University of New Hampshire-Main Campus Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Before I attended UNH, I would have wanted to know that I didn't need to bring so many useless knickknacks that would end up never being used (eg. a microwave that sat on top of my used refrigerator collecting dust). Also I would have wanted to know that sometimes you won't have the best roommates, but you should make the best out of the situation and not harp on the negatives.


Because I was a transfer student, it is hard to know who to talk to about becomming more involved in the university. The transfer day was also very difficult because i had never been to the UNH campus before and it was apparent that mst of the other students had been. was unsure of where to go at first but luckily i found a friend of mine to help me out. Being a transfer student at any school is hard, so i hadnt expected to know everything once i got to UNH.


It may seem like commuting from home is the best choice financially, but trust me: live on campus. It’s the best way to make the most of all the free resources that are provided to you through paying for your tuition. You’ll get the most for your dollar, as well as getting the most out of the college experience. Never again will you have as many resources available and catered towards you within walking distance, or automatically live in a community of peers who are in the same situation as you and going through the same things.


I wish I knew more about scholarship and volunteer opportunites available to students. Most opportunities are advertised in dining halls, and they are usually geared towards supporting the Greek community or local businesses.


The one thing that I wish I had known before coming to The University of New Hampshire would be the amount of different types of people on campus. I am able to be friends with a lot of different types of people, and I had not known that beforehand, if I had known that beforehand I would've taken a lot less time to choose The University of New Hampshire. Overall I am very into diversity and meeting new people and UNH is definitely the school for that.


I do not know as I am entering my first year at this school.


The campus is very accepting. Don't be afraid to be yourself and open up: you'll find people just like you in no time.


I wish I knew how large the classes were.


Don't be afraid to take your time and explore. I took some classes at the beginning of my college career because I thought that I needed to get them out of the way. In the long run, the track of courses an individual should take changes with the area of study, so some of them I took for no reason other than I thought it was necessary, and then they didn't end up counting. Just take time and explore a little bit!


I wish I had know that campus life is not for me. I should have been a commuter.


I wish I would've known that the registration process, and when you need assistance for signing up for classes is tedious and the weight is placed on your own shoulders. No one really knows what they're talking about.


How challenging the Business school was going to be for me and how comepetitive yet well run the theatre department is


more about how to apply for scholarships and grants.


I wish I had known about the resources available to me when having difficulty with a subject. The University of New Hampshire provides several free tutoring services and the working staff and UNH faculty are more than willing to assist the students. I was initally hesitant about seeking help and admitting I was struggling, but once I realized others want to help me succeed, I took full advantage of the opportunities.


I wish I had known what major I wanted to pick. I just recently decided I want to be a teacher when I graduate and I have found it's very hard to switch into the education major. However it might have been a lot easier when coming from high school switching in when I had a stronger GPA. Other than that I love everything about the University of New Hampshire.


I wish that I had known more about myself and what I really wanted to do with my career. Entering into a large university, I found myself lost and changed my major many times before finding that I could pursue my interest in art and study painting and drawing. I'm not sure if knowing this I would have gone to that school, and maybe my path wouldn't have taken me in the direction it did. I am currently a Graduate student, planning on becoming an Art educator, which I am very exited about.


This school so far has met all my expectations and even more but if there was one thing I wish I knew was that to study abroad there are many limitations and criteria. Study abroad has been my dream since I've been here and will continue on until I meet these criterias.


It is sometimes difficult to transfer into different colleges within UNH. WSBE and CEPS are the most difficult.


Before going to school, I wished that i knew more information about the rescourses that were available during the school year; disability programs, extra help for chemistry, and extra help for biology that could have helped me academically. Also, i wished i knew more about all the programs and clubs that were offered at the university so i too could join and not only be apart of the program but also meet more people.


How ridiculously expensive it is and how everything costs extra money.


I wish I knew specific details about the programs, organizations, and clubs UNH has to offer. In doing research on the University i read what the UNH had to offer online. Before gaining acceptance I imagined what I would get involved in, the things that make the college experience more fun. I took advantage of the Student Senate, Intervarsity, and the club my friend invented; the wrestling club. As the year progresses I tend to stumble across clubs, programs, and organizations I wished I became involved in at the begining of the year.


