University of New Mexico-Main Campus Top Questions

What's the Greek scene like?


I have never attended a Greek party or gone through rush, but it seems to be a very welcoming environment. The people I know who have gone through it love it and don't spend a whole lot of time partying because some sororities do have grade expectations. You will see them doing things together on campus like bake sales or activities that involve other students. They are very proud to be in Greek.


UNM is not big on greek, and I myself have never been to a party hosted by sororities or frats. I've never wanted to join one but I do know some people in them.


There are a few sororities and fraternities around campus but I've never been in one nor have I been to parties hosted by them. I have worked and taken classes with people who belong to them and they are very nice. If one wants to join one then they should be able to and if one wants to be left alone then that's not a problem.

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