University of New Haven Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Very upbeat, friends oriented and united as a whole


My classmates are friendly, intelligent, helpful, and willing to learn.


Very diverse throughout, whether it be religion, race, ethnicity, sexuality, etc.


My classmates are friendly and willing to help.


The campus is very diverse and there is something for everyone.


My classmates range in personality, race, religion and political views, but that is what makes the univeersity a great place to be.


My classmates are all intelligent, polite, tolerant, and incredibily positive individuals whom I am proud to be learning from and with everyday.


My classmates are very intelligent and they use the resources available to stay that way.


A diverse group of young intelligent students with aspirations, who are eager to learn new things and are willingly to work very hard for what he or she want.


My classmates are quiet, well-studious, well-mannered, and never miss a class.


The student body is relatively small compared to state schools that have hundreds of thousands of students. The student body hear is roughly 7000 undergraduates. Students feel can feel safe in this family oriented community. We have many clubs that ANYONE can join and be a part of. Some clubs are new so may be small but are in no way insignificant. We do have religious clubs and LGBT clubs, and if we don't have a club that you are looking for, you can make it! Many students start clubs themselves. Find other students interested in your ideas and petition with the USGA (Undergraduate Student Government Association) for the club to be recognized. All the students interact with one another and many clubs join together to sponsor events on campus, such as concerts, comedians, hypnotist and others.


With each class that I have taken for the two years I've been here, I can safely say that the classmates were equally motivated to learn since they are paying a lot of money to study here. There were many ethnicities in each class with different kinds of characters. There were classmates that were shy, outgoing, "class clowns", but at the end of the day work was done.


Many of the students are insightful and during group discussions many of then give valid arguments that make you really think and work harder to be able to participate in class.


Like I said above. Very ignorant, immature, and closed minded. No gay community at all, so if you're a gay student, I suggest you look elsewhere. These are not people that are cultured in any way.


Although the majority of my classmates come from the northeast, we are a very diverse group with different opinions and backgrounds.


Most of my clasmates resemble the typical public school student. A goo mix of wwhite to black ratio....not many asians or latino. For the most part students are attentive but many do seem to not care about their studies...atleast not as freshman. Classroom discussion is very limited. Outside of the classroom many students either club, smoke, or use the REC center. Overall, C-.


My classmates are diverse in everyway from culture to color but as a class we come together as if everybody was the same in everyway.


My classmates are motivated people willing to work hard for their education goals.


My classmates are friendly and get along, but just becuase your in class with someone doesn't mean your going to become friends.


Students here are very easy going and great to get along with. There is really no student that would feel out of place here on campus, since there are so many diverse people on campus.


We are a very diverse student body at UNH. If you take a look at the clubs we have on campus you will see the different cultures that exist here like the Black Student Union, the Caribbean Student Association, International Student Association, the Latin American Student Association and many others. The broad mix of students allows different views on certain political issues and views on classes.