University of New Hampshire-Main Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The university puts you in new situations in regards to people and situations; a person who is looking to only learn in a lecture settings and pass exams will find what they want, but this won't be the best setting for them. Only one class from the past two semesters of my attendance had more than thirty people. You have to be the type of student who is willing to participate in discussions and meet with professors on an individual basis for individualized learning in a large university setting.


People who want to attend a small school or have small classes.


The University of New Hampshire is suited to many different types of people, so it is difficult to describe a person that should not attend the university. A person who is more suited to a small school population and who wants classes with under fifty students each year should not attend this university.


Someone who is low key yet likes to get involved with campus life . There are so many activities and clubs to join and the campus is a great place to learn


I don't think there is a specific person that shouldn't attend this school. However, the student should be able to balance his/her time well and take college seriously.


Any kind of person could attend this school and find their niche.


At a school of this size, just about every person should be able to find their niche. That being said, a person who hates the cold and hates hockey should probably reconsider their decision. If you aren't outgoing, you may initially have some difficulty finding friends, as it is somewhat. A person used to the hustle and bustle of a major city may have difficulty adjusting to life here, as there isn't much going on past 10:00 PM on the weekends, besides drinking.


I believe anyone should attend this school. Your education is what you make it. The University of New Hampshire has many activities and groups directed toward any type of student. I


This is a pretty large school and there is a decent amount of partying that goes on during the weekends so I would suggest that a student who does not like to drink would probably want to shy away from a school like this. Where it is a bigger school I would also say that a student who needs smaller class size or more one on one attention could struggle here because a lot of the general courses that many have to take are very large.




Someone that is not willing to work hard and reach out to meet people


A shy person should not attend this school. The size can be quite overwhelming for some because it is a medium-large school. Also anyone that doesn't like to be in large groups of people or be around a lot of people at one time shouldn't attend because there are always tons of people everywhere.


This school in general is accepting of other people. But because there aren't that many ethnically different groups of people, many peoplpe are uneducated with different cultures and races. I think people who are very conservative from other cultures, who have hard time understanding that not all the people here know what it's like outside of U.S., would have a hard time because many people her just simply don't understand the lifestyle outside of New Hampshire.


UNH is based upon diverse personalities. It is a place where the shiest of people and the most outspoken coesxist. Everyone has the abilty to get lost in the crowd or to stand out from the rest at UNH, it all depends on what the person makes of their college experience. Therefore, I would say that UNH does not have a specific mold that needs to be fit into. Anyone can succeed at UNH.


A person who wants small classes but that all depends on the major. If you are taking all intro classes you first year then most likely you will be in lectures with 200 to 300 other students. If you want to be on a campus that is open in a big city with a lot to do, this is not your school either. Portsmouth is near by but not walking distance.


The kind of person who should not attend this school s someone who is unmotivated. UNH is a tough school with a rigorous work load and people who are not motivated to do the best they can possibly do should not go.


I dont think people who are close minded, extremely intorverted, or lazy should attend UNH. It is a big campus with a lot to do, a lot to see, and long distances to walk, and if you dont get up and do stuff, you wont get out of this campus all the things it has to offer.


Anyone expecting to be able to be friends with anyone they meet. There are a lot of different personality types at this school, which means that there's a niche for just about anyone. Incoming students should be ready to meet people with whom they have nothing in common, and may have to work a bit harder to find a solid group of friends.


This school alows a person who wants to study it doesnt matter about: race, color, age, capacity, etc. This school is a tool for us as students to develop our education in a high level and doesnt have preferences of certain kind of people. I have seen a lot of people with disabilities in my clasrrom that are studying and the school brings them help, assistanes that are there in case they need them. The school is not worried to people who doesnt have money to pay their college the are in charge to help them.


I don't think there is any "kind of person" who shouldn't attend this school. All people have their own preferences when it comes to campus, location, majors offered, and more. I suppose if one wanted to live in the city and attend a strictly Business school, UNH would not be the choice for them. UNH is an institution that allows people to explore the many majors provided to help in deciding what one wants to do with their life.


Someone who can only learn in small classes and needs a lot of attention and extra help from teachers


A person who wants very small classes and a small campus wouldn't like it here. Most general education classes have hundreds of people in them but the major related classes also tend to be big depending on the popularity. Also, someone who wants a school that focuses only on coursework rather than social activities or if the person doesn't want to be at a school that is open to a lot of different things whether it be religion, sexual orientation or politics might not like it here.


People who are NOT looking for the ideal college experience shouldn't attend this school. This school, to me, is the painted picture of college. Also, while there are plenty of other things to do on campus, people who do not party should not live on campus. It seems that even in the "clean" dorms, you are faced with alcohol and intoxicated students.


