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What is your overall opinion of this school?


Anytime you tell someone that you are a student at UNH - whether prospective, enrolled, or alumni- you are guaranteed to hear one of three responses: 1. Have you been to a UNH Hockey game?! There's nothing like it. 2. Wait, what town is that in again? 3. I know someone who went there. They absolutely loved it. And they're right. But as much fun as it is to brag about the excitement of a hockey game, or to smile when people pretend they've heard of Durham, NH, that's not what being a student at UNH is all about. It comes down to that third response. Because whether you're a pre-vet major, a field hockey player, an aspiring member of the men's hockey team, or proudly undeclared, there is one thing that glues us all together: we love it here. Everyone knows the old saying, "you can't make everyone happy". Well UNH is a thriving contradiction that you can. The reason why everyone knows someone who loved UNH is because UNH creates an community where everyone finds a place and has potential to exceed. If you have no idea what major is right for you: take classes that interest you until you figure it out. If you were born to be a character from Animal House: join a fraternity. If you miss your A Cappella group from high school: join one of ours. If there isn't a club on campus for what you're looking for: start one. This is what life is like at UNH. Instead of following the path that is easiest to fit in, you find the place where you will shine and stand out. A few weeks ago I got coffee with some friends downtown. As we sat and talked about how our junior year was unfolding, I recognized a familiar face from across the cafe. It took me a few moments to realize I was looking at a professor of mine from freshman year. Considering it had taken me a few moments to recognize him, I assumed there was no way he could remember my face after having taught so many since mine. It was as soon as we made eye contact that he was walking over to greet me, wish me well, and to ask if I was still pursuing writing. I told him I was, but I didn't mention that I probably wouldn't be if it weren't for his class. Even though it only happened a few weeks ago I am confident I will never forget that moment, because it captures what UNH is all about. This education is so bigger than a classroom, or even a campus. It is about building real relationships, learning about yourself, working with others, and pursuing a life full of passion. Oh yeah- all while having the time of your life.


UNH is a great university that provides many opportunities to its students. My favorite thing about the school is the quality of the professors. I have never met a professor who was not completely passionate about his/her subject, or did not show the utmost respect for students. I spend the majority of my time on campus in Dimond library, as it has a place for everything I need: quiet study, computer rooms, collaboration areas for group projects, and a cafe that serves great coffee. My biggest complaint about the university is that there is not enough parking for commuters like me. Sometimes you have to stalk people in the parking lot in order to get a spot. Overall this university excels in most of the areas important to me: variety of classes, great professors, beautiful campus, and diverse student body.


Everyone says it, but it is true. UNH legitimately has something for everyone. Over the course of 4 years I was able to join a sports team, join Greek life, participate in Student Senate, intramural sports, nutrition groups, and various other clubs and activities. I did everything I could have hoped to do and more than I thought was even possible. I don't know how I handled it all with one of the hardest majors at UNH, but if I did it, you can do it too! Take every opportunity you get, they will be knocking at your doorstep, and you won't regret any of them.


When I applying to colleges I was unsure of where I was going to end up, but I knew one thing......I was going to get out of New Hampshire. I originally had wanted to go to college in the city, get away from the small town life and rake in culture. I searched and search for my perfect college and when it came down to pick my college I pick the school 15 minutes away from my house, the University of New Hampshire. I wasnt particularly thrilled with my choice at first. All my friends were leaving the area and I felt like I was settling in a place that I already knew. WRONG! The second I got to UNH I knew this was the right place for me. There was so many new things to see and learn about, the types of poeple I was meeting were completely different from what I had been accustomed to seeing. I was blown away by the sense of school pride and the love that other students had for this school that I had once thought was not my scene. I was dead wrong! There is so much to do on this campus, so many opportunities and so much culture that I cant imagine going somewhere else. UNH is a great university where you will meet great friends and have great opportunities and learn a lot about yourself along the way.


