University of New Haven Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The most diverse social place on the planet.


My school is best described as being well known for it's academic programs such as engineering, and criminnal justice that is occupied by intelligent and ethnically diverse students.


The University of New Haven is an institution that offers a Music Business Industry bachelor's degree, which is what I am looking for, along with a secondary degree in Marketing and Management, which I can obtain a masters degree which can be obtained in the fifth year.


My school is by far the best when it comes to Criminal Justice and teachers, and it is a fun enviornment and you will learn so much and meet all kinds of new people that you will be able to become friends with.


Reasonable sized campus that makes it easy to travel to and from your dorm/apartment to campus


This school can be fantastic if you try to do things that interest you.


My school is a place of learning and diversity.


The criminal justice degree and forensic science is the most prominent, but other degree programs are rising in status.


The University of New Haven is a great school for experiental education, hands-on learning, and faculty engagement.


The University of New Haven is a great way to meet people, there is always something going.


Overall the University of New Haven is a great school with an amazing amount of diversity.


My school is like a second home to me. It is full of experiences and there so much to do. There is a stong community feel to it and everyone there is like a family to me. It is everything I expected college to be.


The University of New Haven is the friendliest campus anyone could ask for because everyone (faculty and students) are so inviting and really make it feel like home.


The university is a diverse community with many resources to help you succeed.


A leader in experiential education, UNH is provides its students with a unique combination of solid liberal arts and real-world, hands-on professional training.


University of New Haven is educational, fun, friendly, exciting, and the best place to earn my degree.


the university of new haven is a home away from home.


UNH is a diverse melting pot with plenty to do, you will never be bored theres always something going on and when it comes to studying you have plenty of resources avaliable whether you want to be in the library or outide enjoyinh the view; not only is it beautiful but it has the friendliest people around always ready to lend a hand.


The University of New Haven is one of the best schools for criminal justice and forensic science majors.


University of New Haven is a fun, event-filled school.


They don't care how smart you are, they only care that your paying.


The University of New Haven is a very diverse school where there is always something you can learn from someone else.


My school is a small private school with over 100 majors to choose from.


The University of New Haven is a small school at the edge of a very large shopping district with a very active nightlife, while the school looks good on paper and when you get here, it does a very good job of making it hard to transfer to another school if need be.


The university of New Haven is an small, intimate place where students really have a hand in their education and can easily communicate with teachers should they need extra help; nevertheless, it's a great place to make friends and the school offers its students rare and unique opportunities to travel or express their interests in different subjects.


The David A. Beckerman Recreation Center at the University of New Haven features state-of-the-art exercise equipment, a gymnasium with courts for sports including rollerblading, roller hockey, volleyball, basketball and indoor soccer, and an illuminated glass-enclosed running track.


Very Diverse and Helpful. They understand your problems and try everything in their power to help you in any way possible.


The University of New Haven is a great academic school with professors and resources that will help you with your career


Small community that is focused on student involvement and academics.


The University of New Haven is a career orianted school with a diverse group of students and professors who work well together to achieve common goals.


University of New Haven is a small, quiet private college with valued teachers who encourage their students to succeed.


The University of New Haven is a weell rounded school and open tolots of new things.