University of New Haven Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Cookout, SCOPE ( school activities, free movies, stuffed animals,)


Criminal Justice Club is the most popular


The activities and social life all depend on the student. If they don't want to go out and try to make friends then of course they will think that the school is boring and hate it. There are so many clubs and you can join as many as you have time for. This is also a great way to make friends and learn how to network for the future. Many clubs will bring in speakers that will help you socialize now and in your future. And, if you are looking for off-campus fun, there are plenty of night clubs in downtown New Haven. If you want day time fun, there are plenty of shops in downtown New Haven as well as a mall right up the street in Orange. There is a movie theater in the mall as well, which many clubs will sponsor trips to.


Not many good clubs to speak of. There was a decent radio station. I honestly made no friends at UNH that I speak to today. I say that as a friendly and moderately outgoing person. People form their cliques and thats that. Most people hopped on the bus to New Haven to go to clubs and get wasted. That was pretty much the social life at UNH.


The social life on campus is awesome! I transferred into UNH as a junior, so coming from a very small college that did not have any student activities, it was a real surprise. There is always something to do on campus whether it be a movie in the Alumni Lounge or a trip to the local amusement park. Student Activities really offers some great trips and events that are typically free or at a very low price. I do not think I ever paid more then $10 for anything I participated in on campus. There is just always something going on and I love that about UNH. I was never bored!


There is always something going on around campus at UNH. As a student, I receive close to 30 emails a day about the events and activities that are going on around campus. We have comedians, hypnotists, and other performers each month. We also have a Spring Concert and Spring Carnival each year. With a wide variety of clubs and organizations, it is very easy to get involved on campus as well. We have many major-related clubs, such as the Forensic Science and Chemistry Club, MEISA (music), and the Fire Science Club (just to name a few), but you do not have to involved in that major to participate in these clubs. We also have other interest-related clubs, like the Surf, Ski, and Snowboard Club.


I never find myself bored on campus. I believe that the more you become involved on campus, the more people you will meet. Also, the more involved you are, the more likely you will enjoy your time here on campus. We are close enough to downtoen New Haven, which has shops and restaurants to go to. Also, the mall is about a 10 to 15 minute drive away, where students usually go to shop or to see a movie.


There are many prevalent clubs and organizations on the UNH campus. There are clubs for majors, drama clubs, sports clubs, video game clubs, you name it. There is also Greek life on campus. If you visit any of the residential buildings you will always see a group hanging out or studying in the common rooms. Someone's door will be open and you can see roommates working diligently on homework. During the weekends our activities program SCOPE runs all types of events for the students to partake in. We have had comedians, magicians, bands come and they even made a parking lot into an ice skating rink! The Office of Residential Life also offers each student a UPASS to ride the city bus free. There is so much to do on Boston Post Road and the bus takes you straight to the Westfield Mall as well. There is also a shuttle for students to take to Downtown New Haven where you can go shop or eat dinner or even see a movie. You are never bored on the weekends because there is so much to do.