University of New Mexico-Main Campus Top Questions

What do students complain about most?


Advisement- University advisors do not all give out the same information. This is usually because they do not know all of the programs well enough. Once you transfer to the college you will be graduating from, the advisement is a lot better. however plan ahead in seeing them because you could wait awhile to see them if it is close to registration time. Parking- The parking permits are pretty much the only option for full time students, which run $150-$400 per year. To be on time for class, you generally have to get to the shuttle stop, which is usually a mile or more from school, 20-30 minutes before class. They are very unpredictable though and infrequent after 2pm. The parking attendants are very attentive to the meters, which run $1.75 per hour. You can park on campus with a parking permit after 3:45 pm, but only if you have a permit. Parking is a pain in the butt.


Parking. UNM has paid parking but it does cost a lot and more often then not what little parking is available on campus is already taken. UNM does offer parking permits to park in a lot about five minutes away and a shuttle service is provided. Parking at UNM is not horrible, or a nightmare, but it is one of the negative aspects.

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