University of New Mexico-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


MY school is best known for own basketball team the Lobos, at the Unviersity of New Mexico. We have won 4 MountainWest Championships and we have had recent players go to the NBA. The main one is Tony Sneil! He plays for the Chicago Bulls! The games are insane to go to!


My school is best known for their medical programs.


Law and health sciences have strong reputations at UNM, and athletic events are also very important to students and community members.


UNM medical facility


My school is best known for medical research.

Jaime Miguel

UNM is perhaps best known for being the best valued research institution in the Southwest. Its low tuition rates are drawing National Merit Scholars and top foreign exchange students to Albuquerque, where they can find a good mix between academics and social activities, all at a cost that won't fall on their shoulders for the following three decades of their lives.


The University of New Mexico is best known for promoting diversity and socializing.


I dont really have a favorite tradition at UNM but I do look forward to every spring because the ducks have ducklings and they're fun to watch. Many people come and take tons of pictures of them becuase of how cute they are.


Worst football team in the nation, Engineering program


UNM is best known for diversity on campus and students who have high goals. The university is very helpfull and most students would agree with me when I say i feel at home here.


The school is best known for the groups/clubs that are on campus for students. There are so many organizations to join and I believe this is a great way for students to network and also stay carrer focused with other students with similar interests.


The University of New Mexico is best known for it's sports programs, such as it's basketball program. The team is certainly one of the best in the Mountain West Conference, and it is quickly becoming one of the best in the nation.


During my tenure there, they were known for having one of the worst football teams ever!


My school is best known for the medical experts at the hospital and the excellent care they give at the hospital.


My school is best known for it academics and quality in education.


They have notable science program.


The University of New Mexico is best known for its graduate programs for continuing a higher education. At UNM there are many different graduate programs to choose from. Its important for undergraduate students to become very aware of what graduate programs are available so students can progress in their studying. It is important for students to see consolors regularly to recieve help in their majors and future careers.


On a large national level UNM is well known in the research field, especially so in psychology. Many of the professors here are the authors of some of the new age theories we are learning in psychology. At a more local level UNM is known for being a more modern school with special emphasis on the health and sciences than it's "rival" school New Mexico State. UNM is everywhere here in New Mexico, and is known here not only for being a great college but a friendly organization that offers many activities for the Albuquerque community.


UNM is best known for its low student to teacher ratio and it's medical and engineering departments.


Our school is best known for being the Lobos.


UNM's health science program is prized. We also support our football and men's basketball teams.


University of New Mexico is best known in the medical field. The college offers other program, but is known for the medical education.


I believe my school is best known for its cultural diversity. There are a variety of heritages on campus that everyone feels extremely welcomed.


I don't know, it has a great medical, nursing and pharmacy programs


They have a hospital right next to it with the cancer center nearby, UNM has a great nursing program. Unm is best known for its medical research.


We have a really good Medical program as well as Nursing program, our school is best know for these attributes. It is also known for being a big campus with a small town feel which makes it easy to transition to college life.


Academically, UNM is best known for its great science, art, and music departments. Socially, UNM is best known for its caring staff and welcoming student body. UNM is a college that feels more like a group of friends are going to school together, rather than just a lot of strangers.


Variety, getting things done on your own.


Good researchers and a decent sports team.


Lobos football and basketball teams


School Spirit!


My school places a strong emphasis on Biology, Chemistry, and Anthropology. The medical school is great.


football team, medical school, business school, art school


Out town loves the football and basketball games. It brings the town together.


Being willing to try anything...anything.


Sports and out medical school


Lobo Pride!! Football and basketball games are exciting!


pre med program