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University of New Mexico-Main Campus

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Describe the dorms.

There are a variety of dorms around the campus of UNM and unfortunately I've only been in one branch. The rooms themselves were around 10x12 which I think is small, especially for two people, but it is nice just being able to live right on campus and saves a lot of gas money. One interesting thing UNM did is add an apartment complex (called Lobovillage) specifically for UNM students and the apartments are very cheap yet nice. There is shuttle that runs back and forth from campus to the complex for those without a car.

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I did not live in the dorms but I did visit a few. Redondo is really the only decent dorm, but tends to be loud from what I hear. They are apartment style and the most remodeled (besides the dorms being built this year). The oldest dorms like Coronado have lots of bugs and are usually cold. They have a bathroom for each floor and the dorms aren't very large. I stayed there once, and I wouldn't want to do it again.

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