I wish I had known that there were so many clubs and organizations to get involved in, and should have signed up for some that interested me right away. I was a little bit shy however, and thought that it would be easier to get involved once I got acclimated to my classes. Looking back I now think it would have been easier to get acclimated if I had joined a group because then I would have made more friends and could balance my schedule the way I needed to!


Get involved as soon as you get here. It's not easy to meet people so make the effort yourself. I also wish I worked to establish good time management when i began college, as it helps with all aspects of student life.


There is nothing I would of liked of known before going to UNH. I enjoy challenges and surprises, and have enjoyed my time so far here.


how easy it was


I wish I had know that practically the entire school is populated by students from New Hampshire. There is little diversity and students from other areas are often stereotyped.


I kind of wish I knew how big the school was before I decided to go there. I knew how many people there were, but I did not know how spread out the campus was. However now it does not seem so big and making the adjustment was not hard.


I wish I had been more aware about the surroundings of this university before I came here. I am not satisfied with the location and would have prefered a location in the city.


In all honesty, I wish I had known to break up with my boyfriend before school. Just visiting with him once a week took time away from meeting other people and making new friends. Though that did come in time, the first month or so is crutial to one's social outbound.


Before coming to the University of New Hampshire i wish i had known how unfocused the Administration and professors were. I have a big feeling that the administration and some professors really only look out for their well being rather than the students' well being. We are all driven to buy books that some teachers don't even crack open. That was a bit disheartening; I wish that was different.


I wish I had known that transfer students can't live in dorms!


The thing that I wish I had known before coming to UNH was how much relies on my personal effort. I had always been told that success and enjoyment of college was determined by the effort that I was willing to put into the experience. I have learned quite quickly that responibility is mine and mine alone. Whether I succeed or fail is determined by what I am willing to do. This is a statement that is oft repeated but is one hundred percent true.


Before going to school, I wish I had known how little amount of time I would actually spend in my dorm room. I had been very nervous about getting a roommate and living on a floor full of girls. This however was wasted anxiety. I love my roommate, but even if that wasn't the case, I am barely ever in my room anyhow. College life has kept me very busy between classes, studying, work, the gym, clubs, etc.


Before I came to UNH, I wish I had known how to buy textbooks cheaper.


I honestly wish i knew more about it as a whole. As a senior in high school i applied to seven colleges UNH being my first choice. I didn't know much but i liked the way it looked when i visited. I also wish i knew that it was easy to change majors. I didn't know that if you weren't happy with what your major was that it was extremely easy to adjust and become more satisfied.


I wish I had known how big the campus actually was. I was at first disappointed, thinking I was attending a small school which was the opposite from what I had intended on doing. There was a whole side of campus I was completely unaware of. I was also told that most classes were very small, which was not the case at all. There are vast amounts of lecture halls, which break up into small groups for furthered learning.


That the diversity of the students was extremely low. I figured New Hampshire was not really a diverse state however I did not realize how large the white population is and how small the minority population is.


I wish I had known more about the sciences and I wish I had known more about class requirements.


There is nothing I can think of that I wish I knew before I came to school. If I came to school knowing how to manage my time, take on new responsibilities, make new friends, and how to deal with being away from my loved ones back home, then I would not need to be in school. These are important skills and life lessons one learns while living away from home for an extended period of time. I think even if I were to fail all my classes, I would still be better prepared to live on my own.


How much being a music education major word actually cost me.


How affordable it is. I never thought that I would be able to go here but with finincial aid cost is not really a big problem.


That I would have so much difficulty getting to know people in such a large school.


Where things were.


How much it would cost. What i needed to get done to achive my goals. How quick it would go by in order to enjoy my time here more.


The town is extremely small, it surprises you at first but you get used to it and it doesn't really matter


I wish I knew that at UNH everyone fits in somewhere. Going to a big school can be really scary, but at UNH diversity is praised and you are bound to find friends and activities that will make your college career really enjoyable!


My current major


I wish I knew how much college would impact my finances.


College is what you make of it.


I wish I had known that a small portion of the music faculty are not as enthusiastic as perhaps they ought to be. Also, please change your instructions to say, "Answer each question in fewer than 100 words." Thank you.