When I applying to colleges I was unsure of where I was going to end up, but I knew one thing......I was going to get out of New Hampshire. I originally had wanted to go to college in the city, get away from the small town life and rake in culture. I searched and search for my perfect college and when it came down to pick my college I pick the school 15 minutes away from my house, the University of New Hampshire. I wasnt particularly thrilled with my choice at first. All my friends were leaving the area and I felt like I was settling in a place that I already knew. WRONG! The second I got to UNH I knew this was the right place for me. There was so many new things to see and learn about, the types of poeple I was meeting were completely different from what I had been accustomed to seeing. I was blown away by the sense of school pride and the love that other students had for this school that I had once thought was not my scene. I was dead wrong! There is so much to do on this campus, so many opportunities and so much culture that I cant imagine going somewhere else. UNH is a great university where you will meet great friends and have great opportunities and learn a lot about yourself along the way.


Being a student at UNH has been one of the greatest experiences thus far. UNH is located in Durham, NH. It is a quintessential New England college town. We have 4 beautiful seasons we get to experience. The crisp air of fall, the beautiful snow of winter, blossoming trees in spring, and the ability to go to the ocean when the weather gets warmer during summer. UNH has a great student body. It has a large population, but a small community field. It is the best of both worlds. With over two hundred student organizations, the ability to get involved is easy. After classes, I love to take a walk downtown with friends, it's only a short 3 minute walk, and grab a cup of coffee at a local coffee shop or grab a slice of pizza. It is here where I have made my lifelong friends.


UNH life has been something that has treated me well for my entire time here. We are a large school in a small town. With 13,000 undergrads you would think that it would be much more cramped feeling than it is. The campus and nearby off-campus housing, as well as students living in nearby towns really helps keep the campus feeling cozy and fun. The shops and eateries in town are all great and through free bus transportation to students we have access to Dover and Portsmouth, both of which have a wide variety of things they offer.


UNH can seem daunting at first because the campus is widespread and there are a lot students. Initially, I thought that by being here, I'd be missing out on a sense of community. However, I quickly learned that the very thing that I'd always seen as the worst aspect of UNH is actually the best aspect of UNH. Going to a big school gives you a chance to meet a lot of people and have a wide range of experiences. Sometimes I feel like I meet someone new every day. It's also really cool to know that there are clubs dedicated to everything from intramural sports (broomball-a sort of hockey with brooms-is huge here) to juggling. Because college is about moving out of your comfort zone, some people are scared to try new things to meet new people. At my freshmen orientation, I noticed that all of the kids who went to high school together tended to clump together. UNH has a lot of kids who are in-state, and a lot of them have chosen to hang out together instead of meeting new people. A lot of them also go home a lot. If you are in-state and you get homesick, however, your best bet is to not go home. The only way to get to know UNH is to be at UNH, of course. During my first semester, I went home a lot. I really did myself a disservice by doing this and missing out on some good times. Ever since then, I only go home for winter break an d Thanksgiving. That's the only way to break through the daunting barrier of a large student body and create your own community. There's a lot to do around here. Living in Durham means living on New Hampshire's seacoast, which is a fun area filled with tons of music venues, places to eat, and places to shop. All of this is accessible by the free university bus, which I am really grateful for (despite the rumor that a girl got free tuition after one hit her). Durham is fun too, mainly because of all the people you can meet.


I love that UNH is such a large school but I still feel like I know many people, a tighter knit community. I wish I got to know my professors better, instead of having such large lectures. When people hear UNH, I think they think of either the business school or our hockey team, so both academics and sports. Most of my time spent on campus is either in the classroom or the library. I think Durham is very much a college town and it's almost weird to see "non-UNHers" walking around. All in all I have loved my UNH experience and wishing it wasn't ending so soon!


i think that UNH is a good sized school. its just big enough where you dont know everyone, but small enough where you will still see people you recognize when you are walking to class. i love how UNH has so much pride for their sports. It sometimes sucks though cause there is such a small town and not very much to do in the general vicinity of UNH.


