University of New Haven Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person open to new ideas.


The kind of person that should attend the Uiversity of New Haven, should be the type of person that is full of creativity, a person who has a hunger for in -depth education on a range of subjects. For those students who are shy and not as putgoing , within their first couple of months, at the Unversity of New Haven, will find themselves becoming more outgooing due to not only tge the encouraging students, but the uplifting Professors, and the plethora of clubs,organizations, and student life. Overall, for students, the University of New Haven is right for success.


A person who is ready to be put to a challenge, yet learn very effectively. Some one who wants to be able to trust that they are getting great edcuation and is wondering if there is help on campus.


A person who looks for a small school, fun enviorment, and a great place to grow and become a more marketable employee should attend this school. The University of New Haven wants students to do well and offers many oppertunities for that to occur. Over the time that I have been at this university I have seen it go through numerous changes and become part of the top 100 colleges in the country. Although the faculty and university provides many requirement and challenging assignments it is for the students best intrest.


The University of New Haven is heavily ceneterd around experiential learning. This system is very good for a student who loves hand on courses and electronic resources. There are plenty of classes that involve online homework and online books. Also the science labs work with the sciecne courses, so if a student was interested in hands-on learning would love how you learn one thing in lecture than apply it during the lab that week. It helps to grasp the main concept, and if a student learns best with hands on activities this school is great for them!


A person who is ambitious and willing to learn under low financial resources. The school is pretty much a place, but the people around you are the ones motivating you to study and learn. This is the most important aspect of life in West Haven and going to school.


People that are really interested in Criminal Justice or Forensic Science should definitely come to this school. All of the professors have worked in their fields for many years and the famous Henry C. Lee is a prominent person on campus. People that attend this university need to be willing to get out and meet new people. Do not just stay in your room. Most people who just stay in their rooms all the time end up hating the place but that is because they didn't make an effort to make friends. Make friends!


Students who want to learn by doing. All of the professors at UNH have worked or still work within their fields of study, primarily the Criminal Justice and Forensic Science fields.


A person who is dedicated to their studies and can handle the pressure competition. This school is very competitive with the grades. Also, the student should not party all the time because they will fall behind in the school work.


Anyone who is interested in the criminal justice or forensic science field would greatly benefit from this school. The faculty here is extremely helpful and because of the smaller size allows students to get to know them and benefit from the connections that are formed. This school is extremely accepting and diverse of all different types of individuals and anyone would be able to flourish and be happy here. As a forensic science major the classes are challenging which makes the educational experience more rewarding.


A person who wants to learn outside of the box and who is willing to grow and develop into who they will become as an adult with the kind guidence of your peers and the faculty here.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who values education and is interested in discovering the new advances in technology and using them to further their educations; however, this person should also be outgoing and adventurous as the school offers the students many chances to study abroad and different study opportunities that are extraordinary.


Anyone who is intrested in Criminal Justice, Marine Biology, Forensics and anyone who would like a good education. The University of New Haven is a great school if you are intrested in small class room sizes. The size of the school lets the professors get to know you as a person and they learn your name and do not remember you as a number but they remember you as a person which is great. So if big schools are not for you this school is great.


A person who wishes to be a firefighter or cop (or field related to the two) should strongly consider this school. Art students are also popular. Someone who wants a school that is comparable to "the best" should stay away from New Haven (unless for Yale). Not a school fro a student with tremendous school pride or a student wishing to be in a great city. he only nihtlife is the club life. Cmapus is relatively dull. Nice grounds though. Not a school for a business student, unless for hospitality/food services.


A person hoping to join the University of New community should be very open to a newly diversed opportunity. They should probably have a good understanding of who they would like to become in the future years. Continue to be the person that you are don't allow College to change you, don't take impoliteness as a sign of weakness or as a sign of not being accepted by your peers. Some people prefer to stay to themselves and I think that anyone incoming should be able to stand on their own two feet.


people interest in Criminal Justice


The kind of people that should attend are those interested in good working jobs. This school is mainly focused on it's fire science, criminal justice, forensic, engineering and music and sound recording programs, but it's other major programs aren't left out. If you enjoy a small close knit community this college is for you. Everyone here knows one another atleast by first or last name. You can get a feel for teachers and others very easily and always have someone willing to give you a helping hand.


Anyone who is down to earth. I mean its college.


Any one can really attend. The only thing is you have to be willing to work hard. You can't attend this school and slack off. So a person has to be a hardworker who is serious about their education.


This school is great for anyone looking for a smaller enviroment to learn. I went in very shy and came out very outgoing.


Career minded