University of New Mexico-Main Campus Top Questions

When you step off campus what do you see?


UNM is located in the center of tons of different shops and eateries. For instance there are food places within walking distance, such as Golden Pride where their breakfast burritos are legendary, Flying Star cafe, or even Ecco if one wants gelato. There are also many comic book shops as well. Major stores such as Walmart or Smiths are close too, and if one wants to go to the movies there is a theater located downtown just a few minutes away.


When I step off campus, I see a lot of food place and homeless people. UNM is located is a down town so you get the down town experience. I do not suggest you go out by yourself on Central at night. The UNM side is fine but once you cross the street it’s a different story. I’ve run into a lot of homeless people and gangsters. There have been a few mugging but that’s across the street. If you continue to go east there is Nob Hill which has cool little shops that have fun outfits and nifty restaurants. Nob Hill is pretty safe so you don’t have to worry so much .

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