The best thing about is the Campus and the social scene. I love that so many students go here and there is always something to do any night of the week. When I tell people that I go to UNH they usually say thats awesome I hear the party scene is great there. I spend most of my time on campus either at my sorority or downtown, although its not that big its cute and quaint. This school has a lot of pride especially when it comes to sports. One of the biggest complaints is that our gym is too small and no matter what time of the day you go you will have to wait for a machine, I agree with that.


Greek Life is the best thing about UNH and the number of students who attend. I would maybe make the school bigger and add another gym. I think UNH could be larger in size, but it suits me well. Typical since I am from NH. I spend most of my time in my house at Alpha Phi. Are down town is very small, I wish it was bigger. Administration is good. The "shoe man" that old man breaking into dorms or cars being stolen. There isn't as much pride as down south or bigger sports schools. Nothing unusual at UNH. Joining Alpha Phi is one experience I will never forget. Most complaints are small gym, could be a larger campus and the new only 3-4 people allowed to live in apartments, raids not allowed in the greek life anymore, DHop raising pizza prices etc.


I like how big UNH is, because I came from a very small high school. When I tell people I go to UNH they say how good of a school it has become, and how it is getting harder and harder to get into. On campus I spend a lot of time at the MUB because of all that they have to offer there. I think UNH has great school pride and that all the students really enjoy going to the games. One experience I'll always remember is being in my sorority, it has made my college experience amazing. Frequent student complaints are that we have no snow days, even when the roads are bad.


i think the best thing about UNH was joining a sorority. Greek life is awesome here. i think the size of the school is just right, but only because i joined alpha phi. before i joined i thought it was too big. i spend most of my time at alpha phi with all my sisters. main street is awesome place to hang out. lots of things to do around campus. school pride is awesome especially at the hockey games. One experience ill always remember is my first day of rushing the sororities.


UNH is a fairly large school with not much diversity. However, this year there has been a change and a much more diverse setting here at UNH. The popular spots among the UNH campus are the Whitt for hockey games, D-Hop dollar slices after 11!, and various restaurants and tanning salons. Most people have the same reaction when I say I go to UNH. Its the usual "UNH huh? I know some people who go there BIGGG party school. The biggest controversy on campus at this time is parking! For the number of students attending, there should be more parking.


i think our school is just right, the size is big enough that you dont know everyone but being a part of the greek system allowed me to still get to know people on that more personal level. the greek sysyem is the best part of UNH to me


Spend most of the time downtown or on campus, it is a great size with plenty of activities to get involved in


The best thing about UNH is the fact that i have made some of the best friends ever. The campus is the perfect size, not too big or too small and you can avoid people if you do not want to see them! People stereotype me going to UNH by saying its exactly like highschool because so many of the kids in my highschool go there. I spend most of my time on campus in my sorority house, work or class. UNH is definitely a college town because it is so perfect here. UNH's administration is fantastic always providing help when we need it. I'm not too sure what the biggest recent controversy on campus is except maybe when someone wrote something bad in the hallway of stoke last semester? School pride is definitely in excess here on campus from sports events just to all the UNH apparel we wear. I love being at UNH and i have never doubted my choice to come here. It is the perfect place for me and i would never change that.


I love UNH. It's exactly the type of school I wanted to attend. Members of my family went here and are proud that I'm attending this university.


just the right size


UNH is a beautiful campus. It's the main reason why i fell in love with the school. I think the size it just perfect because it's big enough to not see the same people everyday but its small enough to see familiar faces every where you go. I think the community and atmosphere that the students create here is a very positive and enriching one. I wouldn't change a thing.


One thing I'd like to change about UNH is the parking situation. I think that size is just right, not to big and not to small. People who hear that I go to UNH for business know that this is a great school for business. I don't know much about the administration. Yes, there is alot of school pride.


The best thing about UNH is the size. One thing I would change about UNH is the amount of holidays we have, considering we rarely have any, even when there is a blizzard outside. Sometimes when I tell people I got to UNH they act as if they have never heard of it, but most of the time people are glad because they know it's such a great school.I spend most of my time at the Alpha Phi house or at the library. There is always a lot of school pride, no matter where you go. Everywhere I walk I see people sporting UNH gear, and if you go to an athletic event you are bound to find people dressed up and shouting their chants for our teams.


