University of New Haven Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school has a very well known Forensic Science program and connection with Henry C. Lee.


Its reputation for their Forensic program


It is best known for it's Criminal Justice program. The only good teachers and classes are those of Criminal Justice and I do not know why someone would go to this school or any other major.


The University of New Haven is a school mostly known for their Forensics program. I like to consider my school a school where success comes out of. I hear so many success stories from the university, and as a Business major I enjoy hearing about others success because one day I hope to be that person. This does not only go for Business students, but i think its safe to say that students from any major believe that this school is a school from which success comes from.


Several things - it's the top in forensic sciences.


Law sciences, as it has a number of law celebrities, who make pretty good professors and help their students get into challenging school life that eventually ends up in a booming career.


criminal justice


we have the most extencive and prestegious criminal justice and forensic science program


My school is best known for its Criminal Justice program


Forensic Science and Criminal Justice Program


The Univeristy of New Haven is best known for their Criminal Justice and Forensic Science programs. This university also has several very specific concentrations related to the Criminal Justice field.


Forensic Science/Criminal Justice


UNH is excellent for the programs it is known for- Dental Hygiene, Fire science, Arson investigation and criminal justice. I would not recommend coming here for a general degree such as pyschology or engineering.