University of New Hampshire-Main Campus Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


I am very dissapointed that I can not have pets on campus unless it is a fish.


Being at UNH for only one semester, there hasn't been too many frustrating aspects I have encountered, however a frustration of mine and many others is the clearing of sidewalks and paths during and after snow. None of my friends or myself are wheel chair bound, however, those who are, are having horrible experiences traveling to classes this year. Students offer assistance to those who need it, but many times handicapped students are left to struggle on their own. Just recently UNH and Durham police started a service to help, but paths should be taken care of as well.


I wish there were more small classes. My smallest classes are about 28 students. ( Granted this semester I'm in a lot of basic courses that are required and popular) I also wish sophomores didn't get last pick for classes. As a sophomore most students know what classes they need to get into but because we get last pick we rarely get the classes we want or need.


The most frustreating thing about UNH is that the campus is expanding at such a fast rate. While it is great that UNH is seeming to grow, it makes me uncomfortable that we as a college are taking up so much space and that the goal seems to be to keep developing, developing, developing, new buildings and dorms while there are still buildings that remian in disrepair throughout much of the year.


Students do not take academics seriously enough.


Recntly, I have been looking for off-campus housing in the surrounding area but the apartments are very expensive. Living is particulary expensive if it is walking distance from the campus and the only cheap housing near campus are not quality apartments.


The most frustrating thing at UNH tends to be either the size of the gym or professors that are hard to understand. For a student body the size of UNH's, the gym is fairly small and can get very crowded quite often. Concerning the professor's, there are some that do not speak English as their primary language, and can be hard to understand. They are still very knowledgeable , they can just be hard to understand sometimes.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the size of its campus. With over 15,000 students, UNH is the biggest university in all of New Hampshire. With this said, it is often difficult to get from class to class with only 10 minutes available, especially if they are on opposite sides of campus from one another. Not even mentioning any unforeseen events that may occur, such as a teacher holding you late or meeting up with a friend. The size of the campus can be a monstrous problem that may in turn interfere with ones ability to learn.


That it is so far away from a big city or town with a large cultural agenda.


The most frustrating thing about UNH is that students are on their own for everything. They get very little help of guidence about what they should or need to be doing for their major and future. It is frustrating that no one is their to help guide me in the direction I need to be going to succeed and be able to go further with my major. I hear about research and internships from other students but I am never told when I need to begin these things or even where to start.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that it is so spread out. So in the winter you may have to walk a long way in the cold to your classes. There are buses, but never seem to be there when I need one.


The school does not keep in touch as much as is necessary for incoming students and is overcrowded, pushing students away.


That they don't have a varsity baseball team. Honestly, as someone who loves the game of baseball, it would be much more enjoyable to watch a varsity team versus a club team. I want to work in sports, most likely baseball, either as a coach or executive, and it would be great if they had a varsity program.


The most frusturating thing about my school is its location. I am looking for an internship in a criminal justice or law field, and unfortunately there are few of these types of internships located close to my university. Most of these types of internships are located in Boston, MA.


it is hard to find answers for questions related to finacial aid, scholarships, and course information at this school. sometimes I can't even find the answers I am looking for. When trying to find out exactly what courses I have left to take to graduate it is had for anyone to tell me since degrees are so variable.


I think the advising here is pretty frustrating, along with the financial aid department. I don't think my adviser is well suited for the job, I have done a lot of graduate school research on my own with little guidance.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the cost. I have to pay for college by myself because my parents do not have the money. My mother is a stay at home mom and my father is a machanic. They are divorced.


I would say the most frustrating part of my University experience has been the quality of my academic advisor. Everytime I go see him it's always the same routine; see what classes I've taken, mark them down, address the classes I need to take, quick handshake, and then I leave. My advisor never seems to take an interest in who I am as a person. I wish he would be enthusiastic in helping me furthur my academic goals and provide me with opportunities to gain extracurricular experiences in my field.


The most frustrating thing about UNH has to be the general intro to science lectures. These lectures have a span of students who have taken and mastered the subject already and they also contain students who have no idea what is going on. The large range of abilities in these huge classes and the inability to move on until everyone has had the subject taught to them can be very frustrating.


The most fustrating thing at my school is the forced triples rooming arangement in the dorms. It is very small an hard to find alternative housing as a freshman.