I don't think that there is anyone who shouldn't attend this school.


Some one who is looking to slide along, party too much, and study too little.


A person that shouldn't attend this school is someone who isn't disciplined and is unmotivated. It is difficult to succeed if you are not serious about academics and are bad with managing time.


If someone is very introverted, keeps to themselves, or wants to attend a small, religious school, then he/she should not attend the University of New Hampshire. UNH has a wide range of people, but so many people are involved in many different things. There are so many clubs and activities that everyone is encouraged to participate in. A socially introverted person would not get involved, or care to meet people and be social on this enormous campus. There is also no religious affiliation to the school, so if someone wants that he/she will not find it at UNH.


The University of New Hampshire has a really beautifull campus. I really enjoy the feel of country side. But I you are a city person. I am not recommended for you. I was too slow and quiet for people from city.


Someone who likes the feel of a small close-knit community.


Someone who needs one on one in the classroom, or small classes. Someone who doesn't like to have to walk far to class.


Someone looking for a small school, an artsy school, a big city school, or someone who wants a focused education without a lot of general requirements.


There is no type of person that should not attend the University of New Hampshire. It has so much to offer for people of all backgrounds and personalities. Even if someone cannot find another person they can directly relate too, the students of UNH and residents of Durham are very accepting and extremely understanding and they would never make any one feel uncomfortable. The only type of person who should not attend UNH would be someone who does not want to make great, lifelong friends and meet new interesting people, and get a great education at the same time.


Someone who isn't really social and who tends to shy away from activities


For people that think college is a waste of time, they are thinking from an outsider?s perspective. In my freshman year, I learned about sexuality, feminism, empowerment, and who I am as a person. College gave me the chance to not feel like an awkward teen trying to fit in this crazy world. Unlike high school, college forces you to step out of your comfort zone and see things in a new life.


The only kind of person that I would say should not attend UNH is the kind of person who is lazy and passionless. There are so many great opportunities on campus, and people who do not take advantage of those opportunities should not attend this school because it would be a waste of an acceptance spot.


If you have no interests in extra curricular activiites then stay away from UNH. There is something going on all the time. Frats, sororities, student organizations and clubs, and many other groups put on events all the time. There is always something to do besides school work.


Someone who likes the city, and a fast pased environment. Also someone who is very shy and not outgoing.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is someone who likes to be in the city. UNH is located in a small town, so the person should realize it will be much different from living in the city. Also, if the person likes to just party all the time and not do their homework, then they will most likely fluck out of school. Students whom attend UNH should be willing to learn. A person not willing to learn and participate in events should not attend UNH.


Somone who is more of a city person and wants to be in a urban environment. Also probably someone who is looking for a more diverse setting for school.


if he or she does not like party, and would like to avoid any party scene.


This school is for someone that is looking for many options as far as majors go. They will enjoy the school more if they like to party but if not will still enjoy the school in other ways. Most people are average white kids and someone will fit in better if they are similar to their classmates.


A person who isn't active and into sports and doesn't like the cold and a lot of walking.


I think anyone can fit into this school and can find their own niche.


I don't think there is a "shouldn't" for this school --- there seems to be a niche for everyone and a diverse population in every catagory from socioeconomic to religious to interests.


someone who isn't ready to put themselves out there, socially or academically. other than that there is a niche for everyone here - social people, academic people, sports fans, art fanatics. if you aren't willing to do the work to find those people who would you feel most comfortable with, this probably isn't the place for you.


For the most part this school is primarily white it has one of the lowest minority ratings in the country. If that does not bother you , a outdoors person that likes the wilderness. Some one who likes winter and skis or snowboards. People that like to have a good time on the weekends the school is a top party ranking school. Some one who wants to go to a school thats not to big but not to small. Also this school is a big hockey school so if you like hockey its a good place to be.


People not exposed to homogeneity (that being most minority students who aren't accustomed to being completely surrounded by white men and women. Who sometime don't understand, care to understand or attempt to accept those with differences and those in the oppressed groups i.e. LGBTQ students, minority students and women.


This school is pretty diversed and there is always opening arms to any and everyone devoted to their future. If you know what you want and are determined to succeed, this school gives you the challenge to complete it!


Anyone who is not willing to put the time into their work should not come to this school. The University of New Hampshire is not the cheapest school and to waste your money is just a shame. Also anyone who is not willing to be somewhat social may not have a great experience here. This is a very social campus and if you get involved you will have a great time and meet some great people.


I don't think there is a kind of person that shouldn't attend this school.