I like UNH because all sorts of people come here. It is the perfect size school with a good administration from what I can see. There is alot of school pride when it comes to football and hockey.


UNH is a great school in my opinion. I love all of the options and organizations there are to be involved in. There is always something going on either at the MUB or on T-Hall Lawn. So if your not a person who likes to go out and party on the weekends, 9 times out of 10 there is something that they could go to and still experience social aspects without drinking. Even though the school is only 12,000 to 15,000 students, there are always new people to meet and hang out with. The size is fairly good because when walking to class, there could be no one you recognize in ten minutes, but other times you could see 20 people you know. Everyone is very friendly.


The size of UNH is just right. The campus itself is very confined and everything is within walking distance. However, it is not small enough that you know everyone you pass while walking to class. Durham is difinately a college town with an overwhelming amount of school pride. Frequent student complaints here on campus relate to parking situations and ticketing.


Everyone at UNH just wants to have fun and have a good time but I think people know how to work hard and do well in school as well.


my friends are the best things here its the perfect size it is def a college town most of my time is spent haning with friends or doing work yes there is a lot of school pride


I like the town of Durham and how it is a college town. It is part of what attracted me to the school. I like how the downtown is mostly for students and its not far to get to places if you need something. On that same note, I like having the opurtunity of the buses if you need to get to the mall, Wal-Mart, or some other place like that.


A TON of fun. It has everything you could ever ask for. You could never ever be bored because there is always something going on. The mub has so many great events, there is a club for every kind of sport, you meet so many new people everywhere you go, the whit is really nice, UNH gets a lot of celebrities to visit for us which is awesome, and so much more. The buildings are all nice, and are always renovating and trying to make things better. There are a lot of very good professors, and very few that people tend not to like. The library is beautiful and the town of Durham is a good size for the school. There is a ton of school pride and people are always really impressed when I say that I go here. I am proud to tell people that I go to UNH, and I love telling people about how great it is here.


UNH has a beautiful campus for a state school. Although it might be a turn off to some to live in NH, Boston is only a train ride away, the beach is close by and Portsmouth, NH has a lot to offer. I think the campus size is just right because you can always look forward to meeting new people and because it is a larger school there are so many things to get involved with. the school has a lot of spirit when it comes to the hockey games.


UNH is a public university with about 15,000 undergraduate students. UNH basically takes up the entire town of Durham with students, faculty, and graduates. My favorite part about UNH besides the social life/night life, would have to be the warm spring days when everyone is outside. I love being on campus on these types of days because everyone is outside playing sports, tanning, blasting music, or just hanging out. Everyone is so exited when the weather gets warm and its a great atmosphere to be in when this time comes.


Its a great school overall. Tough to get into on average. Great academics and staff. People and parents are proud to hear about my choice as a UNH student.


I love the size of UNH, how I am always meeting new people. Also, the choice and variety for classes makes my decision for a major more exact to what I want to do. I do not witness a lot of school pride, I came from a high school that was all about spirit and I feel like UNH is lacking a more spirited atmosphere. I will always remember rushing Alpha Phi, and all the incredible girls I have met through the sorority. I spend most of my time around the house, at work, or downtown.


The best thing about UNH is that it is not to big and not to small. It is a very good size so you can find your own group of friends and still meet new people every day/night.


The size of the school is perfect, not too large or too small. I Wish there was more UNH pride surrounding all sports and not just hockey. The campus is beautiful and I love how everything is in a close area that you can walk to.


The best thing about UNH is the atmosphere and the campus. At first UNH seems like it is so big but it's really not. It's really well broken down by majors and the size isn't overwhelming at all. Durham is a good college town too because it has a small, nice downtown with plenty of food choices and bars. I would say that the biggest problem at UNH is the parking situation. Especially at the library. You would think that a fairly large state school would have sufficient parking at the library but at UNH it is really scarce.