The most frustrating thing about the University of New Hampshire is having to deal with the effects of alcohol and drugs. I personally do not use any of those substances, but still have to deal with people who are under the influence. I don't enjoy having to deal with their noise at one or two in the morning or having to walk around campus and see the remains from their partying (cans, trash, vandalism, etc.).


Trying to find a job on campus.


The most frustrating thing about my school is how close to home it is for me (although that is sometimes a benefit).


The most frustrating thing about the school would have to be when some of the professors change the syllabus during the semester or add materials that are to be on an exam two days prior. Other than that one incident, i do not find the school to be that frusturating infact i find it a place to relax and get work done.


Nothing frustrates me about the school other then when certain dining halls on campus are closed.


To be "cool" you have to look like everyone else and party in your free time.


The most frustrating thing about attending the University of New Hampshire is the size of the school. Although I enjoy the small classes that I have selected, I sometimes find that attending a school with thousands of kids is a bit impersonal as I feel that I never see the same person twice (with the exception of people who live in my hall).


The most frustrating thing I find about my school is the size of it. University of New Hampshire is very large and I find it hard to get to the library a sufficent amount of times during the week.


I haven't experienced anything particularly frustrating in my school so far, but I've heard that the science department isn't as advanced as other schools. Overall, I think my school is a very accommodating school without many frustrating incidents.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the cost. even though I love coming to the school, UNh is unfortunatley not the easiest college to pay for. I find myself struggling to stay.


So much to do, so little time.


I feel as though the most frustating thing about my school are the constant stares at the little black girl whose at school for the same reasons they are. Looking down upon me as if i'm not suppose to be there but like the famouse poet Maya Angelou say "i'll rise".


When I first started school, it was a huge adjustment as I had to be responsible for figuring out what the homework was and when it was due. Teaches seemed to not give this information out like in high school.


The amount of drinking that takes place on campus


Diversity is encouraged, but not always practiced when it comes to a view or religion that is considered by others "close minded". Often times these people do not fully understand the views that they don't have tolerance for and therefore don't realize that they are being close minded to other's beliefs and opinions.


I think the only frustrating thing about my school is the higher cost of attendence. Although I got Financial Aid, that was still not enough. It just like a hole that is hard to fill.


Financial aid... up until this semester I got nothing but Stafford loans. Early reports indicated Pell grant funding, which never materialized.


for me the most frustrating part is dealing with the cold and the weather


The administrative decisions that the students are not able to participate in...that directly affect the student body. Additionally Professors who are allowed to teach due to the fact that they bring in tons of money to the school thorugh research, even thoguh they have no interest in actually teaching and only due it due to contractual obligations. I can understand if they would rather do their research, but its part of their job to teach so they should take some pride in it, and should attempt to do it well


In the middle of the winter when it is snowy and cold they do not always cancel classes. Classes are only cancelled when the roads are not safe to drive. So, make sure you buy a really good pair of snow boots and a warm coat.


The most frustrating thing about this school is picking classes for an upcoming semester. Due to the volume of students, classes fill very quickly, making it a hassle to arrange a schedule.


The shuttle buses are NEVER on time! It is sooo frustrating.


unh is a great school.i really do not have one negative thing to say about it.the friends i met are great and my classes are pretty good.i love it


Over the past couple years, I have learned that the fraternities and sororities are labeled quite negatively. I do not think this is true at all because I have some pretty great friends that are in the Greek system. There are people who automatically judge because of the way they dress or talk, and I think it's pretty ridiculous. I think it's time for people to worry about themselves and to stop judging people so quickly!


The most frustrating thing is the repetitive food in the dining hall. They do an okay job mixing it up, but it eventually gets boring. I wish there were more healthy options for students to have, for it is important to keep people fit and healthy.


Once again the financial aid, it's very hard when your parents have another child in school and are trying to pay out of state tuition, which I might add is very high for a public institution. It's been difficult for my family to come up with money for each payment and I don't think the university does a good job with really deciding who needs what and providing that for them.


That some teachers for gen-ed classes exspect us to know a lot more than we should and give us so much work. Some of them don't seem to get it that we have lives and other classes. It's only a problem with classes that shouldn't be hard, 400 level classes.


Too much work at one time.


If you want to get involved, put yourself out there, you can't just expect people to pull you toward organizations.


Lack of financial aid