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The dental program, it is a great place to learn and feel comfortable with the professors.


Even though the school is located in the city, when you're on campus it is a completely different atmosphere. I feel completely safe and campus police are very helpful and nice. The school is the smallest school that I looked into, but because of the Forensic Science program, it is worth the small size. I actually have grown to prefer the small campus and population size because it allowed me to get to know everyone.


At the Univeristy of New Haven, classes are taught with a "hands-on learning" method in mind. Classes are not just taught out of a book; instead mock crime scenes and other in-the-field classes are offered. Such as in Marine Biology when students are required to go out into the Long Island Sound to learn about the different ecosystems.


The proffessors. Every teacher has experience in their field and they teach you about what they've dealt with in the field.


The professors are sincerely interested in giving you the best future possible. and will do anything in their power to help you be successful. The relationships developed are priceless and the effort for job and internship placement is unbeatable.


Because the University of New Haven is such a small school, it is more than just an institition, it's a family.


UNH is a multi racial place. There are agreat numbre of international student, which is great for students.


This school is pricey, I will agree to that, but overall it is a great school. It's a small community of students with great teachers. Teachers who want to see ALL their students succeed not only in their class but in the rest of their life as well.


University of New Haven is not much different from the other surrounding schools. Although, it is a private school which means the tuition is more costly than the others. The focus is mainly on learning and studying for the courses, and saying that it is not a party enthused school. Also, there are many extra-curricular activities that are available so students are not stuck in their dorms doing nothing.


In closing, I would advise anyone to stay far, far away from this school. I wasted a year and $40k here. For nothing. Barely any of my credits transferred, and I'll paying off the debt from this awful institution for some time. I cannot stress enough, stay FAR away.


The most influential aspect of this school that made me want to attend is the fact that the average class size is under 35 students and that the student to teacher ratio is about 20:1. Because of this, students are able to recieve the attention they need, which allows them to learn better than if they were not given as much attention. The school also offers a Center for Learning Resources, which provides the students with free tutoring, resume and cover letter help, as well as many other resources.


As I said before the University of New Haven is great because the other schools I applied to were huge compared to my school. The other schools I applied to class sizes were much bigger than the ones that I am currently in. Also New Haven has given me much more financial aid than the other schools. The educational classes that I am taking are much more challenging than at other schools.


I feel that UNH has alot to offer to their students. They have the best of the best teaching the courses that they offer at UNH. Having Professors that had actually experience out on the field makes it so much better for them to relate to the material being taught and can give good advice about what careers paths to take in a certain field.


I love how the campus is a lot smaller then the other campuses I looked at. I have Panic Disorder and being a a large classroom with lots of students makes me very anxious. UNH has classrooms that are the same size as my high school so I am comfortable with the amount of students in each one.


Honestly, all colleges have their problems. Yes, parking was beastly this past year, probably more so at UNH then any other college I know of, but I am sure there is not one university that doesn't have a parking issue. There was also a huge increase of the freshman class and UNH did not prepare that well for it in the sense that the dining halls were always beyond crowded and at social events they would run out of things, but I think they are aware of that and this summer are working to better accommodate everyone. No college will ever be perfect but it might be the perfect fit for you. When you survey the problems with UNH like, not enough parking and too many students but not enough accommodations, it is so small compared to the experience one gains from attending the University of New Haven. I am definitely proud to say that UNH is my Alma Mater.


University of New Haven student Ika Polis talks about what she likes about UNH.


University of New Haven student Brittany Lizon talks about why she chose UNH.


The largest freshman class in UNH's 88 years moved on campus in late August 2008.


This school has a huge emphasis on internship and finding a job that fits you after you graduate. They have many career services and professors that are willing to help you find the perfect fit for you after you graduate. The University of New Haven has excellent programs that have brilliant professors that are available to you.


It's great that campus is so diverse and everyone is open and friendly. Downtown New Haven is only 5 minutes away so that definitely attracts more than half the school. Greek life, even though it's small, is popular on campus and everyone hangs out and has fun. UNH also does a lot to help out the community which is aweomse that so many people gets involved.


The only one thing I could say that is distinctly different about the University of New Haven is its emphasis on its Bachelor's forensic program.