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University of New Mexico-Main Campus

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Tell us about your professors.

I am a Sophomore so my classes are more difficult. Due to this fact, there is usually only one professor that teaches the subject. In most of my harder classes, my professor’s aren’t good. Although they are detailed experience in the subject, they do a poor job of explaining the subject and expect the student to learn the material on their own. However, Freshmen classes have a wide range of choices when it comes to selecting their professors. I advise anyone looking for class to check out to see reviews of different professors. Most of my teachers for Freshmen classes really seemed like they like what they taught and were willing to put in the extra effort to explain a topic till I understood the material.

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Professors are just as diverse as the students are. I've had amazing teachers and then I've had those I've struggled with. The majority of teachers are very helpful and passionate about there field. Although occasionally you'll get the teacher that has an accent and is extremely hard to understand, which can be hard especially if it's a math class. I reccomend to everyone to go on before deciding, this website Is very helpful.

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