This school is a great size, small enough where you know people when you walk around campus but big enough that there are always new people to meet. The location is great also, giving both bar and off-campus housing party scenes. The downfall about UNH is that the regulation of alcohol and social gatherings are so extremely strict that people have a hard time gathering somewhere to spend time.


I think UNH is just right for the amount of students that attend here. UNH is a gorgeous school filled with brick buildings and green. I spend most of my time on main street. I think the most frequent student complaints is the parking and the size of the gym. The gym is definitely too small for the amount of students. Overall, UNH is a great school and I couldn't imagine my college experience to be anywhere else.


I love the campus, its pristine and doesn't overwhelm you. If I could change one thing it would be to have a larger gym facility UNH is a large school, but it doesnt feel like a huge state school, UNH can be a very personable experience.


UNH is the perfect size school. Its big enough that there are always new people to meet and fun things to do, but it is not overwhelming. I have had a great time at UNH and I love being in my sorority.


I feel as though UNH is the perfect size. it is why i chose to come here. there are enough people that even if you came knowing people, it was easy to find your own clique. the one extremely negative aspect of this school is the parking. i don't think its right to have minimum parking and meters everywhere. it is hard enough to pay for an expensive school and expensive places to live, without having to pay absurd amounts of money to meters or tickets. i am in chi omega and they have made me have the greatest experience at unh. the greek system is amazing and i would hope that the other students can see that. i also think that we have amazing groups on campus and sports teams.


Most people know UNH as a party school but people think it is still a good school. Most people know someone who goes here. There is definitely a lot of school spirit. People are always wearing UNH clothing. People complain about walking everywhere and having a hard time getting into certain classes. Also, the parking could be improved, people complain about it a lot. The gym should be bigger.


The size of the school is perfect - especially the class sizes. In any other state university, I'm sure I would be viewed as just another student - I'd be lost in the crowd. At UNH, I know my professors on a first name basis and can approach them for assistance on anything - whether it be homework or even career advice. I wish the school spirit lasted all year, however I think we need a larger football stadium to achieve that!


UNH is the perfect sized school and perfect for me all around. All the students and people around here are very down to earth. UNH is a stereo typical college town and I love it because of that. It has a beautiful campus. Another reason why UNH is such a fun school is because of the school pride, when you walk down the street at least every other student will be sporting UNH gear. The sporting games is another place where our pride is seen, there is never a dull moment in the student section at a hockey game.


When i tell people that I go to UNH they think that i go to school in the middle of farm lands and sleep in dirty dorms, and go to class outside. They think all the people that go to UNH are all from New Hampshire, and they are studying to be farmers. The truth is that NONE of these stereotypes are true! UNH is just like any other school. It is my dream school, and I love it here. i could not imagine going anywhere else.


The best thing about UNH for me is the availabilty of all the different extracurricular activities, as well as the campus itself. I think it is the perfect size and the campus is beautiful in the fall and spring. The only I don't like about it is the weather in the winter. I spend most of my time on central campus going from class to class and usually I'm in the MUB or the library between classes. My experience so far with administration has been really good. I feel that they really go out of their way to make sure their students are learning and understanding. This school is full of school pride for our sports, clubs, and Greek life. One experience I'll always remember is doing the breast cancer walk with my sorority, Chi Omega, last fall.


pretty buildings, dedicated students, greek life, cold weather


The best thing about UNH for me was joing the Greek system. It is a great way to get involved with the campus and stay up to date on all campus activities. Great way to expand your social network and to become a leader within a community. Form lasting friendships .


I like the size of the school because there are so many different organizations to choose to get involved in based on your interests...the more people the more minds to brainstorm groups and ideas. UNH seems to represent the town of Durham because it takes up so much of it and I think it is great that the community and the students are able to live in the same town and is a great opportunity for jobs. I will remember the friends i made here the most, obviously, because they made my time so worth while.