University of New Hampshire-Main Campus Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?




Jocks, Hippies, Party Animals


The main stereotype about UNH students is that we party all of the time. This is not an accurate stereotype, as there are many students who would rather study than play beer pong.


UNH is seen as a "party school." The stereotype is that all students go out and drink every weekend. This stereotype is accurate for some students here at UNH but for the most part it is not true.


I honestly cannot think of one word to stereotype the students at UNH. There is such a mix of people that not just one sticks out to me. There are the sports teams, Greek life, committees and clubs. We used to be seen as a "Party School" when we made the Princeton List 4 years ago, but each year since the party scene has gone down more than the year before.


The University of New Hampshire is portrayed as a typical state school. Everyone that comes has the desire to drink and party throughout their four years of college. Im not saying that there is a complete lack of party here on campus but partying is not the number one attraction here at UNH. We are all college students and we like to have fun, but that is not all that goes on here at UNH. We have endless community events that take place everyday/everynight of the week. We raise money for cancer, we work with the local food pantry, and we cheer on our hockey team every weekend. UNH is much more than the stereotype that is placed upon us and I feel that we break through that pre-formed mold everyday with our daily actions as an united campus of individuals.


At UNH, and to be honest at any college, the types of people you meet are endless. Yes there are definitely some stereotypes, but being thrown into a particular category is never something to fear. I have become friends with athletes, people who participate in greek life, and just other random people who have come various backgrounds. It is a great mix of people!


UNH is a respected business school. Because of this it is believed that the student body is primarily comprised of jocks and frat kids, however our Liberal Arts and Science programs are much larger than some non-students believe. In truth, the student body is much more diverse than some may think.