers can be a rewarding experience.


I love my school and am confident in my college choice, however the only complaint I do have is the lack of personal attention from teachers and advisors. I wish my advisors and teachers had more time to talk with my one on one.


Parking! There is no where to park on campus without getting a ticket and winter parking ban makes it a lot worse! Also that the incidence of campus violence has gone up considerably this year during the weekends. The first two years I was at school I rearly heard of anyone getting beat up and this year it seems after every weekend someone else got beat up and hurt and the cops seem to worry more about drinking than keeping the kids save.


The worst thing about my school is the police because I believe that they spend much of their time looking to give parking tickets to people instead of watching out for the security of students.


It's hard to make the transition from a small community college to a large university. At community college, I was greeted with excitement by my advisor, but at UNH I found it difficult to just track my advisor down to sign a form! It can be easy to let yourself get lost in the crowd, but there are a lot of opportunities to do amazing work because UNH has fantastic resources especially for research. I think the key is, do what you can to make connections with professors, even if you're one out of 300 in a class.


It caters to traditional students, which I am not. I am a 26 year old married male and sometimes it is hard to complete courses. I wish that there was another way for me to take classes (possibly online?) because I would love to be able to work more and help support my family.


The damage fees they charge. Also how it is a the most expensive state school in the country. They charge way too much to go here.


the worst thing at unh is that parking for comuters. The comuter parking lots are very far from campous. i think the parking situation at the school could be a lot better.


I'd say the limited banks, there's only two in this town. And dunkin donuts is walking distance only. Also although the campus is small, hiking from area 1 to area 3 at 8am is just that...A HIKE. it's really inconvienent, I wish there was a faster shuttle system, especially in the winter


The worst thing about my school is dorm security.


The worst thing would have to be the book system, but I'm sure its the same at every other school. Professors will request that students buy the newest version of all the text books. Which is usually very unnecessary.


No wireless internet (yet). Most people want to be able to wander around with their laptops, but you can't get access unless your hooked in.


For someone coming from out of state, as a freshman it seemed like there were a log of "local" kids who already seemed to know each other.


The worst thing about the school, is how it is difficult to get in touch with some professors out of class. There are some professors on campus, who do not check their e-mail, which makes it very difficult to ask them questions or get adivce from them. Every professor is assigned an e-mail address, so it is frusterating that some don't use it. I think it would be a lot better if more professors used their e-mail, or made more of an effort to keep in touch with students outside of class.